Descriptive geometry and enjineering graphics



Head of the department: 

Associate professor Sabirova Dildora Ubaydullaevna  7 February  1965

Telephones:  + 998 94 614 41 36

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History kafedry: 

     Chair, entitled “Descriptive geometry and technical drawing” was organized in 1920 as part of the technical faculty of the State University of Turkestan.

     The main activity of the department is aimed to create a new generation of textbooks, teaching aids and electronic aids Uzbek Latin alphabet.

     Today the Department carries out its activities under the name of “Descriptive geometry and Engineering Graphics”. The department has one professor, two associate professors.

     In order to implement the “National training program,” led the faculty by the Department of Scientific and practical course, final works of students training on the subject “Descriptive Geometry, drawing and engineering graphics” scientific and pedagogical workers of higher and secondary special education.

     The Department conducted a joint operation, scientific and practical, methodical and organizational issues with the teaching staff , as well as with the heads of departments of the subject “Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics” Higher technical educational institutions, vocational colleges and secondary vocational schools.


 Professor of the department teaching

1.Azimov T.D.

2. Sabirova D.U.

3. Alimova D.K.

4. Karimova V.N.

5. Mirzaraimova V.T.

. Rahimov A.M.

7. Toshpulatov R.X

8. Djabbarova M.M.

9. Boltaboev K.K.

10. Azimov A.T.

11. Rasulova F.S.

12. Nishanova L.X.

13. Axmedova SH.A.

14. Saidnazarova S.F

15. Mo‘minova  D.S.

The scientific work carried out by the Department of

     1-direction. Conducting research in the specialty “Theory and methods of education and training” (Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics) Supervisor: Azimov T.D.

Scientific and methodological work conducted by the department:

     2-direction. Carrying on the problems of higher education research and the creation of educational, teaching and problems of education acceptable to the higher technical educational institutions on the subject “Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics”. Supervisor: Sabirova D.U.

Address of the department:

city of Tashkent, University Street Building 2, Faculty of engineering systems 1 floor, 131-room.

Telephones:(8371) 405 internally

Tutorials:5  tutorial 

Methodological Guide:Over 40

Lecture notes:Uzbek, Russian and English languages

Brief information about the

Educational and laboratory audience, Faculty of engineering systems floor 1, 131-room.

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2, Universty street, Tashkent, 100095, Uzbekistan

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