Mechatronics and robotics

Department of  "Mechatronics and Robotics"


  "Mechatronics and Robotics" Department was organized in 2016. The department operate 8 teachers: Abdullayev M.M. - Head of the Department, PhD, associate professor, Siddikov I.Kh. – professor, Nazarov Kh.N. - Ph.D., associate professor, Tadjiev Kh.Kh..- Ph.D., associate professor, Yunusov S.T. - senior lecturer, Izmailov R.N. - senior lecturer, Abdraimov F.A. - senior lecturer, Kim S.G. - assistant.

  The department has students bachelor and graduate training in the direction of 5312600 - "Mechatronics and Robotics" and the specialty 5A312601 - "Robotics Mechatronics", respectively.

  Graduates of the bachelor and masters of department "Mechatronics and Robotics" will be prepared to address these types of problems by type of professional activity:   

Scientific - research activity:

mathematical description of mechatronic and robotic systems, their analysis by computer simulation, development of new methods of management and design of such systems, carrying out experimental research.

Design activity:

the definition and formalization of tasks, drawing up requirements for components of mechatronic and robotic systems, the development of individual subsystems and devices, including design elements, actuators, data sensors, microprocessor controls; organization of multi-component systems, including mechatronic devices, robots and elements of technological equipment; development of software solutions for the management and design tasks.

Operational activity:

debugging, testing and upgrading mechatronic and robotic devices and systems, reprogramming and keeping them in working condition. 

Organizational and administrative activity:

the organization of work of the staff, managerial decision-making, implementation of technical control over the work area of production using mechatronic and robotic devices, analysis and provision of necessary economic indicators of performance aktivities. 

          Scientific-pedagogical activity:

teaching activities at the TashkentStateTechnicalUniversity and all related institutions of higher (masters) and secondary special education (masters and bachelors) of the country, post-graduate education and research activities in doctoral or master's degrees as a researcher.

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