Head of the department:Doctor of Engineering Nasirov Utkir Fattidinovich, 1966.

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History of chair:

  • History of Mining chair

In 1920 at Turkestani state university under the leadership of professor M. M. Protodyakonov the Mining chair was formed. Since 1929 at the Central Asian industrial institute the Mining chair started working independently. In a type of that that the need of experts of this profile increased the "Development of Mineral Deposits" chair was formed and the first the academician of Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan A.S. Popov headed chair

In 1939 the Mining chair for the first time let out 25 engineers – miners.

In 1936 the chair started letting out specialists in two directions: development of sheeted fields and development of ore fields. On the first specialty the prof. A.S. Popov and on the second - N. V. Mishchenko was appointed the head. Under the leadership of A.S. Popov and N. V. Mishchenko in pre-war years associate professors N. N. Duakanov, L.Zh. Gertman, R. A. Berzak, the senior teachers – A.R. Boguslavsky, I.M. Azimov and professor N. L. Smirnov worked. Since first days of war N. V. Mishchenko, I.L. Sprigin, I.M. Azimov left on the front.

After war under the leadership of N. V. Mishchenko R. A. Berzak, I.S. Sprigin, U.A. Isamukhamedov, F.M. Aripova, N. F. Fayzullayev worked at chair. In 1950 on chair B. S. Slutskaya, O. V. Levinsky, I.I. Inogamov, D. S. Dzhaymagambetov, H.H. Shamirzayem, R. A. Todzhibayev, E.Sh. Hodzhayev were in addition accepted.

Since 1967 the chair was headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor U.A. Isamukhamedov and at the same time he held the vice rector's position in the Tashkent polytechnical institute.

In 1970 the "Development of Mineral Deposits" chair was divided into two specialties "Technology of Development and Complex Mechanization of Mineral Deposits in the Underground Way" and "Technology of Development and Complex Mechanization of Mineral Deposits in the Open Way".

Since 1974 "Technology of Development and Complex Mechanization of Mineral Deposits in the Underground Way" chair associate professor A.A. Abidov managed, and the second chair "Technology of Development and Complex Mechanization of Mineral Deposits in the Open Way" associate professor F.M. Aripova managed. The big contribution to business of formation of these two chairs was made by the dean of mining and metallurgical faculty professor V. R. Rakhimov and associate professor F.M. Aripova. The first Uzbek woman F.M. Mavlyanov's miner – Aripova until the end of life worked at this faculty and was the organizer of Physics of Rocks laboratory and was considered as pride of university.

The academician of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the full member of Mountain academy of Russia, the Doctor of Engineering, professor Rakhimov Vakhob Rakhimovich for many years directed the Mining direction and at the same time within 20 years worked at a position of the dean of faculty. In 1980-90 he headed educational and methodical council for Mining at the Ministry of the Higher education of the former Union in 1984 - 1990 it worked as the first vice rector of TSTU.

Now on Mining chair of 20 professors, teachers, doctoral candidates and 6 employees of educational support personnel continue the work.

On chair much attention is paid to improvement of educational process. When carrying out occupations modern information and communication and pedagogical technologies are used. In the course of education for definition of qualitative indications of educational process according to the approved plans open lectures are given, the main condition is continuous integration of science and education into production. The rating system an otsenivanyaiya is developed. In each educational semester of professor and teachers give open lectures. At open lectures there are young teachers and undergraduates for the purpose of acquisition of experience and skills of teaching.

On chair are carried out scientifically – research works on the subject "Current State of Development of Mineral Deposits and Their Processing in Uzbekistan". All faculty is involved over this subject. The main subject consists of three parts:

1. Innovative technologies of development of ores in deep pits;

2. Scheme of development of fields in the underground way and improvement of system of development;

3. Increase of efficiency of extraction of non-ferrous metals from ores with use of new local reagents.

Work on these subjects is carried out together with Navoinsky mining and metallurgical combine, Almalyksky mining and metallurgical combine, JSC Uzbekugol and other organizations of the republic.

To scientifically – research work students of chair of older years are attracted. Besides teachers carry out active educational work among students.

International relations of chair:

• National research institute of technology – the Moscow mining institute (Russia);

• National Mining University (Ukraine);

• Ural state Mining University (Russia);

• St. Petersburg state technical university (Russia);

• Turin polytechnical institute (Italy);

• Mining institute of D. A. Kunayev (Kazakhstan);

• Frauburgsky mountain academy (Germany);

• Moscow prospecting academy (Russia);

• Russian university of friendship of the people (Russia);

• Kargizsky state technical university (Kyrgyzstan);

• Institute of mining and mountain technologies (Kyrgyzstan);

• Tashkent road institute;

• Tashkent institute of railway engineers;

• Tashkent chemical institute of technology;

• Navoiysky state mining institute;

Karshinsky engineering and economic institute

Contingent: Professors and teachers of 14,5 units 

Total of students  Now on Mining chair 423 students – bachelors and 22 masters are trained

Direction of a bachelor degree:  5311600 – Mining (by types of training

Direction of a magistracy:

5A311601 – Development of mineral deposits (an underground way) 

5A311601 – Development of mineral deposits (an open way)  

5A311603 – Mineral processing (on ores)

Professors and teachers of chair:


Nasirov Utkir Fattidinovich doctor of Engineering, department chair   






Umarov Farkhodbek Yarkulovich doctor of Engineering, dean of faculty "Geology and mining"  






Petrosov Yury Eduardovich Candidate of  Technical Sciences, associate Professor  





Umarova Inoyat of Karimovn Candidate of Chemistry, associate professor 





Dzhabbarov Murod Norkobilovich  Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate  professor 





Kalandarov Kobil Suyarovich Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor   






 Salizhanova Gulnara Kakharovna senior teacher  






 Mishareva Malika Erkenovna senior teacher






 Kadyrov Vokhid Rakhimovich senior teacher






 Bekpulatov Zhavlon Mustafokulovich  assistant





Nosirov Nurzod Ixtiyorovich   assistant







Umirzoqov Azamat Abdurashidovich   assistant 






 Ochilov Shukhratilla Atoyevich  senior research associate


Scientific work of chair:

On chair in the following three directions it is carried out scientifically – research works. 1-Innovative technologies to production of ore from deep pits:

In this direction under the direction of the Dr.Sci.Tech. prof. Nasirova U.F., associate professor Umarova F.Ya., art. of  Kadyrov V.R   с.н.с. – and. Achilov Sh. and carry out research works within doctor's theses. For the last three years to subject the patent is taken out and is published more than 10 scientific by article in foreign magazines. 2015 protection of the doctoral dissertation of Umarov F.Ya. is expected.

2- "Increase of efficiency of extraction of non-ferrous metals from ores with use of new local reagents".



On chair in this direction the research supervisor is associate professor Umarova I.K. they together with associate professor Akhmedov A. the head of scientific laboratory "Enrichments of Precious and Rare Metals" at the State unitary enterprise "Research institute of mineral resources" conduct scientific work. In this direction in three years more than 20 articles in the international and republican scientific magazines were issued.

Scientifically – methodical work of chair:

In all directions of chair professors and teachers published in specialty subjects textbooks, manuals, abstracts of lectures, methodical instructions for performance of laboratory and practical works, methodical grants for performance of academic year projects and works, methodical grants for performance of final qualification works and master theses. For a foresight of the current control, intermediate control and total control collections of questions and tests were published. 

During teaching new information and pedagogical technologies are used. Professors and teachers use new pedagogical methods of teaching for example: "intellectual attack" and "cluster", etc.

Topical issue of chair is improvement of technical base for received practical knowledge for further use in lectures, practical and laboratory works ter", etc.

Otdarenny students penetrate into research works, they participate with the reports in student's scientific conferences, the received scientific results are published in Republican scientific magazines.




On chair standard and working training programs on the basis of State standard are developed and prepared.


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Abstracts of lectures:    

On chair in all directions and specialties in subjects there are electronic versions of abstracts of lectures and their unpacked options. Electronic options are available on the site "Ziyonet"

Short data on equipment of educational and laboratory audiences: On chair there are 3 educational and laboratory audiences. The laboratory equipment is in working order. The new educational equipment was ordered. 

Address of chair: G. Tashkent Olmazarsky area, Street Universitet 2




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