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Head of the department: Ph.D. Agzamova Inobat Abduvakhidovna,,  30.09.1963 

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History of the department

     The department "Hydrogeology and geophysics" until 2005 was represented by two departments: "Hydrogeology and engineering geology" and "Geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits"

    In September 2014, the 90th anniversary of the formation of the department "Hydrogeology and engineering geology" of TSTU was celebrated. In September 1924, on the initiative of Professor O.K. Lange organized the Department of Dynamic Geology in the Department of Geology of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the CentralAsianStateUniversity. Since 1926 the department has started to be called "Hydrogeology and Dynamic Geology", and since 1930 it has become "Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology". In 1931, the department was transferred to the Central Asian Geological Prospecting Institute, later it was part of the Central Asian Industrial Institute. The chair was headed by leading scientists in the field of hydrogeology and engineering geology: Professor OK Lange, Assoc. M.A. Schmidt, prof. VL Dmitriev, Acad. G.A.Mavlyanov, Acad. A.N. Sultanhodjaev, associate professors M.Z. Nazarov, BA Akhmedov, NM Kayumova, professors K.P. Pulatov, Ya.S. Sadykov and A.D. Kayumov.

     In total, more than 5000 mining engineers of hydrogeologists are graduated from the department. To date, graduates of the department are protected more than 30 doctoral dissertations and more than 100 candidate dissertations. The pride of the department are the full members of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, GAMavlyanov and A.N. Sultanhodjaev, a member of the Academy of Sciences of the RK, Hero of Social Labor A.Ahmedsafin, member of the Academy of Sciences of the RT PA Pankratov, member of corr. Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan NA Kenaesarin, who 50-70th years of the last century carried out large works on the development of hydrogeological science and the development of engineering geological science in Central Asia.

      Among the graduates of the department, some showed organizational skills and held high leadership positions in the republic, such as Acad. GAMavlyanov, member of corr. NA Kenezarin, Kh.T. Tulaganov, V.G. Gafurov, N.N. Khodjibaev, MI Ismailov, IM Mirkhodzhiev, VAGeynets, AI Islamov, SM Kasimov and others.

      In the preparation of highly qualified specialists for the republic, the professor-teaching staff of the department made a great contribution: academician GAMavlyanov, professors VL Dmitriev, MZ Nazarov, E.V. Kadirov, K.P.Pulatov, M.Sh. . Shermatov, A.M. Khudaybergenov, Ya.S. Sadikov, Y. Irgashev, A.D. Kayumov; Associate professors: MA Shmidt, TI Arkhangelsky, DNKruglov, BAAkhmedov, RMMirzakhodzhaev, KVKernosova, M.U.Mirsaidova, N.M. Kayumova, A. A.A. Adilov, R.E.Eshbaev, O.Kasimov, A.Tukhtaev, I.Agzamova and others; Senior teachers T.V.Trifonova, OMGalkin, M.Turdybekov, R.B. Nabiev, D.K.Begimkulov, N.R. Normatov and others.

      The Department of Geophysical Methods of Prospecting and Exploration of Mineral Deposits was organized by the Government in 1944 as part of the Central Asian Industrial Institute. In the beginning was in charge of the chair of Assoc. PA Shekhtman, who contributed greatly to the formation of the department.

    The chair in different years was in charge: Assoc. AGKarelin (1946-1958), Assoc. BMUrazaev (1958-1960, later Prof. and Head of the Department of Geophysics, KazPI), Assoc. VVKuznetsov (1960-1963), Assoc. NF Shevchenko (1963-1973), Assoc. S. Kh. Khamidov (1973-1976), Assoc. EI Surgutanov (1976-1991), Assoc. AA Yuldashev (1991-1994), prof. F.H.Zunnunov (1994-1995), Doctor of medical sciences. Kh.I. Yusuphojaev (1995-2000), Assoc. T.K. Khojayev (2000-2002), Acad. KN Abdullabekov (2002 - 2007).

    Since the organization of the department, more than 2,000 mining engineers-geophysicists have been trained who have fruitfully worked or continue to work in research institutes and production organizations and various firms, both within the country and in the countries of the Far and Near Abroad.

    Pupils of the department discovered large deposits of non-ferrous and rare metals, oil - gas, groundwater, ores of radioactive elements, etc.

   Graduate of the department (1952) Yu.N.Mordvintsev awarded the Lenin Prize for the discovery of the Muruntau gold deposit.

    Graduate of the department in 1956 GI Avanesyants was awarded the title of laureate of the State Prize. Beruni for the discovery of deposits of valuable elements within the areas of uranium-bearing deposits.

    The graduate of the department (1953) EF Uvarov was awarded the state award and the title of Honored Geologist of Uzbekistan for discovering the deposits of radioactive elements in Central (Central) Asia.

    Many graduates occupied, and some continue to occupy responsible leadership positions (GI Avanesyants, BA Bondarenko, Sh. A. Dolatkazin, VA Klichnikov, GV Koshlakov, N. Ya. Kunin, B RYumanov, VN Balashev, AN Balashev, EF Uvarov, VI Ulomov, NG Degtyarev, LV Kvasova, BM Urazaev, A.G. Khvalovsky, AA Akramov, Kh.Kh. Inogamov, Yu.M. Kuznetsov, KS Kumarov, B.A. Kharikov, A.V. Kirschin, K.N.Abdullabekov, L.A.Sim, G.A.Mozhina, N.K.Roz and others).

    Many graduates of the department defended their candidate dissertations, separate doctoral dissertations (VZ Fursov, BMUrazaev, N.Ya. Kunin, F.Kh.Zunnunov, V.I. Ulomov, L.I. Kogan, A.B. V.Kirshin, K.N.Abdullabekov, S.H.Maksudov, H.I. Yusuphodjaev, OPMordvintsev, O.P.Mordvintsev, R.A.Umurzakov et al.

    Currently a professor - teaching staff of the department "Hydrogeology and Geophysics" continuing a long tradition of actively participating scientific and educational life of the republic. The main scientific direction of the department: the study and identification of patterns of formation and distribution of groundwater study of hydro-geological conditions for water supply of cities and towns, geotechnical studies to study civil engineering construction and urban development (including civil engineering), to study the features of composition, properties and state loess rocks as the basis for engineering structures, evaluation and prediction of changes geoenvironmental medium To develop measures the management, development and improvement of geophysical methods for prospecting and exploration of mineral resources.

    By order of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan №568 from 17.01.2007 from the academic year 2008-2009goda resumed recruitment of students for the direction of "Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology" in the amount of 25 people. And with the years 2012-2013 in the amount of 40 people.

Faculty departments and communication with enterprises:

• Institute "GIDROINGEO"

• Institute "Seismology" of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.

• GP SPC "Geology and Mineral Resources"

• SCA for hazardous geological processes

• "UZGASHKLITI" State Unitary Enterprise

• Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan

• NPC NMMC "Geology of Uranium and Drogenic Metals"



1-Head of the department, 1 professor, 3-docent, 4-senior teacher, 2-assistant, 7- training and support staff, the scientific potential of the department is 50%, the average age of the teachers is 49.

Contingent of students

     For 2014-2015 academic year the contingent of students in four courses in the department is: in the directions: 5311800 - "Hydrogeology and engineering geology" 152 students study and 5311700 - "Geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits" "47 students. In the magistracy, 7 master students study in two specialties.

Bachelor's direction:  

5311800 - Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology  

5311700 - Search, exploration and geology of a mineral deposit 

Specialties Magistracy:  

5A311801 - Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology

5A311703 - Methods for the search and mapping of mineral deposits (geophysical methods)

Professorial-Teaching Composition of the department




Kayumov A.D. - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor






Adilov AA Kand.geol-min. Sci., Associate Professor






Yusupov R.Yu.Kand.geol-min. Sci., Associate Professor






Khaydarov B.Kh. Candidate of Philosophy, Mathematics, Art. The teacher






Begimkulov D.K.st. The teacher





Normatova N.R. Art. The teacher







Gulyamov G.D. Senior teacher





Assistant to A.Yulayev 




Scientific works of the department

At the department of scientific research are conducted in 3 directions.

1st direction

Theme: "Engineering-geological properties of loess rocks" Development of normative indicators of engineering-geological properties of lees soils and their use in the improvement of regulatory documents used in construction. One monograph and six scientific articles were published in this direction (supervisor: associate professor, candidate of technical sciences AA Adilov).

2nd direction

Independent work of students is a necessary part of training worthy personnel. In this direction, 1 manual was printed and 15 scientific publications were prepared and published (scientific adviser: senior lecturer A. Antonets).

3rd direction

"Development of a new highly effective complex of geophysical and geochemical methods of searching for hidden deposits" More than 10 scientific articles have been published in this area (supervisor of studies, associate professor, Ph.D., R.Yu.Yusupov).

Practical project

4. Project ITD-14-09. Assessment of the water-salt regime of soils on the bases of transport facilities and the development of their sustainable design. For this project, 3 training manuals, 2 methodological manuals, 3 monographs and more than 20 scientific articles were published, as well as 2 qualification papers, 1 master's thesis. One patent certificate has been received and applications for the 2nd patent have been prepared (supervisor of studies Dr.Sci.D., Prof. ADKayumov. 

Technical means used in the performance of research and development



Scientific and methodical works of the department

On the subject of "Engineering geodynamics" professor-teachers of the department published: a textbook, a training manual, a course of lectures, a teaching aid on experimental and practical works, a manual for computational and graphic works, a guide for the execution of a course project and a qualified qualification work, questionnaires and Test tasks for carrying out of the current control, intermediate control and final control.

New informational and pedagogical technologies are introduced into educational processes. Are used by professor-lecturers of ICT, methods of brainstorming, cluster, reflection, group work, etc. are used.

Improving and completing the material and technical base and introducing scientific achievements into teaching, practical and lecture classes are actual problems of the department. Gifted students of the department take part in research works, they act as reports in scientific and practical conferences, scientific results are published by republican magazines.

In recent years, professor-teachers of the department published several monographs, textbooks and teaching aids, methodological guidelines for the implementation of practical and experienced classes and more than 50 scientific articles. Many developments, textbooks, scientific and methodical manuals and manuals are included on the website of "Ziyonet" i.

Based on the requirements of the improved State Standard of Education, an indicative curriculum on the subject "Groundwater" was prepared and options for testing were compiled.


1. Kayumov AD, Agzamova I.A. "Road mounds from saline soils" -Tashkent, 2013

2. Agzamova IA, Kayumov A.D. "Construction on saline soils" Tashkent, 2013

3. Adilov A.A. "Types and engineering-geological properties of stone forest" Tashkent, 2014.


Published a textbook "Engineering geodynamics", sponsored by Associate Professor AA Adilov and Senior Teacher D.K.Begimkulov

Prepared by. Gm.IA Agzamova and assistant GD Gulyamov, a textbook on the "Dynamics of groundwater" and transmitted to the Department of Education for the receipt of a fingerboard

Study camp

1. Kayumov AD, Adilov AA Textbook on "Gruntovedenie" - Tashkent, 2011.

2. Agzamova IA, Kayumov AD Training manual on "Hydrogeology and engineering geology" - Tashkent, 2012.

3. Sadikov Ya.S., Agzamova I.A. Educational-methodical manual "Meliorative hydrogeology and engineering geology" - Tashkent, 2012.

4. Mirsaidova M.U., Agzamova I.A. Educational-methodical manual "General hydrogeology" -Tashkent, 2012

5. Kayumov A.D. Manual "Meliorative Engineering Geology" -Tashkent, 2013

Lecture notes:

Professors-teachers prepared electronic and paper versions of the courses on hydrogeology and engineering geology, which are also available on the site "Ziyonet".

On the teaching and laboratory classrooms:

At the department there are 2 educational laboratory rooms. The laboratory equipment is in working order. An application was submitted for the acquisition of new modern laboratory equipment. 

Department address:

G.Tashkent, Almazar district, ul.Universitetskiy house 2.





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