List of documents


An applicant for admission to study at the university rents the selection committee the following documents:

❖ a statement addressed to the rector of the institution, indicating the direction of language and forms of education;

❖ the original document on secondary and specialized secondary and vocational education;

❖ a medical certificate form 086 / U;

❖ copy of the passport;

❖ 6 photographs sized 3,5x4,5 cm.


Applicants who pass the documents in the direction of "5620200-Air traffic Management", delivery directions for a medical examination in the National Airlineof the Republic of Uzbekistanis carried out before 15 July.

Entrants original passport and a document on military duty imposed himself to the selection committee. In addition, if the entrant is a winner of International and National Olympiads, contests and competitions must pass the selection committee the original document confirming his right to enroll in the non-competitive basis; Applicants have to study the recommendations of the military unit until July 20, you need to take the admissions office the original document. After that date this document is not accepted and is not considered.