Our mission

The main tasks of TSTU:

❖ Satisfaction of needs in intellectual, cultural, spiritual and moral growth of a person in the sphere of higher education and acquisition of knowledge after higher education;

❖Preparation, retraining and professional development of cadres and teachers with higher education for the relevant areas of the economy;

❖ Preparing senior research associates of applicants and independent applicants after receiving higher education;

❖ Preservation and enrichment of the moral, cultural and scientific values of society;

❖ Dissemination of knowledge among the population, increase of its spiritual, educational and cultural level;

❖ Development of science through the creative activity of the scientific and pedagogical staff and students, the use of these results in the education process;

❖ Formation of a fully developed and loyal personality, support of youth in the formation of patriots of their Independent Country, who feel responsible to the people, society and family, respecting the national and universal value, developing and strengthening people's traditions, honestly and conscientiously working for the future of our Motherland;

❖Introduction of scientific and technical developments in production; Participation in the design of industrial facilities; Development of technical-economic and normative-technical documents; Drawing up of design estimates; Give an opinion on the industrial safety system of production;

❖Creation of research, scientific and experimental production enterprises and specialized modern research laboratories based on the results of implemented innovative projects;

❖ Carry out research and experimental design work and involve students in these processes;

❖ Creation of textbooks, textbooks on relevant educational areas and their introduction into the educational process;

❖ Conducting research activities on important areas of the national economy that have priority; The introduction of their results into practice;

❖ Creation of scientific schools of fundamental and global importance recognized abroad, and also to promote scientific achievements of these schools among university students as achievements of Independent Uzbekistan;

❖ Creation of a technopark on the territory of the campus for the creation of small manufacturing enterprises in order to ensure the employment of students and improve their material maintenance;

❖ To organize, on the basis of relevant agreements, courses on upgrading qualifications for employees of higher, middle and lower levels in different branches of the national economy, as well as for the faculty of similar institutions of higher education in other regions of the Republic;

❖ Invite leading specialists from CIS countries, foreign countries, also from foreign companies related to production, and organize lecture courses for university students.

❖Organize and organize the activities of public catering, canteens and buffets in the buildings of the university and in facilities related to it.

Contact us

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E-mail: tstu_info@tdtu.uz