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                                    Head of the department:

                    Ziyamukhamedova Umida Alijonovna 13-november  1973 year

                                      Telephone: + 998 91 191 56 65

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History of chair:

Chair "Materials technology" is based on base of chairs «Technologies of metals and» in 1907 on it it it is possible to name materials technology one of the oldest chairs of university. It has been created in 1920 on the basis of technical faculty of Turkestani public university. With 1922 for 1967 which the honoured worker of a science and technics professor E.E.Mihajlovich supervised.

In 1928 on the basis of chair have been created laboratory on 

research of metals and an educational workshop.

In 1933 the Central Asian industrial institute has been created, and the chair remained at this institute. By this time the chair has been provided by highly skilled teachers to spend scientifically-study. Teachers of chair have brought the contribution to preparation of highly skilled experts in this area and in the field of researches: quality assurance of preparations, металлографических and mechanical laboratory analyses, definition of the reasons of defects of preparations for development of the industry of the Central Asian region, especially in days of the Great Patriotic War.

After the Great Patriotic War the chair «Technology of metals» was uniform chair where the postgraduate study functioned. These years under the direction of professor M.M.Mihajlova following candidates of science were protected: N.R.bottom, A.D.Mashkov, Я.З. успенский, N.P.Frolov, G.I.Yakunin, A.A.Yakunin, A.A.Muhamedov, O.H.Alaferdov, O.U.Alimov, etc.

The chair «Technology of metals» was base chair on which base chairs «Technology of welding manufacture» and "Materials technology" in due time have been organised.

The chair «Technology of metals» was headed 1967-1986 by the honoured worker of a science and technics of prof. V.A.Mirbabaev; per 1986-1991 доц. S.K.Kosimhodzhaev; per 1991-1995 senior lecturer E.O.Umarov; in 1995-1997 and 2002-2007 senior lecturer S.A.Karimov.

In 1997 to chair «Technology of metals» the chair «Technology of processing of metals pressure and the equipment» has been attached. After joining of these chairs, chair the Technology of metals and processing by pressure »have appropriated the name«. Managing the chair had been appointed professor A.S.Abdullaev.








With creation of chair "Materials technology" by managers of chair there were many scientific republics, such as professor A.A.Muhamedov, senior lecturer F.R.Norhudzhaev (2003-2009), доц. F.Turaev (2009-2010), доц. S.A.Karimov (2010-2015). In a current of 10 years at chair under председательствованием prof. A.A.Muhamedova operated specialised scientific council on protection of master's theses. In the given council at кафеде were подготовилены more than 10 candidates техничеких sciences.

Since 2015 till the this day, managing chair "Materials technology" is one of young doctors of sciences of U.A.Zijamuhamedova. With the beginning of its management on chair scientific activity and work of the scientific directions which result is protection of theses for a doctor's degree of senior lecturers S.D.Nurmurodova and F.R.Norhudzhaeva in 2016 has quickened. 

Since 2016 to chair 3 Dr.Sci.Tech., the professor, 4 Cand.Tech.Sci., senior lecturers, 4 senior teachers, 4 assistants, 6 senior scientific researchers are engaged in scientific and pedagogical activity.

Now, chair "Materials technology" prepares bachelors in a direction 5320100 «Materialovednei and technology of new metals» and магистрантов on a speciality 5A320101 - «Materials technology and technology of metals (mechanical engineering)». It is the leader of one of leading chairs of Republic and participates in разразработке standards on a speciality, curricula, typical programs, and also necessary номативных documents.

Over 5000 graduates-bachelors of chair and 50 masters bring the contribution to development of economy of our republic for today, working in the largest enterprises, such as the Uzbek metallurgical industrial complex, Navainsky mountain-metallurgical, Almalyksky mountain-metallurgical industrial complexes, the Tashkent tractor factory, the Tashkent modular factory, автомобилестроительный factory Asaka, motor factory "GM-UZBEKISTAN", Navainsky машинастроительный factory, Mubareksky gas-processing factory, the Shurtansky gazo-chemical complex and others.

The Faculty actively учувствует in research activity of chair. The chair for 25 years of the activity has executed more than 30 economic contracts and more than 20 state grants for the sum from above 500 are lovely. сум. Among them work under the direction of prof. A.A.Muhamedova and its pupils, the prof. R.H.Sajdahmedova and its pupils, доц. S.D.Nurmurodova, доц. S.A.Karimova, etc.

In performance of research works of economic contracts and the state grants actively учавствуют bachelors, masters and the senior research assistants of chair. Results of the workings out chair учавствует in Republican innovative fair.

In a current of 25 years by teachers of chair it has been published more than 2000 scientific articles. These articles are published in the USA, South Korea, Bulgaria, Russia, Azerbaijan and republican magazines. Besides professors-teachers of chair учавствовали in more than 100 republican and international conferences, also have published the articles.

Professors-teachers and the senior research assistants publish 15 monographies. Among them the monography доц. S.A.Karimova «Drawing of wearproof powder coverings by a method of electrocontact sintering», доц. F.R.Norhudzhaeva, SH.M.Shakirov «Ishlab chiqarishda issiq holda presslash usuli bilan yeyilishga chidamli qoplamalar qoplash texnologiyasi», доц. S.D.Nurmurodova «Theoretical and technological aspects of creation of constructional materials on a basis мелкодисперсных powders of refractory metals», 

«Teplofizichesky bases of structurization in cast bimetallic composites», д.т.н. U.A.Zijamuhamedovoj «Anticorrosive and гидроабразивноизносостойкие heterocomposit materials on the basis of polymers and local миниралов», доц. K.K.Kadyrbekovoj «Nanostrukturnye of a covering and modern methods of processing of materials» and others.

The chair Faculty actively учавствовали by workings out new иобретений. During activity it has been received more than 50 патентнов on inventions.

Chair "Materials technology" in this time had the big successes in the field of creation of scientific methodical works and has let out till today more than 200 textbooks and uchebno-mutodicheskih grants. Textbooks have been published: the prof. Mirbabaev V. A “Technology of constructional materials” and "Materials technology", prof. Umarov E.O. of "Materialshunoslik", “Uchish детелларини ишлаб чиыариш технологияси”, доц. Karimov S.A., Shakirov S.M. “Nometall материаллар технологияси”, доц. Norhudzhaev F.R. of "Materialshunoslik", доц. Nurmurodov S.D. “Materialshunoslik ва конструкцион материаллар технологияси”.

The chair co-operates with scientific research institutes at academy of Sciences Ruz, institute MISIS of the Russian Federation, institute of technology Kumo of southern Korea, Industrial-teacher training college Crimea in Russia, Technical institute Stanbula in Turkey. For today, the chair conducts the activity in cooperation with Republic leading enterprises: Bekabadsky metallurgical industrial complex, Navoinsky mountain-metallurgical industrial complex, Almalyksky mountain-metallurgical industrial complex UDP «Muborak Neftgaz», joint-stock company the Tashkent Modular Factory, ON "Technologist" and others.


Total number of students   327



Master degree: 


The direction of the Department of Education bachelor  

5320100 Material science and technology of new materials

Occupation graduate of the Department 

5A320101Material science and technology of materials (machine building)

Professor of the department teaching 




Umarov Erkin Odilovich Cand.Tech.Sci., the professor of chair




Karimov Shoirdjan Axralovich Cand.Tech.Sci., the senior lecturer




Norxudjayev Fayzulla Ramazanovich Dr.Sci.Tech., the senior lecturer



Nurmurodov Salohiddin Do‘stmurodovich Dr.Sci.Tech., the senior lecturer




Muhamedov Azad Anvarovich Cand.Tech.Sci., the senior lecturer



Shakirov Shuxrat Musayevich The senior teacher



Pardayeva Gulchehra Turdiyevna The senior teacher




Alimbabayeva Zulxumor Latipovna The senior teacher




Djalalova Sevara To‘xtamurodovna The senior teacher



Qodirbekova Qutpinisa Karimovna Cand.Tech.Sci., the senior lecturer





Yakubov Lazizxon Ergashxonovich assistant



Abduraimov Sanjar Mirzasulton o‘g‘li assistant




Miradullayeva Gavhar Bekpo‘latovna assistant


The scientific work carried out by the Department of

  1. Ziyamukhamedova Umida Alijanovna.  ОТ-Ф2-41 «Probe of processes of structurization and functional properties of heterocomposite polymeric materials for machine industry on the basis of local raw and power resources»
  2. Norkhudjayev Fayzulla Ramazanovich.ОТ-А3-30- «Working out of a master schedule of creation  metal stratified ompositions for toolhouse manufacture»
  3. Bakhadirov Qudratkhon Gayratovich.ЁА-3-7 “Working out optimum and energo - techniques of deriving of sheet products from aluminium, copper and their alloys with ultradisperse (nano) pellets at asymmetric a proskating rink”

Scientific and methodological work conducted by the department:

Problems acquisition of educational methodical base of new subjects on a speciality on the basis of the new world standard. To update educational methodical bases on the basis of transfer of the foreign literature and creation of the literature of new generation.

Address of the department: 

Tashkent city, University Street, Building 2, Faculty of Technologies of machine building, floor 3, 314-room.

Telephones: (8371) 227 15 18

E-mail: None


Нурмуродов С.Д. Расулов А.Х. Рўзиев А. “Экстремал шароитларда ишлатиладиган қаттиқ қотишма металл композитлар ва уларни термик ишлаш “.


Норхуджаев Ф.Р. “Термик ва кимёвий ишлов бериш  назарияси ва технологияси”.

Methodological Guide:

  1. Шакиров Ш.М., Абдураимов С.М. “Кукун композицион материаллар олиш технологияси” усулубий кўрсатма (лаборатория). Uslubiy qo’llanma. Toshkent davlat texnika universiteti, 2016 y.
  2. Кадирбекова К.К. “Материаловедение и ТКМ”  усулубий кўрсатма (амалий). Uslubiy qo’llanma. Toshkent davlat texnika universiteti, 2016 y.
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  4. Сайдахмедов Р.Х. Кадирбекова К.К., Шерьеметев В. “Коррозия и коррозионностойкие покрития” усулубий кўрсатма (амалий). Uslubiy qo’llanma. Toshkent davlat texnika universiteti, 2016 y.
  5. Зиямухамедова У.А. Алимбабаева З.Л. Мирадуллаева Г.Б. “Материалшунослик ва КМТ”  услубий кўрсатма (лаборатория). Uslubiy qo’llanma. Toshkent davlat texnika universiteti, 2016 y.
  6. Сайдахмедов Р.Х. Кадирбекова К.К. “Коррозия ва коррозиябардош қопламалар” услубий кўрсатма (лаборатория). Uslubiy qo’llanma. Toshkent davlat texnika universiteti, 2016 y.
  7. Норхуджаев Ф.Р. Тилобов Б. Джалалова С.Т. “Термик ишлов бериш технологиялари” услубий кўрсатма (лаборатория). Uslubiy qo’llanma. Toshkent davlat texnika universiteti, 2016 y.

Кадирбекова К.К. Сайдахмедов Р.Х. “Материаловедение и ТКМ”  усулубий кўрсатма (амалий). Авиаматериаловедение и ТКМ.

Lecture notes: Uzbek and Russian languages 

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Educational and laboratory audience, Faculty of Technologies of machine building, floor 1, 19-20-21-rooms, floor 3, 309-311-rooms.









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