After gaining independence, at the initiative of the first President of the Republic, IA Karimov, the educational institution was given the status of a university, which acquired great importance in the life of society. The University is by far the most advanced and modern educational institution. Independence gave this university the opportunity to be recognized not only in Uzbekistan, but also in the whole world in the field of science, technology, and in cultural and educational spheres.

It should be noted that among the graduates of TSTU there are such outstanding academics as Abdullaev Kh.M., Urazbaev M.T, Khamudkhanov M.Z, Orifov U.O, Ahmedov K.S, Fozilov Kh.G. , Kabulov V.K, Akramkhodzhaev O.M, Khambraev I. Kh., Nabiev M.N, Mavlonov G.O, Baimukhamedov Kh.N., Uglonsky A.S, Salimov O.U, Mirkomilov T.M, Salimov Z., Rakhimov V.R, Yusupbekov N.R, laureates of state prizes, hundreds of inventors, professors and doctors of science. Also, the first President of the Republic of Islam Abduganievich Karimov, also graduated from this educational institution.

   Having appeared on the basis of the technical faculty of the Turkestan State University, TSTU, during its long history, created all conditions for 15 higher technical universities so that they could penetrate into an independent life. Among them: the Fergana Polytechnic Institute (1967), the Tashkent Institute of Automotive and Highways (1972), the Samarkand Architecture and Construction Institute (1980), the Bukhara Institute of Food and Light Industry Technologies (1977), the Namangan Institute Engineering Economics (1993), Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute (1995), Namangan Institute of Engineering Pedagogy (1989), Navoi State Mining Institute (1995), Andijan Institute of Engineering Economics and Management (1995), Tashkent Architects Urban Construction Institute (1991), Tashkent Machine Building Institute (1989), Tashkent Chemistry and Technology Institute (1991), Karshi Engineering and Economic Institute (1995), Nukus Industrial and Pedagogical Institute (1995). ), Angren Technical College (1995), Almalyk Technical College (1995), Chirchik Technical College (1995). It is worth mentioning that these schools have their roots in TSTU.

   Until May 2016, TSTU was organized by 7 faculties: mechanical engineering, geology and mining, aviation, electronics and automation, energy, oil and gas, and the faculty of economics and management. According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of May 2, 2016 No. 2524 "On measures to further improve the activities of the Tashkent State Technical University," changes were made in the structure of the university, which prepares personnel for engineering and technical areas. Thus, the oil and gas faculty was transferred to the Tashkent branch of the Russian University of Oil and Gas named after M. Gubkin. The faculties of Aviation and Economics and Management are closed. In connection with the reorganization of the Ionoplasma Institute and Laser Technologies of TSTU and the Russian Academy of Sciences on the basis of the University, new departments of engineering systems and engineering physics started their activity. To date, based on TSTU, there are 5 faculties:

  ❖ Engineering geology and mining;
  ❖ Engineering Physics;
  ❖ Engineering systems;
  ❖ Machine-building technologies;
  ❖ Power engineering.

  Tashkent State Technical University named after Abu Rayhan Beruni is considered one of the leading universities to establish technical education in our republic and has a long history. The history of the emergence of technical education begins on April 21, 1918. On that day, the technical faculty was organized as part of the Turkestan People's University. In turn, on the basis of this small faculty, the foundation for higher technical education is laid not only in the Republic itself, but also in the whole of Central Asia.

  In 1923 the faculty was transformed into an engineering and meliorative faculty. In 1929, on its basis, the Central Asian Institute of Cotton Farming and Irrigation was opened. In 1933 the Central Asian Industrial Institute was established as the only technical university. In 1949 this institute was named the Central Asian Polytechnic Institute. In 1961, he was reorganized into the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute. In 1973, in connection with the millennium anniversary of Abu Rayhan Beruni, the institute was awarded the name of the great scientist.



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