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QUEECA: The quality of engineering education in Central Asia 530326 -TEMPUS- 1- 2012- 1 -IT-TEMPUS-SMGR

Project Objective :

The aim of the project "Quality of Engineering Education in Central Asia » (QUEECA) is the creation and implementation of a system to ensure the quality of engineering education (IE ) in Central Asia , a fully -developed until the accreditation of programs of engineering education as a pre-professional (ie accreditation of engineering education the program ).

Project objectives :

• Establishment of the National Society for Engineering Education in countries where no such structure exists ( in Kazakhstan will be made to strengthen the existing Caso ), and the Central Asian Federation of Engineering Education , in partnership with the SEFI and IFEES.
• Adaptation of EAFS and formulating similar standards CA (CAEAS) in Russian and English languages.
• Creation of accreditation centers in each of the Central Asian countries ( with coordination at the regional level ) , training staff of accrediting
• Conduct a series of trial accreditations with international teams for testing and verification
CAEAS local accrediting employees
• The formulation of the final version of SAEAS taking into account the test accreditations
• Conduct the first pilot accreditation of training programs and the awarding of the first engineers signs EUR-ACE in CA
• Formulation of a self-supporting financial plan for accreditation after the close of the project

Accredited programs must meet the same conditions that apply for the sign EUR-ACE, ie meet the standards of EUR-ACE Framework (EAFS), as well as European standards and regulations to ensure the quality of higher education. This will be achieved by establishing a network of national agencies for quality assurance and accreditation ( and perhaps regional federation) , able to accredit programs of engineering education and authorized to award a quality mark ENAEE EUR-ACE