Refrigeration and cryogenic engineering



Department " Refrigeration and cryogenic engineering " 

Head of the department:     




Associate professor Azizov Dilshod                                                   Xabibullayevich

      3-may  1975

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History kafedry:

Department ( Refrigeration and cryogenic engineering) was established in 1962 on the basis of the production laboratory in the cold of the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute and the national economy in Central Asia Council. Initially, the department was called < Compression refrigeration machines and plants>. The founder of the department is Honored Worker of science and Technology   A.I. Lavochnic. In 1967 it was released the first group of   Mechanical   Engineers in the specialty  <Refrigerating and compressor machines and installations>.

Department < Technological machines and equipment> was formed - <Compression refrigeration machines and plants> and department < Machinery and equipment, oil and gas industries> in 2005, the Common Order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Uzbekistan at the Department.      In 2011, it was added one more in the direction of the industry  < Technological machines and equipment>. By order of the Ministry of higher and secondary – special education Uzbekistan were merged department < Technological machines and equipment> and to 2015, led by Associate Professor of the Department of  Dunyashin N.S..

  In 2015, by order of the Ministry of higher and secondary – special education department of the Department of the Uzbekistan < Technological machines and equipment > pulpit   <Refrigeration and cryogenic engineering> was established. Since then, the associate professor of the department led by Azizov D.X..


Total number of students   2460


1-course, 2-course, 3-course, 4-course

Master degree:

1-course, 2-course 

The direction of the Department of Education banchelor 

5320300- Technological machines and equipment

(Refrigeration and cryogenic engineering)

Occupation graduate of the Department

5A320303- Machines and equipment refrigeration and cryogenic equipment and air conditioning systems

Professor of the department teaching 




Zakirov S.G





Zakirova N.S.





Karimov Q.F.




Nurmatov T.B.






Qoraboyev A.S.


The scientific work carried out by the Department of

1)    Intensification of head exchange in the chemical industry. Scientific adviser: Zakirov S.G.

Chiller efficiency. Scientific adviser: Karimov Q. F.

Scientific and methodological work conducted by the department:

Guidelines on the final qualifying works by modern refrigerating machines and installations.Artists: D.X. Azizov, T.B. Nurmatov.

Address of the department:

City of Tashkent, University Street Building 2, Faculty of <Refrigeration and cryogenic engineering> 1 floor, 131-room.













Methodological Guide:  

Over 20

 Lecture notes:

Uzbek, Russian languages 

Brief information about the 

Laboratory <Chillers and head pumps>. Faculty of Technology Mechanical engineering. Floor 1, 104-room.

Subjects trained on department

  1. Main technological processes and devices
  2. Thermodynamic bases of the TME
  3. Artificial consumers chill
  4. Reliability of the machines
  5. Repair and montage TME
  6. Calculation and construction technological equipments
  7. Calculation of the refrigeration machines
  8. Refrigerants and materials
  9. Theoretical bases intensive heat exchange in device
  10.  Scientific bases technological air conditioning
  11. Introduction to direction
  12. Refrigeration machines and installation
  13. Air conditioning
  14. Cryogenic technology
  15. Systems thermo transformations
  16. Ekcergetical  calculation thermo transformers
  17.  Automation  heat transformers



















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