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Accounting department

Accounting department

Head of Department: Djabbarova Xumayra Tuxtasinovna

Receving time: 9 am to 17.30

Saturday: 9:00 am to 15-00 hours

Telephone: (8371) 227 18 04

Inside: 313

Functions of chief accountant

Organize the work of the accounting records on the basis approved by the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the use of human and financial resources for the control of accounting affairs.
Control the distribution of monthly earnings professor - teachers and other employees, as well as scholarships to students. In the settlement set activists noted monthly earnings and x movement, commitment and ownership of the property;
Conduct a timely inventory of personal wealth and money. For successful operation, will provide accounting mixing, create calculations for financial payment of taxes;
Translate from republican budget account funds received timely and in time;
Properly use the money for other purposes;
Define receivables and payables;
Control the use of standard units in the base staffing;
To control the issuance of scholarships to students on the basis of the order of the rector;
Debit wealth and other goods to the designated warehouse and the right to control their costs. Budget expenditures expenditures and other means used by object and control of the approved budget on the basis and order;
Hold inventory in a timely manner, and in time the designated time;
To rent on time monthly quarterly reports to superior organizations (higher secondary special education ministries, tax inspections and other organizations.

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