History of the University 

Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of Uzbekistan TASHKENT STATE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY NAMES Abu Raykhan Beruni

Tashkent State Technical University named Abu RayhanBeruni has a long history, creation date refers to the April 21, 1918. On this day at the Turkestan People's University Engineering Faculty was established on the basis of which it was subsequently established a system of higher technical education, not only in Uzbekistan, but also throughout Central Asia.

In 1923, the Technical Faculty was transformed into the Faculty of Engineering and reclamation, and in 1929 on its base was created by the Central Asian cotton - Irrigation Institute. In 1933, as the only higher technical educational institution was established Central Asian Industrial Institute.

Since 1949, the institute was renamed the Central Asian Polytechnic Institute. In 1961, he was educated in pre Tashkent Polytechnic Institute. In 1973, in connection with the 1000 anniversary of the birth of Abu RayhanBeruni Institute was given the name of the scientist.

An important event was the fact that after independence on the initiative of President Islam Karimov this higher technical institution gained university status. In the years of independence as the most advanced and modern institution of higher education of the republic, Tashkent State Technical University plays an important role in the scientific, technical, cultural and spiritual life not only in Uzbekistan, but also around the world.

It should be noted that among the graduates of Tashkent State Technical University, you can see dozens of academics (H.M.Abdullaev, M.T.Urazbaev, M.Z.Homudhonov, U.O.Orifov, K.S.Ahmedov, H.F.Fozilov V. Қ.Қobulov, O.M.Akramhuzhaev, I.H.Hamroboev, M.N.Nabiev, Ғ.O.Mavlonov, H.N.Boymuhamedov, A.S.Uslonsky, O.U.Salimov, TM Mirkomilov, Z.Salimov, Ғ.R.Rahimov, V.R.Rahimov, N.R.Yusupbekov), State Prize Laureate, hundreds of inventors, professors and doctors. The president of independent Uzbekistan Islam Karimov also graduated from this institution.

Throughout its 93-year history, which arose on the basis of the technical faculty of the Turkestan People's University, the Technical University has created all the conditions for entering into an independent life 15 higher technical educational institutions.

Among them is the Fergana Polytechnic Institute (1967), Tashkent Institute of automobile and highways (1972), Samarkand architectural institute (1980), the Bukhara Technological Institute of Food and Light Industry (1977), Namangan Engineering-Economic Institute (1973), Navoi State Mining Institute (1995), Andijan Institute of Engineering Economics and Management (1995), the Tashkent Architecture and Construction Institute (1991), Tashkent Engineering Institute (1989), Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology (1991 year), Karshi Engineering-Economic Institute (1995), Tashkent State Institute of Aviation (1995), Nukus Industrial-Pedagogical Institute (1995), Angren Technical College (1995), Almalyk Technical College (1995), Chirchik Technology College (1995).