Information Technologies Centre


Head of Information Technologies Centre

Turaxodjayev Saidanvar Jaxongirovich

Telephone: (8371) 227-16-48





About the centre's work

  In pursuance of the Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers from 23rd May 2001 № 230 and the Regulation of the Rector of the Institute, “Center of Information Technologies” was established at the Universitete.

  TC carries out the negotiations and finalizes the contracts with the suppliers of technical resources and devices and other service providers.

  ITC can execute the orders of economic entities and individuals in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Statute of TSTU.

  The centre's economic activities with other organizations, enterprises, individuals and legal entities are implemented with the help of mutual relationships as per the contracts in all spheres. The centre reserves the right to freely choose the subject, liabilities and other terms of economic relationships, unless they contradict the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan or the Statute of TSTU.

Contact us

2, Universty street, Tashkent, 100095, Uzbekistan

 Phone: +998712464600

Fax: +998712271032