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The Department of Metallurgy

Head of the Department:

Valiyev Khusan  

Candidate of science, dotsent

Phone : (+99871) 2464322


History of the department:

The Metallurgiya department was created in 1963 at the Almalyk mining and metallurgical faculty of TashPI who was transferred further to the city of Tashkent. Metallurgiya Stepanov Boris Alekseyevich, the former chief engineer of the Central Asian research institute of nonferrous metallurgy, the senior research associate and Candidate of Technical Sciences became the first head of the department.
It was when the republics of Central Asia endured historical splash in the birth of metallurgy:

  • Concentrating copper factory – one of ten the world’s largest and the copper-smelting plant in the city of Almalyk;
  • The Uzbek plant of refractory metals and alloys in Chirchiq;
  • The gold-extracting plants in Zarafshane, Mr. Mardzhanbulake, Angren, Mr. Chadake, etc.;
  • “” Uzbek iron and steel works” in Bekabad.

The organization of department was caused by objective need of staffing of violently developing nonferrous metallurgy of Uzbekistan. Responsibility was conferred on department as only department of the region to prepare highly qualified engineering personnel and to direct them to work in all metallurgical and concentrating enterprises of Uzbekistan.
Besides the department was defined how main for all states of the CIS on training of specialists on such rare metals as mercury, antimony, molybdenum, tungsten, bismuth and some other. In total in Metallurgiya 2500 engineers, more than 1000 bachelors, 100 masters and about 40 candidates of science are trained, some of them became Doctors of Engineering, directors of plants, steel works in the Republic and the CIS countries.

  • Sanakulov Kuvondik is a Doctor of Engineering, professor, the CEO of Navoinsky it is mountain iron and steel works.
  • Mustakimov Otabek is the chief central mine administration of NGMK.
  • Ergashev Ulugbek Abdurasulovich is the chief technologist of the central upraleniya of NGMK.
  • Yakubov Makhmudzhan is a Doctor of Engineering, professor, the deputy director of the state unitary enterprise “Fan Va Taraiyot”.
  • Samadov Alisher is a Dr.Sci.Tech., the director of the branch of the Tashkent state technical university to Almalyk.
  • Vakkosov Bakhtiar is the director of the Copper-smelting plant of the Almalyk mountain iron and steel works.
  • Saynazarov Abdukakhkhor is the chief metallurgist of the Almalyk mining and metallurgical works.
  • Sulaymonov Eryigit Yunusaliyevich is a director “The Angren pipe plant at AGMK.

Founders of training of specialists in the field of metallurgy were:

  • metallurgy of copper and zinc of Uzbekistan – Kupryakov Yu.P.
  • metallurgy of rare metals – Shchupak M.I.
  • the metallurgy of precious metals is Abdurakhmanov S.A.
  • metallurgy of mercury and antimony – Stepanov B.A.
  • metallurgy of light metals – Stepanov B.A.
  • metallurgy of ferrous metals – Yusupkhodzhayev A.A.

In 1992 the department is transferred to Mechanical faculty and joins department of Foundry production.
In 1995 the department is transferred back to mining-and-geological faculty (nowadays Faculty of engineering geology and mining).
For this period of time, department the competent experts directed and also scientific figures, such as took part in this sphere:

  • 1963-1976 PhD in Technological Sciences Stepanov B.A.
  • 1976-1987 Dr.Sci.Tech., professor of Abdurakhmonov S.A.
  • 1987-1989 PhD in Technological Sciences Stepanov B. And
  • 1989-1992 PhD in Technological Sciences Holmetov M.M.
  • 1995-2009 Dr.Sci.Tech., professor Yusupkhozhayev A.A.

Since 2009 “Metallurgy” is the head of the department PhD in Technological Sciences Hudoyarov S. R.

Teachers of the department passed a training and improved the skills in Higher education institutions of Russia, Germany, England, South Korea and other countries.
At department according to the main directions of training are organized and the following laboratories work:

  • Physical and chemical methods of the analysis;
  • Pyro metallurgical processes;
  • Hydrometallurgical processes;
  • Preparation of ores for metallurgical processing.

Educational directions of the department:


5310300 – Metallurgy


5А310301 – Metallurgy (non-ferrous metalls)

5А310301 – Metallurgy (ferrous metalls)

Teaching staff of the department:

  • Yusupxodjayev A.A. -doctor of technical sciences, professor
  • Valiyev X.R. – candidate of technical sciences, docent
  • Qurbonov Sh.K. – candidate of technical sciences, docent
  • Yakubov M.M. – doctor of technical sciences, professor
  • Aripjanova D.E. – senior teacher
  • Saidova M.C. – senior teacher
  • Berdiyarov B.T. – senior teacher
  • Muhametdjanova Sh.A. – senior teacher
  • Mirzajonova S.B. – senior teacher
  • Matkarimov S.T. – senior teacher
  • Nosirxo’jayev S.Q. – assistant
  • Xojiyev Sh.T. – assistant
  • Ochildiyev Q.T. – assistant
  • Karimdjonov B.R. – assistant

The research work of the department:

At the department under the guidance of prof. Yusuphodzhaeva A.A. research work is carried out under the general theme “Development of resource and energy-saving technologies for processing local mineral resources and secondary technogenic formations”.
The general subject is subdivided into 4 directions, for each direction there are responsible executors and performers from the number of the teaching staff of the department.

1 – Direction: Resource-saving technologies in the processing of gold-containing ores – a responsible performer Ph.D. Khudoyarov S.R., performers Berdiyarov B.T., Nosirhuzhaev S.K.

2 – Direction: Development of an optimal technology for the processing of mineral resources containing rare and trace metals – responsible executive Ph.D., Assoc. Valiev Kh.R., performers Khozhiev Sh., Saidova MS

3 – Direction: Development of energy- and resource-saving technologies for processing ores and concentrates of non-ferrous metals and secondary technogenic formations of non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy – responsible executive Ph.D. Samadov A.U., performers Matkarimov S.T., Ochildiev K.

4 – Direction: Research and development of optimal technologies for processing local iron-containing ores and secondary technogenic formations for steel production – responsible executive Aribjonova D.E., performers Mukhametdzhanova Sh.A., Mirzazhonova S.B.


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Information about the training and laboratory facilities:

Laboratory of “Pirometallurgy”

Laboratory of “Physical-chemical processing of metallurgy”


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