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Head of the department  Mahmudov Dilmurod Rahmatjonovich

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History of department: 

     The Department of Geotechnology of Coal and Plast Deposits is based on the Department of Mining. The history of the foundation and its further development is directly related to the history of this department In 1920 at Turkestani state university under the leadership of professor M. M. Protodyakonov the Mining chair was formed. Since 1929 at the Central Asian industrial institute the Mining chair started working independently. In a type of that that the need of experts of this profile increased the "Development of Mineral Deposits" chair was formed and the first the academician of Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan A.S. Popov headed chair

In 1939 the Mining chair for the first time let out 25 engineers – miners.

In 1936 the chair started letting out specialists in two directions: development of sheeted fields and development of ore fields. On the first specialty the prof. A.S. Popov and on the second - N. V. Mishchenko was appointed the head. Under the leadership of A.S. Popov and N. V. Mishchenko in pre-war years associate professors N. N. Duakanov, L.Zh. Gertman, R. A. Berzak, the senior teachers – A.R. Boguslavsky, I.M. Azimov and professor N. L. Smirnov worked. Since first days of war N. V. Mishchenko, I.L. Sprigin, I.M. Azimov left on the front.

After war under the leadership of N. V. Mishchenko R. A. Berzak, I.S. Sprigin, U.A. Isamukhamedov, F.M. Aripova, N. F. Fayzullayev worked at chair. In 1950 on chair B. S. Slutskaya, O. V. Levinsky, I.I. Inogamov, D. S. Dzhaymagambetov, H.H. Shamirzayem, R. A. Todzhibayev, E.Sh. Hodzhayev were in addition accepted.

Since 1967 the chair was headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor U.A. Isamukhamedov and at the same time he held the vice rector's position in the Tashkent polytechnical institute.

In 1970 the "Development of Mineral Deposits" chair was divided into two specialties "Technology of Development and Complex Mechanization of Mineral Deposits in the Underground Way" and "Technology of Development and Complex Mechanization of Mineral Deposits in the Open Way".

Since 1974 "Technology of Development and Complex Mechanization of Mineral Deposits in the Underground Way" chair associate professor A.A. Abidov managed, and the second chair "Technology of Development and Complex Mechanization of Mineral Deposits in the Open Way" associate professor F.M. Aripova managed. The big contribution to business of formation of these two chairs was made by the dean of mining and metallurgical faculty professor V. R. Rakhimov and associate professor F.M. Aripova. The first Uzbek woman F.M. Mavlyanov's miner – Aripova until the end of life worked at this faculty and was the organizer of Physics of Rocks laboratory and was considered as pride of university.

The academician of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the full member of Mountain academy of Russia, the Doctor of Engineering, professor Rakhimov Vakhob Rakhimovich for many years directed the Mining direction and at the same time within 20 years worked at a position of the dean of faculty. In 1980-90 he headed educational and methodical council for Mining at the Ministry of the Higher education of the former Union in 1984 - 1990 it worked as the first vice rector of TSTU.

The department of geotechnology of coal and strata deposits was founded on April 1, 2015 in order to ensure the protocol of the working meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 139 dated October 9, 2014, Order No. 406 of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education on October 16 and Resolution No. 2 of the Scientific Council of TashGTU from 30 October 2014. To date, the department employs 6 professors and 2 auxiliary teaching staff.
Direction of a bachelor degree:      5311600- Mining (by types of training)

Direction of a magistracy:  5А311601- Development of mineral deposits (an underground way). 

List of tutorials at the chair

- Introduction to the mining industry

- Fundamentals of Mining

- Drilling and blasting operations

- Technology of mine workings

- Drilling and carrying out mining exploration workings

- Underground mining of mineral deposits

- Designing of mining enterprises

- Aerology of mining enterprises


- Theoretical foundations of underground mining technology

- Theoretical basis of safety and technology of blasting operations in underground mining

- Theoretical bases of aerology of pits and mines

Scientific work of the department:

The department carries out scientific research in the following direction:

"Development of effective technological schemes and determination of rational parameters for the development of mining operations in quarries"

Study and analysis of existing technological schemes of mining operations in quarries. Development of effective variants of technological schemes and its introduction on large open-cast mines of our republic. Development of rational parameters for the development of mining operations in quarries. Development of a method for selecting rational types of mining machines and equipment. (Scientific adviser Mahmudov DR).

Scientifically – methodical work of chair:

     In all directions of chair professors and teachers published in specialty subjects textbooks, manuals, abstracts of lectures, methodical instructions for performance of laboratory and practical works, methodical grants for performance of academic year projects and works, methodical grants for performance of final qualification works and master theses. For a foresight of the current control, intermediate control and total control collections of questions and tests were published.

During teaching new information and pedagogical technologies are used. Professors and teachers use new pedagogical methods of teaching for example: "intellectual attack" and "cluster", etc.

Topical issue of chair is improvement of technical base for received practical knowledge for further use in lectures, practical and laboratory works.

Otdarenny students penetrate into research works, they participate with the reports in student's scientific conferences, the received scientific results are published in Republican scientific magazines

Foreign and state grants performed at the department  ОТ-А13-11

 Development of effective technological schemes and determination of rational parameters for the development of mining operations in quarries"

International relations of chair:

       • National research institute of technology – the Moscow mining institute (Russia);

      • NationalMiningUniversity (Ukraine);

      • Ural state MiningUniversity (Russia);

      • St. Petersburg state technical university (Russia);

      • Turin polytechnical institute (Italy);

      • Mining institute of D. A. Kunayev (Kazakhstan);

      • Frauburgsky mountain academy (Germany);

      • Moscow prospecting academy (Russia);

      • Russian university of friendship of the people (Russia);

      • Kirgiz state technical university (Kyrgyzstan);

      • Institute of mining and mountain technologies (Kyrgyzstan);

      • Tashkent road institute;

      • Tashkent institute of railway engineers;

      • Tashkent chemical institute of technology;

      •  Navoiy state mining institute;

         Karshi engineering and economic institute

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Mahmudov Dilmurod Rahmatjonovich Head of the department





Akbarov Takhirzhan Gulyamovich associate professor 





Umarov Bakhodir Turgunovich senior teacher





Israilov Mansour Abdusamatovich  senior teacher 





Khudoiberdiev  Farrukh Tillaevich  assistant





Mardonov Isomiddin Nurullaevich assistant

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