Foreign language

«Department of Foreign languages”

The manager chair 

    Ganikhanova Madina Baxriddinovna 1978 y.


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Chair history:

     The Chair «English language» is organized on September 1st, 1977 As independent division under decision МВ and Republics Uzbekistan SSO. To chair branch, it existed as a part of chair "Foreign languages" since 1931.               

      From October, 1977 until April, 1978 the chair was head by Cand.Phil.Sci, senior lecturer H.H.Xaydarov.

      Since October 1978 for 1988 as managing chair worked the candidate of pedagogical sciences, the senior lecturer M.F.Babadjanova.

      Since 1988 at the head of chair successfully worked Cand.Phil.Sci, the professor V.D.Musayeva.

      In 1991-1993y. Chair "Foreign languages" supervised over prof. Niyazova MB.

      In 1993 by order of the rector on the basis of chair "Foreign languages" two chairs have been created: chair «English language» - the manager chair, prof. Musayeva V. D and chair "Foreign languages" - the manager chair ,doc. Маksudova Х.S.

       In 2003 according to the order of the rector the departments were joined and have been created  “English languages” and the chair of this department has been appointed Alimova Х.I.

       In 2008 in connection with joining of aviation faculty to the Tashkent State Technical University the chair by « English language -2», the manager chair has been appoint the candidate of pedagogical sciences, doc. AlikhanovaSh. K.

        In September, 2011 by order of the rector of chair have been united in one chair "Foreign languages" the lecture Alimova Х.I.

        In 2013-2014over chair supervised the Cand.Phil.Sci .doc.SobirovaN.K.          

       Since October 2014 based on chair "Foreign languages" at the Tashkent State Technical University two chairs have been created  “Applied English language” and “Foreign languages”. The chair of department “Applied English language” has been appointed the senior lecturer Ganikhanova M. B.

In 2016 two departments are joined and have been created one “Foreign languages” department and the chair of this department has been appointed Ganikhanova M.B.

      The numerical structure of chair consists of 31 persons. Among them, 8 senior teachers,23 assistants. Chair External relations:

• National University of Uzbekistan;

. The Uzbek State University of World Languages.

· The Tashkent Institute of Engineers of the Railway Transportation.

· The Tashkent University of Information Technology.

• The Tashkent Institute Irrigation and Melioration;

• The Tashkent Chemist -Institute of Technology

• The Tashkent Tax Academy;

• Tashkent Textile and Industrially Institute of Technology;

• The Moscow State University (Russia);

• The Moscow State Technical University (Russia);

• The St.-Petersburg Polytechnic University (Russia);

• The Lvov Polytechnic University (Ukraine)

• The Kaunas Technical University (Lithuania)

• The Riga Technical University (Latvia)

• The Tolyatti Technical University (Russia);

• The Kharkov Polytechnic University (Ukraine)

• Kazakh cars-technical institute.

 There are contracts on cooperation with R.Uz's scientific research institutes AN, the academic lyceums and colleges.  

Specialty of a magistracy of chair:

The Chair does not prepare experts, is interfaculty general educational chair

The chair Faculty :


  Ganikhanova Madina Baxriddinovna the manager chair, senior lecturer;

     Isamiddinova Lola Ibragimjanovna, the senior lecturer;

     Jumanazarova Feroza Ruzimovna, the senior lecturer;

    Gataulina Gulnara Aliaskarovna, the senior lecturer;

      Оrtiqоva Musallam Jaхоngir qizi, the senior lecturer;

       Israilоva DilfuzaYuldashеvna, the senior lecturer;

     Atamuхamеdоva Ra’nо Faziljоnоvna, the senior lecturer;

  Juraeva Gulmira Maxamataminovna, the senior lecturer;

 Almardonova Zulfiya Chorievna, the senior lecturer;

   Agzamova Nigora Shuxratjonovna,  lecturer;;

   Abdujabborova Rayxona Tilavoldievna, lecturer; 

  Botirova Sojida Jomurodovna, lecturer;  

   Bekmurodova Shaxnoza Azamatovna, lecturer; 

 Ganiyеva Gulchехra Egambеrdiyеva, lecturer;

  Djuraeva Feruza Shukurovna, lecturer;

    Imamоva Gulchехra Zоirоvna, lecturer;

   Maqsudova Nilufar Abdurasulovna, lecturer;

   Muxamedova Lola Djuraevna, lecturer;

     Nurmatovna Guljaxon Toshmatovna, lecturer;

    G’ozieva Mastona Toshtemirovna lecturer;


Research works of chair:

In research work of chair is conducted ascientific- research works: “Teaching of English language in High Education Technical Schools». Till now there were published: the research works and published more than 150 articles in different foreign and republic magazines

Scientifically-methodical works of chair:

          On chair “Applied English language” is conducted the big work on application of new information and pedagogical technologies. Teachers of chair use various interactive methods at lessons: Brainstorming, Mind map, Think way, Learning together, Boomerang, Critical Thinking, Jigsaw, Project method, Presentation and others. Use I. and P.T. strengthens motivation and creates possibility to involve in 

process of training of 70-80 % of students.

         On chair, the big work on attraction of students in research work is conduct. In 2014-2015y. Protection in English qualifying works of bachelors and the dissertation магистрантов are plane. In addition, publications of joint articles in magazine “Technics stars” are plane. The talented students are involved in scientific works. They participate with scientific reports in republican conferences the talented youth.

       Last years the chair faculty had been published some textbooks and manuals, methodical instructions for practical employment and more than 100 articles. On a site "Ziyonet" allocation electronic versions of textbooks and manuals. 

 The chair address:            

100128, Tashkent, Almazar district, Students town 2


(8371 246-46-00


An e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. <mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >


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Methodical instructions:

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The lecture abstract:

On the chair, there is the electronic variant of research work prepared by collective of chair.  

Short data on educational and language laboratories:

In chair are available a network language laboratory. All equipment is in working condition



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