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Deputy Director for Science and cooperation with production plants and companies
Kadirova Zukhra Chingizovna
Doctor of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tel.: +99871-203-77-00

The following scientific research laboratories are operating in the center:

Laboratory of “Mechanical engineering and Materials Science”- Laboratory of “Chemistry and Petrochemistry”- Laboratory “Mining and deep processing of mineral resources”- Laboratory “Power Engineering”.


The purpose of the center is to create young scientists and students of the Republic of Uzbekistan in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of September 19, 2016 No. PD-2602 “On the establishment of the Uzbek-Japan Innovation Center of Youth at the Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov”, creation of favorable conditions for the acquisition of modern advanced methods and technologies of scientific research in world practice and international standards, qualitative preparation of highly qualified specialists with participation of scientists and leading specialists of Japanese scientific and educational institutions for the main branches of the economy of the republic.

The main tasks of the Center are:

  • the development of innovative activities of young professionals and students and their scientific and technical ideas in industrial designs, equipment, technological processes and solutions;
  • Creation of modern high-tech industries with high energy efficiency and the ability to solve import substitution, minimally affecting the environment;
  • Creation of the most favorable conditions for young scientists for scientific research, ensuring the high quality of their research;
  • Joint experimental and applied research in the relevant scientific areas of the Center on the basis of applications from local and foreign organizations, scientific and educational institutions.
  • coordination of research works carried out by professors and teachers and young researchers of university in the field of sustainable development.

The Center performs the following activities to accomplish its tasks:

  • The competition is open to young scientists and students of the Republic of Uzbekistan with lectures, seminars and practical training by scientists and leading specialists of Japanese scientific and educational institutions such as engineering and materials science, electronics and nanotechnology, energy sources and alternative energy sources, scientific research in the field of metallurgy use and processing and natural resources, chemistry and petrochemistry, agriculture and water management, environmental protection, economics and ecology and development of innovative high-tech development;
  • Dedicated state budget funds, grants based on the results of competitions conducted by the Ministry of Innovation Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, economic activities and contract research and conducting practical and basic research and development of works involving young scientists and students on grants of international financial and other organizations, grants of foreign government organizations and other sources, not prohibited by law;
  • Creation of conditions for introduction of domestic advanced technologies in Uzbekistan and abroad, as well as support for the exchange of foreign technologies aimed at increasing the competitiveness of enterprises of the republic;
  • Support for the introduction of new technologies, the production of environmentally friendly products, the promotion of international exchange of laboratories and scientific research, and support for the creation of new production technologies;
  • Work on the preparation of highly qualified scientific and scientific and pedagogical staff in cooperation with scientists and leading specialists of Japanese scientific and educational institutions;
  • Scientists and young specialists from scientific and educational institutions of Uzbekistan, scientists, young specialists, teachers and students, as well as other interested persons in the field of advanced science and technology. organization of seminars and seminars;
  • Assistance in professional development and retraining of professors and teachers of specialized departments of higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan, as well as specialists of high-tech enterprises.

The Center closely cooperates with the scientific and educational institutions of the republic in the performance of its tasks. The Center has the following rights within the framework of the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

  • Engineering and materials science, electronics and nanotechnology, energy and alternative energy sources, mining and metallurgical industry, use and processing of natural resources, chemical and petrochemical industry, agriculture and water use, environmental protection, economic and environmental spheres. conduct joint research with selected students and young scientists, foreign scientists;
  • Providing retraining and advanced training at the university with the main directions of the center meeting international standards;
  • Fundamental and applied research, development and support of innovative products, as well as consulting services in the main scientific activities of the Center;
  • Targeted use of funds from sponsors to improve their material and technical base and their development, including the needs of the Center;
  • Financial incentives for staff at the Center’s expense;
  • Publication of publishing houses (monographs, textbooks, teaching aids), an advertising publication, as well as the opening of the Center’s website on the Internet and regular updating of information; Issuance of a certificate (certificate) to students and trainees studying at the Center;
  • Organization of scientific-practical conferences, symposia and seminars on the main activities of the Center;
  • Ownership and use of intellectual property objects obtained by the Center as a result of their scientific, pedagogical and innovative activities;
  • Social development, financial incentives, reserve and other savings; Establishment of daily allowances and social incentives for employees in the prescribed manner at the expense of the Center;
  • To solve the issues of the Center’s activities involving experts and technical personnel from ministries, departments and business associations for this;
  • Obtain information and documentation from relevant ministries, departments and business associations in accordance with the established procedure for performing tasks assigned to the Center;
  • Introduction and control of the advanced standards of education, standards and norms of the Center;
  • Establish cooperation with educational institutions, research centers and laboratories of foreign countries to perform the functions of the Center.
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