General physics




Department of "General Physics", Faculty of "General education disciplines"

Head of the department

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Gaibov Abdumalik Gaybullaevich,

1954 – год.


(8371) 246-80-01; mobile (90) 318-02-40


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History of the department

Department of General Physics TSTU is one of the oldest departments of Turkestan State University was founded in 1920, in the mid-50s it was headed by prof. N.I. Yaroslavtsev. Subsequently, it was led by the following teachings: 1957-1960 - a member of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan G.E. Umarov, 1960-1962 - MAAzimov, assistent professor, 1962-1965, AA. Abdurazakov, assistent professor, 1965-1974 - Z.Sh. Sharipov, assistent professor, 1974-1988 - D.M. Mirkamilov, 1988 - 1991 – A.S.Nigmankhodjaev, 1991-2011 - Sh.M.Kamolkhodjaev, professor, 2011-2016 years - D.B.Yusupov, the professor.

Since December 2016, it has been head of the departments “General physics” assistent professor G.A. Gaibov.

Scientific connections of the department:

• University of Rome (Italy);

• MoscowStateUniversity (Russia);

• University of Podernborn (Germany);

• Institute of Physics (Belarus);

• Institute of Physics (RF Academy of Sciences);

• JINR, Dubna (Russia);

• PTI named after Ioffe (Russia);

• UzNU named after M. Ulugbek;

• KazanStateUniversity. (Russia);

• SamarkandStateUniversity named after A.Navai;

• NPO "Physics - Sun" of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan;


There are links with production organizations, branch institutes of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, with academic lyceums and colleges

Teaching staff of the department:

1.   Gaibov Abdumalik Gaybullaevich, Head of the Chair, Assistent Professor

2.   Kamolkhodzhaev Sharobutdin Mukhitdinovich, Professor

3.  Umirzakov Boltahuzha Ermatovich, Professor

4.  Risbaev Abdurashid Sarboevich, Professor

5. Khimmatkulov Odilbai, Assistent Professor

6. Sharipov Bachrulla Zikrullaevich, Assistent Professor

7. Isayev Mahmudhoja Sharipovich, Assistent Professor

8.   Mirkamilova Marguba Sunnatullaevna, Assistent Professor

9.   Askarov Shaikram Inoyatovich, Assistent Professor

10. Usmanov Muratcosim, Assistent Professor

11. Kholboev Abdukarim Mukhtasanovich, Assistant-Professor

12.   Eshkulov Abdugani Abaevich, the senior teacher

13.   Vakhobov Kutbiddin Iloviddinovich, Senior teacher

14. Shukurova Dilfuza Mirzakhidovna, senior teacher

15.   Salieva Shokhista Kamilovna, senior teacher

16.   Boltaev Khurshid Khamidovich, Senior Assistent

17.   Djuraev Utkur Ergashevich, the assistant

18.   Saidahmedova Ziyoda Rakhmatovna, assistant

19. Shomuhammedova Dildor Sobytovna, assistant

Research work of the department:

Scientific and scientific-methodical directions of the department.

Direction №1.

Quasisynchronous interactions of ultrashort laser pulses in media with spatial modulation of quadratic and cubic nonlinear susceptibility. Investigation of the generation of the second harmonic of laser radiation in 1D ANPC with random and 2D NFCs with regular domain structures. (The scientific adviser is Prof. Yusupov D.Zh.).

Direction №2.

Studying of electrical optical and photoelectric properties of impurity semiconductors (Scientific adviser Ph.D., Assistent professor Askarov Sh.I.).

Direction №3.

A-4-7 Development of a synthesis technology for heteroepitaxial nanoscale structures in the near-surface region of single-crystal silicon and gallium arsenide for micro- and optoelectronics devices, including solar energy. (Scientific adviser is Prof. Umirzakov BE).

Direction №4.

F - 2-31 "Studying of the structure and physical properties of silicides of nanostructured metal films". (Scientific adviser Dr.Sc.-Prof. Risbaev AS).

Direction №5.

Scientific works on the problems of the methods of teaching physics in technical universities (Scientific adviser Ph.D. Prof. Kamolkhodzhaev Sh.M.).

Scientific and methodical work of the department

Textbooks, a teaching aid, a lecture summary, a teaching aid for laboratory and practical classes for the teaching staff of the department have been prepared and published. Questionnaires on the conduct of the PC, TC and IR as well as test tasks have been published.

The educational process uses computers, new information and pedagogical technologies. Teaching staff are implementing in the educational process such modern methods as "Interactive", "brainstorming", "Network", "Cluster", etc.

The actual task of the department is further improvement of the material and technical base, introduction of new scientific achievements of science to lecture and practical studies. Gifted students are involved in the scientific work of the department. The obtained scientific results are published in scientific journals.

In recent years, the faculty of the department has published a number of monographs, textbooks and manuals, a guide for practical and laboratory studies, and more than 100 scientific articles have been published. Numerous sources, textbooks, teaching aids, and video lectures have been added to the "ZiyoNET" .

Developed in accordance with the requirements of state educational standards, standard curricula for the general course of physics and prepared test and control options.

Department address: 

Tashkent. Almazar district, Universitetskaya st., 2. 

Email address: 

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


  1. Donaev SB, Umirzakov BE, Tashmukhamedova DA Nanoscale structures in ion-implanted Si and GaAs films LAP-2016. Germany. 201 s.
  2. Yusupov D.B. Nonlinear optical processes in photonic crystals. 2016

DB Yusupov, U.K.Sapaev. Quasisynchronous interactions of laser radiation in aperiodic photonic crystals. 2015

Methodical aids: 

  1. DB Yusupov, O. Khimmatkulov, A.A. Eshkulov. Methodical instructions to laboratory work on discipline "Physics". 2016. Part 1.
  2. D.B.Yusupov, SH.M.Kamolxujaev, A.G. Gaibov, A.A.Uzoqov Laboratory experiments on physics (Elektricity, magnetism and optics). 2016.
  3. M.Mirbabaev Questions of the organization of settlement and graphic works of students in physics. 2015

B.Z.Sharipov Organization problems in graphic counsts on physics. 2015

Lecture notes: 

In recent years, the faculty of the department has published a number of monographs, textbooks and manuals, a guide for practical and laboratory studies, and more than 100 scientific articles have been published. The electronic versions of many sources, textbooks, teaching aids, and video lectures were introduced into the "ZiyoNET" website.

Brief information about the training and laboratory rooms:

In the department there are 7 educational laboratory classrooms, and 2 research rooms. All laboratory equipment is in working order. New laboratory equipment has been installed by the NGO ELXOLDING







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