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professor Mahkamova Mamlakat Abduqodirovna, Doctor of Economics

THE CENTRE OF SOCIAL HUMANITARIAN SUB-FACULTY  of Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov.

The centre of social humanitarian sub-faculty of foreign languages was founded in 15.08.2017  №87-02-26565 with the order of the Ministry of Special Secondary Education and by the order of the rector of Tashkent State Technical University in 31.08.2017 №01/9-05-628. This law was founded in order to establish and develop the society of promoters consisting of scientists, professor teachers, specialists who are in sub-faculty of university also to develop significance of spiritual and moral education, to provide teaching quality and efficiency of social sub-faculty with purpose of upbringing generation who are able to find a new way of thinking, to adapt process of education and process of upbringing in the university, as well as to deliver decisions and orders of the Cabinet of the ministers of the Republic of  Uzbekistan in a right way, to lead permanent researches about the meaning and importance of state programs and  social and economical reforms which are leading at Tashkent State Technical University named after IslamKarimov. This centre has aim to nurture generation who should be perfect in every way, to maintain being able to think independently, to maintain being able to take responsibility for the future of the country, to mobilize all potential for the public, to maintain initiates and to establish all measures in terms of to increase young generation’s potential, to teach deeply the spirit of loyalty, to do deep researches to increase the role of professor teachers’ at university in social humanitarian sub-faculty and to provide targeted participations.

The center includes the following departments:

  1. Department of history of Uzbekistan – head of department is professor KholiqovaR.E.,Doctor of history;
  2. Department of production design – head of department is associate professor HoshimovaN.A.,Doctor of science

3.Department of pedagogy and psychology – head of department is associate professor AhmedovaM.E.,Candidate of Pedagogy

  1. Department of philosophy and national idea – head of department is associate professor Pharphiyeva K.A., Candidate of Pedagogy
  2. Department of languages (Uzbek and Russian) – head of department is associate professor Umarova N.Z., Candidate of Philosophy
  3. Department of foreign languages) – head of department is senior teacher Ganikhanova M.B.
  4. Department of physical culture and sports – head of department is senior teacher Shokirov P.K.

Totally 132 professors teachers (104 women of them (78, 7%) work at the center.

The number of employees with a scientific degree is 33 persons(25%) relatively to the number of employees on the main staff. From 132 of professors teachers who work  on the main staff  of  5 are (4,5%) doctors of science ,professors; 28(20,5%)are candidates of science; associate professors;62(47%) are senior lecturers;37(28%) are assistant teachers. The number of  part – time  employees(both internal and external)  at the departments of the center  is 34 people.

In 2018   at the departments of the center  one doctoral dissertation(DSc)  of  Hoshimova  N.A.(Department of production design) and  one Ph.D  of  Davronov D.N.( Department of pedagogy and psychology) were successfully defended. Scientific degrees  of one  professor and 2 associate  professors  were   awarded to head of department Kholiqova R.E.( Department of history of Uzbekistan) ; Usmanova R.( Department of economics design)  and Islamova D.( Department of philosophy and national idea) as well.

 Totally 2  textbooks ( confirmed  by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary  Specialized   Education of Uzbekistan) ; 4  scientific manuals ( 2 of them  are also confirmed  by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary  Specialized   Education of Uzbekistan);27 scientific methodological manuals; 15 methodological  manuals were written in 2018. The tests for evaluating lectures and practical lessons; methodological manuals for self – study works; a huge  number of presentations  and  handouts were prepared  by  the professors teachers of the departments.

49 republic and 61 international scientific articles were published in journals by professors and teachers of the centre in 2018. Likewise, 132 republic and 68 international lecture thesises were published on the international conferences and assemblies by professors and teachers of the centre in 2018.current days the chair of the “industrial economy” is being led the practical project on the theme “The economic mechanism of forming and use of intellectual capital in the system of innovation cooperation of education, science and production” which is planned to spend 300million sums, for the period of 2017-2020 years PZ-20170926232.( scientific leader professor Tursunkhodjaev M.L.)

          In 2018 at the departments on the total number of 30 professors and teachers had been trained and one of them had been trained in Moscow state University named after M.V.Lomonosov.

          At the departments “in the centre of the socio-humanitarian subjects” are being functioned following clubs:

At the department of “uzbek history”-“Regional studies”club (leader-L.S.Holnazarova)

At the department of the “ Indusrial economy”-“Young engineers”club

( leaderG.Turabekova )

At the department of the “pedagogy and psychology”-“My profession is my pride”club( leader D.F.Hamroqulova)

At the department of the “philosophy and national idea”-“ Young teachers school”club (leader G.Gulyamova)

At the department of the “ Languages”(russian,uzbek) two clubs-“Young public speakers”(leader O.Usmanova) and “Speech etiquette and communication” (leader N.Srajitdinova)

At the department of the “foreign languages” three clubs-“Smart girls” ( laderSh.Sagatova), “Step by step” (leader F.Djuraeva) and “Dormitory course” (leader U.Hamroev )

There are about 10 sports clubs in the department of “Physical training and spors”,  including  “Football” club (head P. Shokirov), “Athletics” club  (head G. Khayrislomova), “Table Tennis”  (N.Rakhmonov) “Swimming” (Head M. Zavyazochnikova), “Kurash”  and “Dzyu – do”  (leader N.Rakhmonov), “Basketball”  (leader Sh. Tashtaev), “Volleyball”  (head Z.Hudoyberganov), “Chess and Draught”  club (head N. Rakhmonov ) and also ”Handball” club (head S. Abdurazzakov)) are  working. At the same time the  “sewing and textile” club is  working for girls ( heads J.Komilova and Z. Mirsharipova).

Professors and teachers of the Department of Social and Humanitarian Sciences centre  of the University carry out constant and consistent  propogation work in the preparation of highly qualified specialists who meet modern requirements in all faculties, on the socio-economic reforms held in the Republic, adopted normative-legal acts, the content and essence of state programs. , as well as the spiritual and educational ideas of the decrees and decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Cabinet of Ministers active involvement of students in spiritually-educational, ethical and educational activities based on the Road map of the university in the spirit of patriotism, devotion, national ideology and ideology of education, in combining the educational process with the educational process of the university, upbringing harmoniously developed generation are coming.


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