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Head of department: Khasanbayeva Nodira Rakhmatovna
Receiving time: 9.00-17.00
Telephone: (8 371) 246-82-42







Duties of chancery 

❖ To account correctly all the documents which come to TSTU, to register them in time and to organize their giving to executors;
❖ To provide formalizing correctly all the documents which go out from  TSTU;
❖ To receive all the documents which comes to the rector of the University, to register them into the papers and to give them for informing:
❖ To send documents to fulfillment according to the rector’s instruction;
To check registering and formalizing correctly of documents which are sent with rector’s (vice-rector’s) sign;
❖ To register incoming letters and blanks of printing-house which are written University’s requisites;
❖ To enter into the folding case all the fulfillment  documents;
❖ To formalize delivering to archive of executed documents

Contact us

2, Universty street, Tashkent, 100095, Uzbekistan

 Phone: +998712464600

Fax: +998712271032

E-mail: tstu_info@tdtu.uz