Metrology, standardization and certification

Faculty of «Engineering systeme» "Metrology, Standardization and certification"



Head of the department


Doctor of Technical Sciences, ProfessorMatyakubova Paraxat Mayliyevna

1961 year.

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(8371)246-62-11; mobil 97 740 67 97

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History of department

     In Central Asia, before gaining independence the Republic of Uzbekistan, engineering and technical staff in the specialty "Metrology, Standardization and Certification" is not prepared. Specialists in this specialty prepared in higher educational institutions in Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev and Novosibirsk. In Uzbekistan, the only functioned Eastern Branch of All-Union Institute for Advanced Studies, which improved their skills engineers techniques of this specialty. This fact creates additional difficulties in the preparation of high-additional difficulties in the preparation of highly qualified national personnel in the specialty "Metrology, Standardization and Certification".

     Since gaining independence, the Republic metrology, standardization and certification received a new impetus to the development. The country established national systems of standardization, metrology, ensuring traceability and certification of products. An important role in the creation of these systems has played the Cabinet of Ministers "On the organization of standardization work in the Republic of Uzbekistan" adopted Oliy Majlis of the laws "On Metrology", "On Standardization", "On certification of products and services." Was paid great attention to the training of engineers in these areas.

     In 1992, according to the order №361 of the rector of the TashkentStateUniversity, at the Center for Energy was organized by the department of "Metrology and Measuring Equipment". In September 2005, it was renamed the Department "Metrology, Standardization and Certification". Currently, the department is a member of the faculty "Electronics and Automation." At the department, on an equal footing with the educational and methodical work is also carried out and work on research areas.

     The entry into force of the laws "On Metrology" "On Standardization" and "On the certification of products and services" signed, the President of Islam Karimov in 1993 December 28, increases the responsibility of the Department for training of qualified personnel.

     Since the organization of the department from 1992 to 2006, it was headed by Assoc. A.A.Azamov, 2006-2009gody headed the Department professor. P.R.Ismatullaev. From 01.02.2009 till 01.03.2010 Head of the Department was Assoc. A.A.Azamov. From 04.01.2014 to 01.09.2011 managed the Department Assoc. A.Turgunboyev, from 01.09.2011 to 01.03.2013 Head of the Department was professor. Egamberdiyev B. E. From 01.03.2013 to date head of the department is professor. Matyakubova P.M.

     Currently, the department "Metrology, Standardization and Certification" prepares bachelors in not the rule 5310900 "Metrology, Standardization and Quality Management" and master's degree 5A310902 "Metrology, standardization and quality control."

     The faculty of the department consists of 3 professors,
4 associate professors, 7 lecturers, 7 assistants. In the period from 1992 to 2012 at the department prepared more than 1000 specialists. Currently they are working in the agency "Uzstandard" in its regional offices in NIISMS. On the 15 th of the contract drawn up by enterprises on corporate cooperation, and on the basis of contracts graduates successfully work in these enterprises, institutions of higher education in colleges and high schools of the country.

     Prior to the entry into force of the "National Program for Personnel Training" at the department prepared engineers on metrology, standardization and certification.
Since 1997, started training bachelors, and with 200 years - training of masters. Data on bachelors prepared in the direction of "Metrology, Standardization Certification m", as well as for masters trained on a specialty "Metrology, Standardization and Quality Management" are shown in a diagram.

     From 1996 to 1999, at the department were trained engineer with the code 44, 1906. Since 1997, the two stages in the "Metrology, standardization and quality control" were prepared bachelors with the code 5521600- "Metrology, Standardization and Certification" and masters with code - 5A521602 - "Metrology, standardization and quality control." From 2006 to. . . year provides training bachelors in 5524300 - "Quality Management".

     With the 2011-2012 school year, based on state standards Refine were trained bachelors in 5310900- "Metrology, Standardization and Quality Management" and master's degree 5A310902- "Metrology, standardization and quality control." Thus, in 1996-1999, 44 were prepared by an engineer, and in the years 1999-2016 were prepared more than 900 undergraduate and more than 200 master's degrees.
Since the establishment of the department "Metrology, Standardization and Certification", it was defined by the Ministry of the base of the department in his direction. Therefore, the state educational standard for the preparation of masters and bachelors was developed by professors of our department. In the current academic year, our department developed Refine state standards: 5310900- Metrology, Standardization and Quality Management "for the direction of undergraduate and Master's specialty 5A310902-" Metrology, standardization and quality control "introduced in the educational process.

     In order to improve the quality of training at the agency "Uzstandard" was organized by the branch of the department and equipped with modern facilities.
The department was organized deserved inventor of the Republic, doctor of technical sciences, professor Ismatullaev Pathulla Rahmatovich, in the organization and development of the department played a special role Ph.D., Associate Professor Azam Abdulrahim Azamovich and doctor of technical sciences, professor Azimov Rahmat Karimovich.

     At the same time, established close ties with the Department of departments and laboratories of the agency "Uzstandard" With territorial centers and offices, as well as the Research Institute of Standardization, Metrology and Certification Agency "Uzstandard". Professors and teachers of the department constantly participating in international conferences, exchange experiences with new scientific and technological achievements. Bachelors and masters of the department regularly publish their research papers and abstracts in journals "Bulletin" and "Technique yulduzlari" in which are produced every quarter in the scientific department TGTU, as well as collections of international and national conferences.

     With aim of the educational process at a high level professors and teachers of the department pay great attention to the preparation of textbooks, manuals and guidelines. For example, the textbook "Metrology, Standardization and Certification" tutorials "Physics and Diagnostics surface", "probe parametric data converters", "Metrologiya, standartlash va sertifikatlash", "Fundamentals of Quality Management System", "Metrologiya asoslari", "Elektroradio o`lchashlar "" Elektroradio measurement "," Physical basis of measurements, "" information display means, "etc.
     At the same time, professors and teachers of the department involved in the publication of educational programs, manuals, guidelines for professional and craft colleges. Prepared and published a textbook for colleges "Electrical o`lchashlarIslands o`lchash asboblari." There are currently plans to release its second edition.



 International relationsof the Department:

  • Agency Uzstandart;
  • Scientific Research Institute of Standardization, Metrology and Certification;
  • Tashkent Textile Institute of Technology and Light Industry;
  • Car manufacturing institute of Andijan;
  • Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute;
  • Tashkent Chemical - Technological Institute; 

     The department maintains close ties with the industrial enterprises, with network institutions Academician of Sciences of Uzbekistan, academic lyceums and colleges, has a contract with them cooperation. 

Total number of students

     The department each year scholar studying in the areas 5310900 - Metrology, Standardization and Quality Management (by industry), and the specialty of Magistrates 5A5310902 - "Metrology, Standardization and Quality Management" (industry) about 100 undergraduate and 10 master's degrees.


5310900 - Metrology, Standardization and Quality Management (by industry)

The direction ofthe Judiciary:

5A5310902 - "Metrology, Standardization and Quality Management" (industry)

Undergraduate education in the direction of the department: 5310900 - Metrology, Standardization and Quality Management (by industry)

Master's specialty department:

5A5310902 - "Metrology, Standardization and Quality Management" (industry)

Teaching staff of the department:



Matyakubova P.M.

 manager of the department, Doctor of Technical Sciences





Ismatullaev Pathulla Rahmatovich

professor of the department, Doctor of Technical Sciences





Egamberdiev Bahrom Egamberdievich

Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences





Rahmanov Anvarjon Tajibaevich

Candidate of technical sciences, professor





Qodirova Sharofat Abduvahobovna

Candidate of technical sciences, professor






Turg’unboev Asadulla

Candidate of technical sciences, professor




To’raev Shavkat

Candidate of technical sciences, professor





Nazarbaeva Barno Asadovna

senior Lecturer





Rashidov Abdurashid Abduvohidovich

senior Lecturer





Magrupova Malohat Talatovna

senior Lecturer





Bekmurotov Chori Abdullaevich

senior Lecturer





Jabborov Hamdam Shaymardonovich

senior Lecturer





Kenjaeva Zarifa Suyunovna

senior Lecturer





Ergashev Farxod

senior Lecturer





Masharipov Shodlik

An assistant





Abdurakxmonov Alijon

An assistant





Sheina Nataliya

An assistant





Umarova Nodira Samuqovna

An assistant





Xudoykulov Umidjon

An assistant





Rakxmatullayev Sarvar

An assistant






Fattoev Feruzbek                                                                                  

An assistant


 Scientific workcarried outat the department:

At the department of scientific research work carried out in the following areas:

1. Direction.

1. The scientific - methodical bases of designing high-performance transducers and instruments for monitoring temperature and humidity of bulk materials and the solution of scientific and technical problems of their implementation in the national economy. (Matyakubova P.M)

Provoditel work to optimize the process of forecasting tasks quick moisture wheat and cotton fibers. Scientific research is carried out 2 senior researcher. 


Development of multi-parametric probe transducer control of irrigation systems. Associate Professor on this Rakhmonov AT working on his PhD

3. Direction.

Development of electronic educational complex on how to determine the quality of the grain. Work in this direction to blow professors and teachers of the department. (t.f.d., prof. Matyakubova P.M, t.f.d., prof.Ismatullaev P.R, t.f.n. Turaev Sh, t.f.n. Turgunbaev A. dots.Qodirova Sh)

4 . Direction

Create an information technology Bank interprets the dictionary based on the optimal harmonization of metrological terms in the state language with the international terms. (t.f.d., prof. Matyakubova P.M, t.f.d., prof.Ismatullaev P.R, t.f.n. Turaev Sh, t.f.n. Turgunbaev A. dots.Qodirova Sh.)

Scientific-methodical work carried out at the department: 

     Professors and teachers of chair prepare for the edition and publish textbooks, manuals, abstracts of letion, methodical instructions to practical and laboratory researches, instructions to performance of settlement and graphic works, methodical instructions for performance of qualification final works, academic year projects and works, questions and test tasks for carrying out the Current Control, Intermediate Control and Total Control.

     New pedagogical and information technologies take root into process of teaching. Professors and teachers when carrying out occupations use such modern pedagogical methods as "Brainstorming", "Cluster" и.т.д.

     One of actual tasks is улучианис financially – technical base of chair, application of scientific achievements in practical, laboratory researches and lectures. Gifted students are involved in scientific works, they make reports at scientific conferences of students, the received scientific achievements are published in scientific magazines of the republic. In a place with that, close connections with offices and laboratories of agency "Uzstandart", territorial administrations and the centers of agency "Uzstandart", with scientifically – research offices of scientific research institute of SMS are established. Professors and teachers of chair, continuously participating in the international conferences, exchange experience, the latest scientifically – technical achievements. Masters and bachelors of chair systematically publish the scientific works in the magazines "Messenger" and "Equipment of a Yulduzlara" who are published every quarter in scientific department of TOShGTU, in the Standart magazine of scientific research institute of SMS, in the "Management and Control in Chemical Technology" magazine, and also in collections of republican and international conferences.

     For the organization of educational process at the high level, professors and teachers of chair delete great attention to the edition of textbooks, manuals, methodical instructions. For example, the textbook "Metrology, Standartlashtirish Va Sertifikatlashtirish" or such manuals as "Physics and diagnostics of a surface", "Probe parametrical converters of information", Metrology, стандартлаштириш ва сертификатлаштириш", "Bases of system of a menedzhmet of quality", "Asoslara metrology", "Electroradio ўлчашлар", "Электрорадиоизмерения", "Bases of physical measurements", "Means of display of information", "Ўлчаш воситаларини қиёслаш ва калибрлаш" 10 educational and methodical grants were prepared and published.

     In the last wait for professor and teachers and chairs were published some monographs, textbooks and manuals, methodical instructions for practical and laboratory researches and more than 50 scientific articles. On the site "Ziyonet" electronic versions of many textbooks, manuals and other materials were brought.

     According to requirements of the State educational standards standard training programs of the subjects passed on chair, and also options for test control were prepared.


     Professor Ismatullaev P.R is an academician "Metrological Academy" of the Russian Federation, Professor Matyakubova P.M and Asimov R.K are members of the "Academy of Metrology" Ukraine

Address of the Department: Tashkent. Almazar district, street University -2

Telephone: (8371) 246-62-11

E-mail address is:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Context of lectures:

Imeyutsya lecture of the Department of Public ix electronic version Reply izuchaemym items. The subject of the electronic version razmeshcheny networks Ziyonet.

Information about laboratories:

The department has two training and one scientific - research laboratory. Laboratory installation in working order. The application for the new laboratory facilities.



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