The mission of the Tashkent state technical university

The mission of the Tashkent state technical university as a higher educational establishment is:

Training of the highly qualified specialists with a high level of professional and social competence, raising of their qualification, innovative activity in engineering and technology, satisfaction of the person needs in the intellectual, cultural and moral development.
       ❖ Satisfaction of the society needs in the qualified professional education;

     ❖ In the well rounded development of a person, education and upbringing of the citizens with free thinking, having; the high intellectual and cultural level, the required list of basic and professional competences;

     ❖ Promotion of the competitiveness increase of local production due to the generation of the up-to-date knowledge and technology, training of the highly qualified personnel, accomplishment of fundamental and applied scientific research meeting the world standards;

       ❖ Training of the qualified, competent, successful in the labor market, well-educated and democratically thinking specialist.

Strategy of the development is defined by the Status of the University, approved by the bodies of state power. One of the strategical priorities of the university is the correspondence of the higher educational process to the requirements of the regional market and the implementation of the system of comtinuing integrated professional education.