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     History of the department of Industrial Design

Specialty of “Design” was founded in 1989 at the TSTU (Tashkent State Technical University) named after Beruniy, at the department of Aesthetics. In 1991 on basis of this specialty there was organized a department for “Industrial design” in the faculty of “Industrial design” (Order No.180 dd. January 2nd, 1991).

     The head of the department was an associate professor Akhmedbekova Margarita Puladbekovna. From 1993 professor Nazilov Dodo Avazovich was the head of the department. From 2010 Dmitrieva Irina Valentinovna has been the head at this department.

     At the department there are 2 associate professors –Dmitrieva I.V., Nazilov A.D.; 4 Senior lecturers – KhodjibaevaN.Kh., Abkerimov S.A., Kambarova O.S., Goyipov B.B.; 4 assistants – Akhmedjanova U.B., Mejinskaya A.V., KhikmatullaevaK.S., Validjanov T.M.

     Among them there are 2 cadidates for PhD – Dmitrieva I.V., Nazilov A.D.

    For part-time teaching there are being invited some teachers from other Universities. From 2010 on a constant basis workingfollowing part-time lecturers: academic Abdullaev S.A., professor KamilovaKh., Kh., associate professor Dometova Z. Sh. associate Mamatmusaev T. Sh. senior-lecturers IslamovF.Kh., Salimov U.Z.

     Among them there are 4 candidates for PhD: KamilovaKh., Kh., associate professor Dusmetova Z. Sh.,Mamatmusaev T. Sh.IslamovF.Kh., Salimov U.Z.

   At the “Industrial Design” department there are working alumnus/graduates: candidate for PhD Nozilov A.D., senior-lecturer Goyipov B.B., Kambarova O.S., assistants Mejinskaya A.V., Khikmatullaeva K.S., Akhmedjanova U.B. 

     Currently at the department there are 82 Bachelor’s students and 5 Master’s students. The department is producing specialists-Bachelors in the fields of 5150900 Design (Industrial), Master’s students are studying in the field of 5A150901 Design (Industrial).

    Lecturers of the department are working on scientific and educational-methodological work. They have issued more than 40 teaching aids and methodological guidelines, as well as study book “Kompozitsiyaasoslari” (Basics of Composition) – in Uzbek language.

     There were created digital teaching aids in “Color composition” (by Abkerimov R.), “Basics of Composition” (by Skhinas A.), “Industrial Interior” (by Mikhaylov V.), “History of Arts” (by Ilyasov M., Basharov R.), “History and theory of Design” (by Isaeva E.), “Bionika” (by Akhunova Z.), “Ergonomics” (by Toshimov U.), “Plastic anatomy” (by Khalikova N.) and “Modelling” (by Avezov N., Ragimov A.).

     In the process of study students familiarize themselves with the computer programs such as AdobePhotoShop, CorelDraw, 3DSMax.

     Under the direction of the candidate for PhD Nozilov A.D.  there is a special course “Yoshijodkorlar” (“Young creators”)at the department, in which there are getting trained the most gifted students of the 1st to 4th courses.

     There are regularly held master-classes by inviting famous artists and sculptors of Uzbekistan such as People's sculptor of Uzbekistan, People's artist of Uzbekistan AlikulovAlisher.

Contingent of the department

82 bachelor`s students are studying at 5150900 - design (industrial) direction

5 master`s degree students are studying at 5150901 - design (industrial) direction

Annual acceptance to department – 20 bachelor`s and 6 master`s degree students

Structure of the Department of Industrial design

The main staff

 Dmitrieva Irina Valentinovna                  Head of the department

                                                        Associate PhD Architecture

 Nazilov Abdujabbor Dodoevich              Associate professor

                                                        Associate PhD Art

Xadjibaeva Nigora Xamidjanovna             Senior lecturer

Gayibov Behzod Bazarbovich                  Senior lecturer

Abkerimov Sait Abduldjelimovich             Senior lecturer

Kambarova Oydin Sabirdajanovna            Senior lecturer

Ahmedjanova Umida Bohodirovna           Assistant

Validjanov Toir Muhsimidjanovich             Part time assistant

Khikmatulaeva Kamila Sadullaevna           Part time assistant

Menjinskaya Anna Valerevna                  Part time assistant


Part time staff

 Dusmetova Zukhra Shavkatovna            Associate professor

                                                         Associate PhD Architecture

Mamatmusaev Tokhir Shaydulovich          Associate professor

                                                        Associate PhD Architecture

Islamov Feruz Khoshimovich                   Senior lecturer

Kadirov Ruslan Shukhratovich                 Part time assistant

Valiev Djamshid Gulomovich                  Part time assistant


Our achievements:

Participation in republic design Olympiad:

2012 year – 3rd year student Musin Timur took 2nd place

2013 year – 3rd year student Tulkinjanov Muslim took 3nd place

2014 year – 3rd year student Xramova Diana took 1nd place

2015 year – 3rd year student Pankratova Valeria took 1nd place

2016 year – 3rd year student Ergasheva Zarina took 3nd place

Participation in republic contest «The best diploma projects of universities of Architecture of Uzbekistan 2012 year»

1st place – Ibragimov Bakhtier «Design of three cycle»

2nd place – Validjanov Toir «Exterior and interior design of subway»

3rd place – Zagirova Liliya  «Transformer equipment for street cafe»

Participation in XIV republic contest «The best students projects of Uzbekistan 2012-2013 years»

1st place – Orzikulova Elena «Design of children playground»

2nd place – Kim Dmitriy «Design of robot for supermarket»

2nd place – Karimova Liliya «Design of equipment for cosmetics store»

3rd place – Musin Timur «Design of modular equipment for cafe»

3rd place – Ilyina Polina «Development of multi-purpose systems in furniture industry»

3rd place – Askarkhodjaeva Munisa «Transformer furniture for children»

Participation in XV republic contest «The best diploma projects of universities of Architecture of Uzbekistan 2013-2014 years»

1st place – Usmanova Umida «Design of furniture for kinder garden»

2nd place – Abdusalyamov Farhod «Modeling and creating exhibition equipment»

3rd place – Nurmatova Mukaddas «Design furniture for children»

Participation in XV republic contest «The best diploma projects of universities of Architecture of Uzbekistan 2014-2015 years»

1st place – Moiseev Evgeniy  «Design of transformer furniture for children»

2nd place – Eshkuvatova Kamola «Design of accessories for student`s cafe»

3rd place – Sikilinda Maria «Modern design with the use of traditional technology of weaving»

Participation in XV republic contest «The best diploma projects of universities of Architecture of Uzbekistan 2015-2016 years»

1st place – Sotnikov Anatoliy  «Concept of design for construction machinery with the use of bionic forms»

2nd place – Moiseev Evgeniy «Concept of design of equipment for Ministry of Emergency Situations»

3rd place – Kasimova Shohista «Design furniture for children»

Participation in regional exhibition of flowers, landscape architecture and design «Tashkent – Flora 2014».

Diploma of extraordinary project in industrial design field. Kanaeva Anastasia.

Republican contest «Red Bull Doodle Art»

1st place – Ageeva Veronika

Ageeva V. was presented in Regional contest «Red Bull Doodle Art» in Cape-Town from Uzbekistan.

The contest «The week of marketing and advertisement «»» - 2016

In nomination «The best students works»

1st place Pankratova Valeria

2nd place Ovchinnikova Lidiya

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