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Department of Physical education

The head of the chair 

  Djalilov Baxodir Rozakovich 1972


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The history of the chair 

P.E And Sport Widely Entered The Life Of Educated Youth In 1972 Have All Soviet Union Complex TТO. SSSR was established, which had aim – to make P.E. as an organic element  of every young's life.

There are gorgeous sport traditions of T.T.U.'s sport collective.

Some graduators of the institute were recordsmen  of the world on thirdly jumping like O.Ryakovskiy also the first goalkeeper of selects of Uzbekistan on football G.Yakunin a champion of SSR union’s student sport collective “Burenestnix” on Samba in 1964-1965 S. Alimov.

In 1997 was the beginning of taking part in the first legue championship of countries

on hokey on the grass the team “Polytechnic” in 1978 was already firstly in SSR “bronze”. Team of rugby players of T.T.U for several times were awarded with first plase in competitions among «Polytechnic» in 1978 was already firstly in SSR awarded  “bronze”

Team of rugby players of T.T.U for several times were awarded wit first place in competitions among Polytechnic institutes of the country? For the fourth time one by one won first prizes in these competitions.

In 1978 – 1979.More than 50stedents teachers and workers of the institute were included in the team selected teams of the Republic on different types of sport, many of them tried for Uzbekistan`s sport honour.

In 2010 in Charity fund “For the life” 150 students took part.

In 2012 in Bukhara the sport competition “Universiada-2012” was held. Student-sportsmen of T.T.U in composition of selected team of Tashkent, won II grade on basketball and I grade on Volleyball.

Student of T.S.T.U. took part in competitions “IV Asian games”2012 and won III grade on Fighting on belt.

In 2013 Republic of Kirghizia open Champions on  single combat was  held, where student of TSTU Mirzayev S won III grade.

In 2014the UAS in Dubai student of oil engineering faculty. Asadulin took part

in Paralympics games on athletics.  

     In contact with the chair:P.E and sport   

  • The National University of Uzbekistan

All high and secondary school’s of RU.

Teacher of the chair  

1.    Djalilov Bakhodir Rozakovich 

2.  Toshtaev Sharov Djumabaev

3. Xayrislomova Gulsina Mardgalyamovna

4.  Raxmonov Nodirbek Raxmon ugli

5.  Mirsharipova Zilola Mirziyatovna   

6. Komilova Jamilaxon Erkinovna

7. Xudoyberganov Zokirjon Karimovich

8. Morenkova Oksana Vladimirovna 

9.  Shakirov Pulak Karimovich

10.  Akramov Ravshan Raxmotovich

11.  Zavyazochnikova Margarita Genadiyevna 

Completed scientific and methodical works of the chair  

  • Composition and introduction of scientific –methodical complex.
  • Composition scientific programmer.
  • Composition of technological map and others looking through sport norms.
  • Composition of sport-mass activities.

Lessons are held by new methodology- technical methods, with usage of experimental educational achievement in practical lessons. The chair in one year, publishes about 15 scientific articles methodical equipments and recommendations, discussion in the faculty`s meeting.

    Our aim to direct students to healthy and active life, be close to sport

Adress of the chair:

№2 University street, Olmazar district, Tashkent


e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


M.G. Toshmatov`s monography publishod:Physical Education as Sportive 

Methodical aids:

Every years scientific Direction are published works of the chair published:                    In 2015-2016 39 articles were published in Reublic.

2articles in the Rpublic magazine «Health».

Also published methodical recommendation “Methoddogy at elemantarytypes of swimming of students in the institutes chevelopment of power a ablitites of organs” notes of the lecture on the subjekt valeology.

In 2015 it planned to publish 15 scientificv works and orticles.

Also the work of creating methodical aids on the theme: “Bases of healthy life style of students” was completed.

The work was held a will be held in a future for.







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