Welcome to TSTU



 Welcome to TSTU (Tashkent state technical university named after Islam Karimov), one of Uzbekistan's leading research and teaching universities. At TSTU, we take pride in the broad range and high quality of our teaching programs. We encourage you to explore the TSTU website so you can find out more about what we do.

  The TSTU combines top-class facilities for cutting-edge research with unique learning opportunities for students. It is committed to finding solutions to the major challenges facing society as we move forward. In the following directions:

 Engineering geology and mining

 Power Engineering

 Machine-building technology

 Engineering systems

 Engineering and physical.

The university thinks and acts with an entrepreneurial spirit. Its aim: to create lasting value for society. All this combines to make it one of Asian’s leading universities.

Contact us

2, Universty street, Tashkent, 100095, Uzbekistan

 Phone: +998712464600

Fax: +998712271032

E-mail: tstu_info@tdtu.uz