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   Technical University is a multifunctional state higher educational institution. On September 26, 1929, the Central Asian Polytechnic Institute of cotton-growing and irrigation was established on the basis of the technical faculty of the Turkestan State University. In 1933 it was transformed into the Central Asian Industrial Institute, and in 1949 into the Central Asian Polytechnic Institute, in 1961, to the Tashkent State Polytechnic Institute. May 6, 1991 was transformed into the Tashkent State Technical University on the Resolution of the President and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic No. -130 of May 13, 1991. This status is given to the university, based on its role and capabilities in training and the development of a multifunctional research area. TSTU continues to occupy a leading position in the rating of technical universities in the Republic.

TSTU today:








  Interfaculty general educational departments  









   The multistage structure of education: the educational process includes bachelor's, master's, post-graduate education, wide-vocational training and professional development programs.




Large lecture rooms are provided with a material and technical base. More than 11 thousand students today train 735 professors and teachers, as well as academicians of the Academy of Sciences, 74 doctors of science and 314 candidates of science.


The university has in total 10 student hostels. In 2005, the Government of the Republic has overhauled 8 student hostels. Student hostels are designed for 1,900 places.

They created all the conditions for living youth.



The university prepares:

❖  Bachelors: the number of educational areas - 47, the number of students - 9786.

❖  Masters: the number of specialties - 58, the number of students - 528

Types of education:

❖  Daytime

❖  Bachelor's degree (4 years)

❖  Master's Degree (2 years)

❖  Doctor's degree (3 years)

 Contingent of students:

❖ Total number: 10314 (including the girls 1123 (10%)).

❖ In the baccalaureate: 9786 (95%).

❖  In the magistracy: 528 (5%). (Including under the state grant in the baccalaureate 3868 (33%), in the magistracy 269 (2.2%)).

 Contingent of students in the context of the languages of instruction:

❖ With the Uzbek language of instruction 8506 62% ().

❖ With the Russian language of instruction 3294 (28%) 62%

❖  Number of students from other regions: 8286 (73.6%)

❖  Number of foreign students: 6

  In the last academic year, the number of graduates of bachelors was 2670, 404 masters, including 854 (7.5%) under the state grant of bachelors, 158 (1.2%) masters. In the 2016/2017 academic year, 2304 bachelor's degrees, 231 master's degrees (including the state grant of bachelors 1025 (40.8%), masters 135 (45.6%)) were accepted.

Teaching staff:

In general: 1050 (including women 438 (42%))

Number of teachers with a scientific degree: 513 (47%).


Bachelor's program

The basic level of higher education. This is a full-fledged higher education by international standards. The normative period of study is 4 years. To date, the preparation of bachelors is conducted in 47 directions.

Opportunities have been created for scientific research in scientific and teaching and design laboratories, as well as in groups.

Master's Courses

The master's degree is a fundamental and practical knowledge of a bachelor's degree, lasting at least two years on the basis of a bachelor's degree in higher education.


Scientific-research work of TSTU


  The university defends doctoral and candidate dissertations in 12 specialties in five Specialized Councils. Tashkent State Technical University is not only the leading higher educational institution, which trains personnel in technical and economic areas for the economy of our state, but is also considered a major research center in integrating education, science and production. The conducted research works at the Tashkent State Technical University are jointly implemented on the basis of economic contracts with such production associations as Uzbekneftegaz, Shurtangaz, UzKimyoSanoat, Uzbekkumir, Uzbekenergo, ", Uzbek Combine of refractory and heat-resistant materials, LLC Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine, OOO Navoisky Mining and Metallurgical Combine, APO Uzmetkombinat, MC Muborakneftgaz.

At the same time, 6 scientific journals are published in TSTU. It:

❖  Scientific and technical journal «Вестник ТГТУ»;

❖  Scientific-methodological and scientific-methodical journal «Социально-гуманитарные науки в системе образования»;

❖ Scientific production magazine: «Проблемы экономии энергии и ресурсов»;

❖  Scientific and technical journal: «Химическая технология, контроль и управление»;

❖  «Композиционные материалы»;

❖  Journal: «Звезды техники»;


  These journals are published 4 times, and "Chemical Technology, Control and Management" is published 6 times a year.

To date, higher education is not only an intellectual and spiritual enlightenment indicator of a person and society, but also a socio-economic indicator of any state.

The university has developed a comprehensive plan for 2008-2015 to expand the field of scientific research, improve the activities of scientific and scientific and pedagogical staff, and systematically attract students to ongoing research work.



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