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The Doctor of technical sciences Ravutov Shavkat Tajievich. Was born in 1961.

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                                         History of the department


       On order of the rector TashSTU department " Technology of the agriculture" from june 16, 2016.

  In 1940 in industrial institute of Azia was opened new specialization "Cars". In 1946 have finished the first graduates. In 1945/46 godax in building near theatre of the name Navoi was disposed faculty "Avtomechanics". In 1948 under Mechanics  faculty was created pulpit "Traktorostroenie". In 1950 profession "tractor construction" were united with profession " Technology of the agriculture ". In 1948-1955 godax pulpit " tractor construction", then as from 1955 pulpit was identified " Technology of the agriculture ". Managed the pulpit A.I.NINOV. In 1948-1965 godax at the head with managing pulpit A.I.NINOVYM in count; calculate; list professorial-teaching composition worked K.I.AFANASIEV, V.I.SHIROKOV, M.GAIDZODA, I.F.LYUBECHINSKIY, V.I.SVERDLIN, A.RAXIMOV V.G.MURASHKIN. All members of the pulpit under the direction of managing pulpit successful design and exploratory work under creation xlоpkоvоgо tractor. Hereunder, there was is created pilot model of the special tractor. With 1965 on 1977 pulpit was renamed on " Technology of the agriculture and tractors" and managed her(its) prof..A.H.HAMIDOV. In 1977 -1983 godax pulpit managed prof..A.S.SADRIDDINOV, 1983-1989 managing pulpit was an assistant professor I.A.KARIMOV. In 1988 was created pulpit " Technology of the agriculture and engines of internal combustion" managing pulpit was prof..U.A.IKRAMOV. For this time gifted young teachers were attracted in composition of the pulpit and scientific specialists branches. Polyhedral research work was winnowed On pulpit on different directions. In 1991-1993 y. pulpit prof..K.H.MAXKAMOV. In 1997 pulpits " Technology of the agriculture ", " Technology of the agriculture " and " mechanization rural and conversion of the agriculture " were united in one pulpit under name "The agriculture building". The Managing pulpit was nominated prof..K.H.MAXKAMOV. For these years pulpit has prepared the large number of the personnel(frames) for Republic in the field of rural Technology of the agriculture and for mechanization rural and conversion, also pulpit scientific and scholastic centre. For this time for pulpit were are successfully protected 3 doktors and 16 phD doctors thesis. Beside 3 thousand engineer were prepared Since day of the motivation of the pulpit - mechanics on professions "Cars and tractors". In 2000 pulpit was divided into pulpits "Tractors and cars" and " Technology of the agriculture machine building" and in 2005 these pulpits were newly united in one under name "Overland transport systems (Technology of the agriculture and tractors)".

In 2016 pulpit "Overland transport systems (Technology of the agriculture machines and tractors)" and pulpit "Texnika and service rural " were united in one under names " Technology of the agriculture ". Manage the pulpit k.t.n. SH.RAVUTOV.

At present 5 doctors sciences work on this pulpit, 6 assistant professors, 9 starshix teacher, 6 assistents, 6 employees scholastic - an auxiliary personnel. Presently bachelor prepares on pulpit on professions 5521100 "Overland transport systems". Since 1999 on pulpit is prepared masters on professions 5А521102 "Tractors", 5А520710 " Technology of the agriculture machines and are equiped with". On today in pulpit prepares to protection 1 doctoral and 3 candidate's works. In pulpit is read for bachelor on 60 masters more than 27 subjects. As well as on pulpit lead work 3 research groups.



        The international relationship of the department:

    - Technological institute Kumo (Korea);

    - University Gebze (Turkey);

    - Machine-building institute (Russia);

    - MSTUU (Russia);

    - Sankt-petersburg pollytechnical institute (Russia);  

    - Livovsk pollytechnical institute (Ukraine);

    - Kaunass technological institute (Lithuania);

    - Rizhsk technological institute (Latvia);

    - Toliyatty technological institute (Russia);

    - Harkov pollytechnical institute (Ukraine);

    - Kazakhstan Mechanics mashines institute;

    - AS RUz, Institute Mechanical engineers and of buildings;

    - Research institute to mechanizations and electrifications of the agriculture of Uzbekistan;    

    - Tashkent textile and light industry institute;

    - Tashkent auto institute;

    - Tashkent irrigation and land reclamations institute;

    - Tashkent chemist-technological institute.

      The department has a relationship and joint contracts with production enterprise, research centre, institute, college and lycee.

The contingent: 1015 

Total number  student:

At period 2016-2017 school years in pulpit on directions is trained 1015 students. 

Directions bachelor: 

310 000 - Engineering deal;

320 000 - Technology production;

610 000 - Service

Directions of the magistracy:

5A430102 - Designing and technology of the agriculture machines

5А310501-Autoindustry and trаktоrsindustry

5А310601- Overland transport systems and facility

Educational directions bachelor departments:

5610600- Technology and technology of the rendering the services (rendering the services to farm machinery);

 5320500- Biotechnology (the biotechnology biоаktivnix material);

5320300- Technological machines and equipment (equipment for conversion to agricultural product)

5310500Autoindustry and trаktоrsindustry

5310600- Overland transport systems and facility

Professions of the magistracy of the department:

5A430102 - Designing and technology of the agriculture machines

5А310501-Autoindustry and trаktоrsindustry

5А310600- Overland transport systems and facility

Professorial-teaching composition of the department:



Sаdriddinоv Аzmiddin Sаdriddinоvich 

 Doctor of technical sciences, professor




     Abdаzimоv Аnvаr Dоniyarоvich  Doctor of technical sciences, professor

Alimоvа Fеruzа Аbdukоdirоvnа         Doctor of technical sciences

  Kоdirаliеv Аkbаrjоn teacher

 Аlibоеv Bаxtiyar Аbdurаxmоnоvich teacher

 Оmоnоv Nаbijоn Nоrmаmаtоvich teacher

 Аbdurаxmаnоv Nurlibеk Bаxtiyarоvich teacher

 Sаidоv Sаrvаr Аbdujаlilоvich teacher

 Shеrkоbilоv Sоbir Mеngkоbilоvich аssistant

 Primkulоv Bеkzоd Shеrаliеvich аssistant

 Sаfаrоv Jаsur Еsirgаpоvich     Doctor of technical sciences

 Irgаshеv Аmirkul     Doctor of technical sciences, prоfеssоr

 Mаxkаmоv Kаbul Xаmdаmоvich    Doctor of technical sciences, prоfеssоr

 Nаzаrоv Kоmijоn Kаrimоvich    Doctor of biologicalsciences

 Yunusxujаеv Sаidаkbаrxojа Tursunxojаеvich    Doctor of technical sciences

 Jurаеvа Gulchеxrа Shоdiеvnа teacher

 Mаmаsоliеvа Mukаddаs Ibоdullаеvnа teacher

 Sultаnоvа Shаxnоzа Аbduvаxitоvnа  teacher

 Ergаshеvа Zul`fiya Kаxrаmаnоvnа аssistant

 Mirxаitоv Uygun Turginbаеvаich аssistant

 Sаidоvа Muxаyyo Tulkinоvnа аssistant

 Dаdаеv Ғаni Tаshxоdjаеvich Assistant

  Kutliеv Rаsul Kаdаmbаеvich Assistant

 Pаrpiеv Zоxirjоn Tоxirоvich Assistant

 Sаttаrоv Muzаffаr Еshtеmirоvich Doctor of biological sciences

                        The scientific works of the department:

At period of the report on the part of professorial-teaching composition was ведено state гранты on 6 directions:


1. ITD -9-46. "Creation высокоэффективных and ресурсосберегающих technology and facilities on conversions of the agricultural product"

is Determined physico-mechanical characteristic овощей and fruit. The Certain feature of the mobile transport facilities. The Studied ways of the conversion, periods of the collection and types of keeping сельхозпродукции. It Is Studied biological and physiological change овощей and fruit during keeping. The Analysed ways of the primary conversion овощей and fruit.

The Project manager: ZH.E.SAFAROV


2. A9-FK-1-15580 KA9-011. "Development to technologies of the drying club топинамбура by means of IK-radiations and receptions powder"

Will is conducted experimental test work on reception инулинового material from qualitative высушенного топинамбура in new измельчительной to installation. The Got results was compared to available technology on reception of powder.Choose the optimum mode a parameter installing the new mill under сравнении with parameter of the other installation. S the miscellaneous an сепарацивные methods under разделении powder.

The Project manager: ZH.E.SAFAROV


 3. ITD-9-30. "Reception to new qualitative product by means of drying" Reception пастообразных mixtures for drying.

Drying пастообразных mixtures by means of vacuum and without vacuum, as well as drying at presence of the vibrations in laboratory installation.

Making the dry unit, working at base of the new scheme - where source to energy for IK-generations is fluid теплоноситель (the butter, paraffin and etc), allowing shorten the consuption high-priced electric power.

The Study долек, their surrface корочек and their дифференциация is a functioning(working) the second stage.

Clear and cutting топинамбура, potatoeses and carrot. Drying долек топинамбура, potatoeses and carrot.

The Third stage given work is "Granting optimum recommendation and choice инновационных идей, as well as reception corresponding to normative and other document for final product".

Experimental and basic researches on optimum decisions for drying by new way and choice final recommendation.

The Study new quality and preparation normative document for got different type to product.

The Project manager: ZH.E.SAFAROV

4. ITD-4-20. "Use small energy гидропотенциалов at conversion сельхозпродуктов"

Adapt the parameters of the installation гидровакуумного pump on installed places intended for use at переботки of the agricultural products. Work are Conducted on new type of the designs of the installation гидровакуумного pump intended for small гидропотенциалов and is determined optimum power. It Is Made installation гидровакуумного of the pump adapted to laboratory condition and is determined his(its) operating duty.

The Project manager: ZH.E.SAFAROV


5. ИTД 3-051. "Noncontact дымомер"

For present-day day all over the world under замере дымности diesel engines exists the problem of the soiling the optical system дымомера smut. The Known that there is smut in composition выхлопных gas of the diesel engines, but at measurement дымности determined an amount of the test of the gas gets through instrument. At part of smut, settling on surfaces optical element instrument, reduces their transparency, as a result through a certain amount of the measurements instrument comes out of building. The Noncontact instruments for замера дымности do not exist. In project is designed new micro measuring instrument, which allows to measure дымность transport facilities by

The Project manager: prof. Mahkamov К.X.


6. Ф-3-27 -“-“ The Development scientific основ increasing to wear capability зубчатых issues unit mobile machines and industrial equipment"

Reception of the analytical dependencies for calculation of wear capability зубчатых issues unit mobile machines and industrial equipment, working in abrasive ambience.

The Project manager: prof. Irgashev A.

Modernized pat harvester in field test

(author Аbdаzimоv Аnvаr Dоniyarоvich , Doctor of technical sciences, professor.).

New designs pat harvest removal and drum (author Аbdаzimоv Аnvаr Dоniyarоvich , Doctor of technical sciences, professor.).

Scholastic-methodical work department

On pulpit professorial - a teaching composition is released textbook, scholastic allowance, lectures, laboratory and practical work, methodical instruction, scholastic allowance for performing course project and Exhaust квалификационной work. As well as выпушено for undertaking intermediate and total checking questions and tests.

In process of the training is used COMPUTER, new information and pedagogical technology. 


On base of the requirement perfection State standard of the education on pulpit are prepared exemplary scholastic program and variants test checking on the main taught by subject.

Address of the department: Tashkent, Almazar region, str. University 2.

Phone: tel: (8371)227-12-58; cellural (93)5234530

Electronic address: e-mail:


1. Maxkamov Q.X. Transport vositalarining ekologik xavfsizligini nazorat qilish. 2013.

2. Mahkamov К.H., Aliboev B.A. Will Knocked-гидрообразивные изнашивание. 2012.

3. Irgashev A., Irgashev  B.A. Wear capability зубчатых issues. 2013.

4 . Shaabidov Sh.A., Irgashev A., Mirzaev K.K. Increasing working characteristic surrface layers of the details of the machines 2012.


The Professor of the pulpit K.H.Mahkamov, A.Irgashev and Sh.A.Shaobidov was prepared textbook on subject "Konctrukciya tractor", "Bases reliability machines", "Methods recovering the detail tractor and farm machinery"

Scholastic allowances:

1. M.E.Sattorov, Sh.A.Sultanova, J.E.Safarov  was prepared methodical allowance for undertaking the laboratory work on subject "Mикробиология".

  2. M.E.Sattorov, Sh.A.Sultanova, J.E.Safarov was prepared methodical allowance for undertaking the practical work on subject “Mикробиология”.

3. A.Irgashev, G.SH.Juraeva was выпушено for undertaking the practical work on subject "Designing service enterprise tractor and farm machinery"

4. A.Irgashev, G.SH.Juraeva was prepared methodical allowance for course work on subject "Technological bases of the technical service"

5. Methodical allowance for performing scholastic practical persons for student 2-course

6. С.T.Yunushodzhaev, S.T.Yunushodzhaev was prepared methodical allowance on subject "Technological equipment service enterprise"

7. К.H.Mahkamov, M.I.Mamasolieva was prepared methodical allowance on subject "Ergonomika and design".

Synopsis lecture:

On the part of professorial - a teaching composition is prepared electronic synopsis lecture and распечатано in paper on subject "Bases to reliability of the machines". Elektronyy version was crazy in "Ziyonet".

Short information about scholastic and laboratory cabinet:

In pulpit there are 7 scholastic-laboratory rooms. Instruments is equiped with In this scholastic-laboratory room for laboratory work as well as there are мультимединый instruments. 








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