Scientific Laboratories which are working in TSTU

1.Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources

2.Nonmaterial and their technology

3.Acceptable energy sources

4.Antioxidants beverage and food products 

5.Technological processes and production modeling

6.Medical and measuring equipment hardware and software tools

7.Instrument. Electronic instruments and devices

8.Electro-electro dynamic systems modeling 

9.Heat energy. Electric drive.

10.Powder metallurgy and materials composition

11.New lubricating materials

12.Compressors, pumps and fans

13.Cooling machines 

14.Ore metallurgical processing. Ferrous and non-ferrous metal materials processing technology


16.Non-building materials, mining and processing

17.Exploration of mineral deposits.

18.Drilling of oil mixtures and backfill compositions

19.Modeling of hydrocarbon deposits

20.Operation of flying machines and systems

21.Design of progressive technologies of oil and gas production

22.Electronics and microelectronics

23.Nanoelectronics and high vacuum of nonmaterial 

24.Actual problems of Geology and mining

25.The prospects for the development of the oil and gas sectors and to create effective methods for solving the current problems

26.Aerospace equipment and technology

27.Processing of agricultural products, the creation and design of new progressive technologies

28.Environmental protection and ecological security  

29.Materials and construction materials technology. Thermal processing of metals and alloys