Engineering geology and mining

Administration of faculty:

Dean of faculty

Nasirov Utkir Fatidinovich

Phone: (8 371) 246-04-59; (998 94) 612-73-27

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Deputy dean

Abdiev Orifjon Xofizovich

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Deputy dean

Abdusalomov Abduraxim Abduvaitovich

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 Deputy dean

 Tursunov Jonibek Abdurasulovich

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5А630101- Environmental protection (by branches)


The faculty was founded in 1919 on the basis of the technical faculty of the Turkestan, then the Central Asian state University. The first head of Department was a great scholar Professor M. M. Protodyakonov. Since 1929, in the part of the Central Asian industrial Institute was organized by the Mining and Geology Department. Next, the Central Asian industrial Institute was renamed the Central Asian Polytechnic Institute, which conducted its research and teaching activities of such scientists as H. M. Abdullaev, G. O. Mavlonov, A. S. Uklonsky, M. Protodiakonov, H. N. Baimuhamedov, V. R. Rakhimov, and others.

Currently, the faculty are leading scientists from the industry, as an academic Akbarov H.A., Professor Oesophagael A.A., Professor Isakhojaev B.A., Professor Nosirov U.F., Professor Kayumov A., Professor Umarhojaev M., Assoc. Mirsaidov M. G., Assoc. Sagadiev L. S., Assoc. Akbarov, T. G., Assoc. Sagatov N. X., Assoc. Petrosov Yu. e., Assoc. Shermuhamedov T., Assoc. Tashmuhamedov B. etc.

The faculty is administered by the Dean of the Professor W. F. Nasirov and Deputy Dean Abdiev, O. H., A. A. Abdusalomov, Tursunov and J. Gulyamov, G. J.

Currently the faculty has 10 departments, 8 of which special departments and 2 observationally of the Department:

1. The Department of "Mining" - the head of the Department prof., Nasirov U.F.

2. The Department of "Geology and prospecting of MPI" the head of the Department Assoc. Rozikov O. T.

3. The Department of "mine surveying and geodesy" head of Department prof S. S. Sayyidkasimov

4. The Department of metallurgy, head of Department Ph. D. of Khudoyarov S.R.

5. The Department "Mining electrical engineering" head of Department Annakulov T.J.

6. The Department "Hydrogeology and Geophysics" - head of Department Assoc. I.A.Agzamova

7. Faculty "Geotechnology and formation of coal deposits" - the head of the Department R.D.Makhmudov

8. The Department “Ecology and industrial safety” – head of Department Assoc. Musayev M.N.

9. The Department of "Geology, Mineralogy and petrography" - head of Department Assoc. Tulyaganova N.Sh.

10. The Department of “Higher mathematics” – the head of the Department Assoc. PirmatovSh.T


The teaching staff of the faculty of "Engineering Geology and mining" is 144 units, including 2 academician of Uzbek Academy of Sciences, 6 professors and doctors of science, 29 associate professors and candidates of Sciences. 1 academician, 6 doctors of Sciences and 2 candidates of Sciences are the scientific supervisors of doctoral students.

In recent years, more than 20 faculty members have passed training and improvement of professional skill in the developed countries (China, Russia, South Korea).

Currently, the faculty of Engineering of Geology and mining are trained in the following areas of bachelor's and master's degree programs.

Bachelor specialties of faculty:

5310300 - Metallurgy

5311500- Geodesy, cartography and cadastre

5311600- Mining

5311700- Geology, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits

5311800- Hydrogeology and engineering Geology

5310700- Electrical engineering, electromechanics and electrical technologies (mountain)

5312200- Mining electrician

5320300- Technological machines and equipment (mountain)

5312300- Mine surveying

5630100 - Ecology and environmental protection (by branches)

5640100 - Safety

Master of science specialties of faculty:

5A310301- Metals (on metals)

5A310705- Mining machinery and equipment

5А311601- The development of mineral deposits (methods development)

5A311602- Mining and underground engineering (mine surveying)

5А311603- Mineral processing (by fossil)

5А311701- Geology, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits (types of deposits)

5 A311707- Geology, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits (types of deposits)

5А311801- Hydrogeology and engineering Geology

5А630101- Environmental protection (by branches)

Graduates of the undergraduate and graduate programs lead their future professional career in the following industries:

in the system of people's, secondary special and higher education;

- scientific activities;

- production;

in the system of internal Affairs;

- in the Ministry of defence and the Ministry of emergency situations;

in the public administration;

- public organization;

- entrepreneurship and the private sector.


In the period from 2012 to 2016 bachelor's and master's degree programs of the faculty of Geology and mining has trained over 2000 graduates who conduct their professional activities in various fields of economy of the Republic.

With the aim of integrating of science, production and education necessary to conduct research works on actual problems of science and technology and introduction of their results into production and educational process, thereby solving the problem of training highly qualified specialists able to work with modern equipment and technology. To achieve this goal before the teaching, and before all the team of Tashkent state University is the task of the organization of modern scientific and educational laboratories, scientific-research works on actual problems of science and industry, the education of promising young scientists, through involvement in research projects. Based on these objectives, the University held the following events.

To improve scientific-technical potential of the Republic, scientists of the faculty of Geology and mining of Tashkent state University conducted research work in the following areas:

• development of technology and equipment for rational use of energy resources;

• development of high-tech ways of finding, mining, processing and rational use of natural resources;

• environmental protection and ensuring environmental safety.

The Department developed a strategic program to expand research activities, improvement of training of highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff, the system to attract students to the ongoing research projects, designed for 2017-2021.

This year the faculty run 20 projects funded by the state budget, in particular 2 fundamental 8 applied innovation 2 project 2 project 1 fundamental and applied project of young scientists. Also, members of the faculty are 5 of the economic contract. The total amount of all ongoing scientific research is 1.773.308.000 (one billion seven hundred seventy three million three hundred eight thousand) soum.

 At the Faculty of Geology and mining carried out extensive and meaningful work with gifted students. To this end, the departments of the faculty organized the following clubs: "Young Metallurgist", "Young petrographer", "Young geologist", "Young mathematician", "Young ecologist", "Young miner", "Young hydrogeologist". In recent years, the talented students of the faculty awarded 3 scholarships (Presidential scholar 1, 2 stipendiate name Beruniy).

 With the aim of integrating of science, production and education staff of the faculty established an innovative corporate partnership with the following leading scientific and industrial enterprises of the Republic, the State Committee for Geology and mineral resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Institute of seismology of Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences, Institute of chemistry of vegetative substances of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Navoi mining and metallurgical Combinat, Almalyk mining and metallurgical plant, sue "Uzgashkliti" AK "Seriesparallel", JSC "Uzbekcoal" Uzbek metallurgical plant UE "Dehkanabad potash fertilizer plant", JSC AI "Tostringlist" JV "Tashkent pipe plant", GP "Foundry-mechanical plant", SE "Special Department No. 75," SE Scientific-production center "Geology of hydromineral resources", GS "Monitoring of hazardous geological processes", SE "Institute gidroingeo", NHC "Uzbekneftegaz" Institute "IGRIM", State Committee for nature protection, the Tashkent city Department for nature protection, national holding company Uzbekneftegaz, MCC "Muborak", Chemical complex "Shurtangaz". 

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