02.11.2016. In the faculty of "Geology and mining" was held the event dedicated to the year of "Healthy mother and child." The event was organized by the Department of "Spirituality and enlightenment" center "Ibn Sina health center Mascagni" in TSTU, the Department "Childhood diseases" at the Tashkent Medical Academy and national Institute of health and medical statistics. The theme of the event was called "Viral hepatitis А and its prevention. The concept on the mental health of young people."


During the event were discussed the issues of prevention of hepatitis A. the Invited doctors from the Medical Academy spoke about the modes of transmission, early signs, and measures to diagnosis and treatment of this disease. It is known that fall is characterized by the rise of hepatitis A. And, therefore, the main purpose of the event was to inform students about widely used vaccine will AVAXIM.


Special attention was paid to mental health of young people. Mental health and well-being are essential to our collective and individual ability as intelligent beings to think, to Express emotions, to communicate with each other, to knowledge the fun of life.