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PhD in technics, assistant professor

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 Departments of faculty:

Alternative energy sources

Hydraulics and Hydropower

Heat power engineering

Electric machines

Electromechanics and Electrotechnology

Electrical Engineering

Electric stations, networks and systems

Electricity supply

Control and monitoring systems in the energy sector


Bachelor specialties of faculty:


5310100 – Power engineering (by industry)

5310200 - Electric power engineering (by industry and areas)

5310700 - Electrical engineering, electromechanics and electrotechnology (on branches)

5111000 - Professional education (5310200- Electrical power engineering)

5312100 - Energy audit and energy inspection of industrial enterprises

5312400 - Alternative energy sources (by type)


Master of science specialties of faculty:


5A310101-Hydroelectric power stations and renewable energy sources

5A310104- Industrial heat power engineering

5A310105- Heat engineering (according to the object of application)

5A310201- Power supply (by industry)

5A310202- Energy saving (by industry)

5A310203- Electric stations

5A310204- Electric power systems and networks (energy production, transmission and distribution)

5A310701- Electromechanics (by industry)

5A310702- Electrical insulating and cable technology

5A310704- Electrotechnical complexes and systems (industry)




The Power Department was established in 1920 as part of the Turkestan State University and the first electrical engineers graduated in 1923. A famous scientist, academician A.G.Alexandrov had a big role in the training of engineering personnel in the power engineering sector.

A major contribution to the development and growth of the energy faculty was made by the deans: prof. G.S. Grushkin, A.V. Sorokin, A.S. Karimov, T.M. Kadirov, K.R. Allaev, O.O. Khoshimov, B. Kh. Yunusov, A.A. Alimov, T. Sh. Gayibov and others. Since 2015 the faculty is headed by J.B.Toshov.

Academicians Kh. F. Fazylov, M.Z. Khamudkhanov, T.Kh. Nasirov, R. A. Zakhidov, G. R. Rakhimov, professors: K.R. Allaev, B.U.Umarov, O.O.Hashimov, T.M.Kadirov, Kh.G.Karimov, N.Kh.Bazarov, M.Mukhammadiev, D.N.Mukhiddinov, M.I. Ibadullaev and many other scientists and educators.

In 1983, in connection with the increasing needs of the state in energy specialists, the Faculty of Industrial Energy was organized along with the Energy Department. In 1993, on the basis of these faculties, the Energy Center was organized, the head of which, as a pro-rector, was appointed prof. K.R. Allayev.

In 2005, on the basis of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Energy Department was re-organized. Currently, the faculty prepares energy specialists in 6 areas of bachelor's degree and 14 specialties of the magistracy.

Under the auspices of the University courses were organized to qualify the managers and engineering staff for JSC "Uzbekenergo" and other large enterprises of the republic.

At the power engineering faculty, a number of research works are carried out on the basis of state grants and economic contracts with enterprises and organizations. All doctoral students, undergraduates and gifted bachelor students are involved in these works.

In the hostel of the faculty there are all conditions for rest and residence of students. The spiritual enlightenment room functions  on a regular basis.There are always fresh newspapers and magazines. Very often there are various meetings, talks by teachers and other events. Leading scientists, cultural figures, professors, heads of departments and representatives of the dean's office take part in them. In addition, representatives of law enforcement bodies often talk and conduct explanatory work with students, and also meetings with the university management are organized.

For achievements in the field of energy science, academician, professor Kh. F. Fazilov, honored scientist, deserved power engineer of the country, in 1986 was awarded the title of Laureate of the State Prize of the country. In 1993 he was awarded the Al-Khorezmi Medal of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.

A whole group of scientists was educated at the power engineering  faculty and continue their work: academician M.Z. Khamudkhanov, professors O.O. Khashimov, S.Z. Usmanov, N.M. Usmankhodjaev, associate professors M.A. Khusanov, K. Muminov , Which, according to the results of scientific research, were awarded and became laureates of the Beruni State Prize.

In 1989, Professor A.Karimov was awarded the title "Honored Worker of Science of Uzbekistan" for his services in the development of theoretical electrical engineering and training of personnel. In 2002, Professor T.M. Kadyrov was awarded the title "Honored Teacher of the Republic" for achievements in the training of young professionals. Professor H.G.Karimov was awarded the title "High achiever of higher education" and his achievements in training young scientists and specialists were evaluated by medals and diplomas.

At the faculty, hundreds and thousands of qualified specialists, heads of large enterprises and leading organizations were trained. Including E.R. Shoismatov, one of the leaders of the "Uzbekenergo", the vice-presidents of JSC "Uzbekenergo" B.Teshabaev, A.S. Sirajev, H.N.Abdullaev, R.O.Raimov; Heads of departments M.A. Usmanova, L.I. Nurillaev, Sh. V. Khamidov, Boris Nurmatov; Rector of TashGTU K.R.Allayev, director of "Energy Center of Uzbekistan T.H. Nasirov, director of "Tashgorelektroseti" M.Ikramov.

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