The Department of Intellectual Property



Turgunbaev A, - Head of the Department, Candidate of Technical Sciences

Тelephone: +998 94 606 57 26

E-mail: tstuasd @





Rakhimova N, - Engineer Department’s Activity 

Теlephone: +998 91 133 53 17

E-mail: Nasiba.rakhimova@




- Copyright protection of the intellectual property of Tashkent State Technical University and personal ownership and non-ownership rights of authors; 

- Providing the contracts conceded for realization of scientific and technical cooperation and interenterprise and international business activity with patents and licenses;

- Providing professors, teachers, lecturers. 

- Senior research workers, applicants, probationers, masters, bachelors and self-dependent research workers and candidates – authors of intellectual property objects with legal, consultation, information, normative and organizational services;

- Studying the scientific, mythological and experimental researches conducted of the Tashkent State Technical University. Developing normative and methodological documents for the intellectual property of the University.

Adress: 100095, Tashkent, Universitet street 2, 413-room.

Tel: +998 71 246 29 33.