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Occupational Security and Civil Protection

Occupational Security and Civil Protection


Head of Department: Murodov Baxtiyor Xakimaliyevich

Office hours: 9 am to 17.30

Telephone: (8371) 246 89 85

Inside: 317


Department of labor protection and fire safety (DLP and FS) makes proposals to the university to create a safe healthy learning process. Directs the learning process, controls and manages the implementation of the provisions and regulations on labor protection.

DLP and FS performs of organization, management, planning and coordination of labor protection at the University.

DLP and FS controls along with educational and methodical department training sessions on health and safety equipment, carries out scientific and technical policy, the university creates a healthy and safe environment.

DLP and FS  implements an educational program using the new achievements, best practices, science and technology, designed to prevent injuries and occupational diseases, work-related and educational processes used in the educational process methodological and technical means.

DLP and FS  under existing laws on labor protection ensures the correct application of and adherence to the university regulations and regulations on the organization of labor.

DLP and FS  develops regulations on occupational safety and health on the basis of decisions, orders and instructions of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and in concert with the university union represents them in the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan 

DLP and FS  agreed with the management and the union each year participate in the conclusion of contracts and social public contracts the main directions given on the development of social and economic protection of the teaching staff.

DLP and FS on the basis of existing laws, orders and instructions develops, maintains control over the execution of the work of faculties and departments, providing practical help in their work.

DLP and FS  controls meet the requirements of public contracts and agreements for the protection of labor. Determines et how funds allocated for health and safety.

DLP and FS  take measures timely certification of Medicine and technical conditions at the university and maintains control over the execution of these works.

DLP and FS  develops and approves the plan of organizational and technical measures to national standards of health and safety at the university, is taking steps to implement it.

DLP and FS oversees technical safety, given the security situation in the educational and industrial sites in the organization of the main directions of scientific research and the implementation of annual work.

DLP and FS on Standards sample program develops the procedure of free provision of special clothing, footwear and other personal protective equipment, makes changes and additions to these rules and in accordance with the management of occupational health and population, as well as union of the University.

DLP and FS in concert with the union of the University and government agencies parties pates  in the preparation of the list of types of work and professions, placing high demands on the education program, providing labor protection in order to protect workers.
DIP and FS determines the order of checking the level of knowledge of the faculty and staff on
DLP and FS  policies and results of testing. The staff of  Central Qualification Commission approved by the rector.

DLP and FS manages organizational and methodical system of management training, research and teaching, engineering and technical personnel for the protection.

DLP and FS  monitors timely verification of accidents at the University and maintains a strict accounting.

DLP and FS  participates together with the trade union organizations in the university community parades for the Protection of labor. The department  involved in conducting, rewarding and the results of those reviews. Generalizes  and disseminate best practices of labor collectives on DLP and FS.

DLP and FS is  the prosecution of the business production. In the process of organizing work draws deans and heads of departments to perform their duties according to certain rules.

DLP and FS encourages faculty members and employees who are involved in the behavior of classes, creating and Ensuring a healthy and safe environment for the protection of labor within this manual to alert the University to bring to justice those who violate or fail to comply with the rules and regulations of the Labour Code of DLP and FS.


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