General information

 Currently, the Tashkent State Technical University has 6 faculties:  

❖ Faculty of energy;
❖ Faculty of engineering of geology and mining;
❖ Faculty of machine technology;
❖ Faculty of engineering systems;
❖ Physics and engineering faculty;
❖ Interfaculty general educational chair.

58 departments in which over 11 735 students teach teachers, including academicians of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, 74 doctors of sciences and 314 candidates of sciences.

The university trains specialists in the following educational programs:

❖ Bachelor's degree (4 years),
❖ master's degree (bachelor's degree in the presence of 2 years),
❖ doctoral degree (3 years).

The university has 5 specialized councils, which defended his doctoral dissertation in 12 specialties.

Tashkent State Technical University is not only the best institution of higher education, the training of personnel for the economy, the country's technical and economic fields, but also a major research center in the integration of education, science and production.
Conducted at the Tashkent State Technical University research work carried out on the basis of economic contracts in conjunction with such enterprises as "Uzbekneftegaz", JSC "Shurtangas" ON "Uzhimprom", JSC "Uzbekugol", "Uzbekenergo" HC "Uzselhozmashholding" JSC Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine, the Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine, "Uzmetkombinat" UE "Muborakneftegaz", JSC "Uztransgaz", JSC "Uzhimmash", JSC "Uzbekgeofizika", JSC "Uzbekkabel" Uzbek Refractory and heat-resistant materials.
Scientific research, high technologies are introduced directly into production by the constituents of innovative projects involving industrial companies, as well as the Coordinating Committee on Science and Technology Development under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan carried out at the University research work gives a real integration opportunities for closer cooperation with enterprises .
In modern conditions, higher education is not only a factor of intellectual, spiritual and moral development of man and society, but also an indicator of socio-economic development of any country.

In recent years, the university implemented over two hundred projects funded by the state budget, as well as industry. The results of this work are introduced into the learning process and the production of monographs, textbooks, manuals and guidelines.


At the Tashkent State Technical University regularly hosts international and republican scientific and practical conference devoted to the development of industry, fuel and energy mining-geological, engineering, agricultural complex, issues directions orders of industrial enterprises on the basis of economic agreements, as well as basic, applied and innovative projects funded by the Coordination Committee on Science and Technology Development under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Published a collection devoted to the results of the conferences.

At the conference organized by the exhibition of scientific and research work of the Tashkent State Technical University. They demonstrate a wide range of materials collected by a research areas. At the Tashkent State Technical University contests in nominations "Best fundamental project", "The best innovative project", "Best Applied Project", "The best projects of young scientists", "The best student project." In addition, the Tashkent State Technical University are published in 6 scientific journals. This scientific and technical journal "Bulletin of Tashkent State Technical University" of scientific-methodological and scientific-methodological journal "Social and human sciences in the education system," scientific magazine "Problems of energy and resource conservation," scientific and technical journals "Chemical Technology", "Control and management "," composite "materials, as well as the magazine« Texnikayulduzlari ». Scientists Tashkent State Technical University, which make an invaluable contribution to the improvement of scientific and technological potential of the country, carry out research work in the following priority areas of the economy of our state:

 The creation of high-tech methods of prospecting, mining, processing of mineral raw materials and their rational use, efficient technologies that require mental work in the industry of the country;

 Improvement of the system of rational use of groundwater resources and wealth;

 The creation and development of energy-saving technologies, as well as the technical designs, ensuring the rational use of energy resources;

 Development of database software products, intellectual training and management tools, advanced information systems, providing wide development and implementation of information and telecommunication technologies;

 The development of the theory and practice of advanced technologies

Development of scientific bases and technologies of creation of effective new generation of nan composite materials based on identified patterns and mechanisms of formation of nanostructures in composite systems;

 The creation of new technologies in materials, technology, construction materials and mechanical engineering;

 Processing of agricultural products, development and design of new efficient technologies;

 Environmental protection and ecological safety.


The university developed a comprehensive action plan for 2008-2015-ies on the improvement of the preparation of highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff, expanding the scope of research, systematic involvement of students in ongoing research projects.

The university has 8 student dormitories. In 2005, all the hostel have been completely renovated by the state.

University student dormitories designed for 1892 seats. All conditions for stays of student youth.