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      Mahkamova Mamlakat Abdukadirovna

Since July1, 2016

TSTU Head of “Economy” Department

Office hours:

Monday from 11.00 to 13.00

Wednesday from 11.00 to 13.00

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History of Department

In September, 1968, there was organized “Mechanical engineering and its organization”, “Mining industry economy and its organization”, “Energy industry and its organization” departments on the basis  of the department of “Industrial economy” at Tashkent State Technical University.

Head of “Mining industry and its organization” department was honored representative, Doctor of Economic Sciences, prof. A.G.Spakh.  For the past years, Chairmen of Department were D.S, prof. D.R.Said-Djalolov, D.S., prof. M.A.Mahkamova.  During its activity, there were conducted training engineers – economists in the specialty of “Economy and management of mechanical industry”. 

Since 2001, bachelors have been issued in the direction of 5340100-Economy (by sectors of industry). In 2002 the Master’s Degree in Innovation Management was opened. The founder of the Department “Economy of mining industry its organization” was Doctor of Economic Sciences, prof. L.G.Gertman.  In 1975-1985 years the department was supervised by docent N.H.Sagatov, in 1986-1990 years by docent Abduqakhkhorov. From 1990 to 2008, the head of Deparment was D.S. prof. S.R.Alimkhodjayev.  Until 2001, the department trained engineers – economists in the specialty of “Mining industry, geology – exploration and oil industry”. From the 2001 there were conducted bachelors in the specialty of “Management”. For 2004 – 2005 academic year there opened Masters Degree in the specialty of “Economy”(by the sectors of industry).

In May 18, 2005 there was organized “Economy” department on the basis of next departments: “Mechanical economy and management”, “Energy economy and management” and “Mining and geology exploration industry economy and management”. For 2005 – 2008 years the Head of Department was D.S.prof. Alimkhodjayev S.R, for 2008 – 2012 years was docent A.K.Iskhakov. from September, 2016 according to the new structure of TSTU three directions were integrated and organized “Economy” department and as of today, the Head of Department is D.S. prof. M.A.Mahkamova.

There are conducted bachelors in three directions

5230400 – “Marketing (real sector)”

Relations of the Department with enterprises and organizations

Production enterprises

Scientific – study institutions

“Bukharo Don” OJSC

Higher technical school of fire safety of MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan

“Khonka don makhsulotlari” JSC

Bukhara engineering technology institution

“Agregat plant” OJSC

Namangan Engineering pedagogical institution

“Sanoatgeokontexnazorat” State Inspection

Higher military technical specialized school of MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan

“TTZ” OJSCR Rural Economical technical plant

Uz LITI Neftegaz

SPO “Tekhnolog”


LLC “Energogazservis”






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