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The personnel department






Head of department: Sodiqov Botirxon Olimjonovich 
Office hour:                   from  9.00 to 17.00 (work days)
Phone:                        (8371) 246-81-42
Extension:                     309
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Tashkent  State Technical University named after Abu Rayhon Beruniy. The personnel department independent part. Divison in the activity of the republic Uzbekistan, of the low education and training of the national program staff on the stiateite  and  regulations of  the University education and documents about the labor law, the testimony of  the orders of the rector of the University is subjeet  to these regulations. The personell department  oft the  University with an inseripsion with the name oft he round seal. In HR Chies of staff to nave round seal. The Head of personel «Working with the staff of the administrative astrictive, "Work with educational support staff",  "Making  pension", "Working with bachelors and masters", "Stationary and Archives". Independently manages activities.  Department independently submits  to the rector of the university.

The main task of the department.
Leah received teachers and professors, between the employment contracted of employment record employee training and registration of the order of activities. Professor of the university faculty, teaching and auxiliary staff of the administrative business, recruiting in order, transfer to another position, the preparation of  the draft order doles not understand about the coordination of Professor and collective   composition of an improvement in the quality of staff and the work intelligence information. And just about learning the activities of other indualtory. The professor teaching staff of the university, dean and deputy dean of the faculty should organize public courses in   examination administrative  commission. About formation of reserve staff of the university and to after administrator. Proposal geode handing awarding university employees, hooding diplomas and certificates and issue personnel documents joined students and   save up to a specified limit. Ends give students a diploma and application of diplomas order. Documents issued bej the students and the application of diplomas certificates, to answer requests from law enforcement. Provide information about the design of masters and students and create a  bank of information.

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