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Head of Department:
Khaitov Odiljon Gafurovich
Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences
Associate Academician of TFA
Phone : +998 71 246-05-54
Email address:


History of the department:

The department “Konchilik ishi” was founded in 1920 as the department of geodesy at Turkestan State University, among them was an outstanding Russian Soviet scientist, full-time professor of the Moscow Mining Academy MM. Protodeacons. Since 1929, at various times, it has been a part of geological exploration, mining, industrial and polytechnic institutes. The first head of the department was Professor Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honored Scientist and Technician Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR A.S. Popov. In 1939, the first release of 25 mining engineers for the development of mineral deposits took place.
The first of them became the head of prof. A.S. Popov, the second – Assoc. N.V. Mishchenko. Professor A.S. Popov made a huge contribution to the formation of the potential of the department.
In the prewar period under the leadership of A.S. Popova and N.V. Mishchenko at the department fruitfully worked senior lecturers NN. Dyakonov, L.G. Gertman, R.A. Berzak, senior lecturers A.R. Boguslavsky, I.M. Azimov, Professor N.L. Smirnov.
From the first days until the end of the Great Patriotic War, N.V. Mishchenko, I.L. Sprygin, I.M. Asimov were at the front. The staff of the department with renewed vigor carried out the training of specialists, performing the work of teachers at the front.
After the Great Patriotic War, the department head worked N.V. Mishchenko, R.A. Berzak, I.S., Sprygin, U.A. Isamukhamedov, F.M. Aripova, N.F. Fayzullaev. In 1950, B.S. Slutskaya, OB Levinsky, I.I. Inogamov), D.S. Jaimagambetov, H.H. Shamirzaev, R.A. Tadjibaev, E.Ch. Khodjaev.
Since 1967, the department was headed by associate professor, Ph.D. Isamuhamedov, simultaneously working as a vice-rector of TashPI. Since 1974, the department was headed by associate professor, candidate of technical sciences A.A. Abidov.
Dean of the GMF, Professor V. R. Rakhimov, Assoc. FM Aripova, who was the first head of the department. The first Uzbek miner Assoc. F. M. Aripova worked at the Mining and Metallurgy Faculty since 1946 and was the organizer of the laboratory for the course “Physics of rocks”.
Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Rakhimov V.R. for many years he headed the department and at the same time for 20 years was the dean of the faculty. From 1980 to 1990, Rakhimov V.R. led the mountain educational and methodological council of the Ministry of Higher Education of the Soviet Union. From 1984 to 1990 he worked as the first vice-rector of the Tashkent State Technical University.
To date, the department “Mining” carries out its activities 20 people, of which the faculty of the department is 14 people, and teaching and auxiliary staff of 6 people.

International relations of the department:

Moscow State Mining University (Russia);


Professorial and teaching staff 14 

Total number of students:

To date, at the department of “Mining” the number of undergraduate students is 423 students, in the direction of magistracy 16 graduate students.

The code of direction:

  • 5311600 – mining business (by branches)

The code of direction (for master degree):

  • 5A311601-Mining of mineral deposits  (underground)
  • 5A311600-Mining of mineral deposits  (open method)
  • 5A311602-Enrichment of minerals  (ores)

Professorial and teaching staff:

    • Khayitov Odiljon – Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Associate Academician of TFA
    • Nasirov Otkir – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
    • Petrosov Yuri – Candidate of Technical Sciences
    • Umarova Inoyat – Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor
    • Umarov Farxodbek – Doctor of Technical Sciences
    • Kalandarov Qobil – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
    • Ochilov Shukhratulla – PhD in technical sciences (PhD)
    • Solizhanova GulnorakhonAssociate Professor of the Department
    • Naimova Rano – Doctor of Technical Sciences
    • Kadirov Vohid –  Senior teacher of the department
    • Bekpulatov Javlon Senior teacher of the department
    • Umrzokov Azamat- Assistant Department
    • Mahramarezhov Dilmurod – Assistant Department
    • Norova Khurshida – Assistant Department
    • Scientific work carried out at the department:

The department carries out 4 researches in the following areas.

1-research: “Justification of promising technological schemes of mining in the lower horizons of ore quarries for the introduction of progressive cyclical – continuous ore mining technology.” Scientific adviser Dr. of Sc. doc Khayitov O.G`., Performers: Petrosov Y.E. Naimova R.Ch., Қodirov V., Umrzovov A, Norova X., magistr and bakalavry.

2- research: “Development of a technological scheme for the selective flotation of copper-molybdenum ores using new collector reagents”. Scientific supervisor Umarov I.K. performers: Kalandarov S.S., Salizhanova G.Қ., Bekpulatov J.M., Maҳmarezhabov DB, magistr and bakalavry.

The results of research work are complemented with the use of a new modern installation.


1 –elevator for loading butane; 2 – agitation chamber divided into three parts; 3 – impellers; 4 – pipe for the release of waste; 5 – pipe for the release of paraprocess

The scientific and methodical work carried out at the department:

In September 2018, three applicants of the department were awarded the title of professor, degree of doctor of technical sciences (DSn) and degree of doctor of philosophy in technical sciences (PhD) by decision of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Teaching staff of the department prepared and published test tasks and questions for the current intermediate and final control, a manual on the implementation of final qualifying work, course design, instructions on the calculation and graphic part, teaching aids and instructions on the implementation of laboratory and practical work on disciplines “Processing and enrichment of minerals” and “Technology of mineral processing”.
The educational process uses the latest educational technology. The programs and methods (cluster) of “Fklarar ҳuzhumi”, “TarmoLlar” are used.
Improving the material and technical base, using scientific achievements in the educational process is one of the urgent tasks of the department.
Gifted students are involved in scientific work, and the results are published Republican scientific journals.
During the year, the faculty of the department published and published more than 50 guidelines for the implementation of laboratory and practical work, textbooks, textbooks, as well as on the website “Ziёnet” introduced electronic versions of textbooks, textbooks and manuals.
Based on the requirements of the advanced state educational standard, the department has developed test control options, curricula and sample programs in all subjects.

  • Snitka NP, Naimova R.Sh., Ravshanov A.F. Improving the management of technogenic resources in open field mining.


  • Umarova I.K., Solijonova G.Q. “” Processing and Processing of Mineral Deposits “, 2009.
  • Umarova I.K. “Technology of minerals enrichment” Textbook. 2012.
  • Umarova I.K. “Designing of concentrating factories” Textbook. 2015.

Teaching aids:

    • Umarova I.K., Solijonova G.Q. “Preparation for mineral extraction”. study guide. 2012.
    • Umarova I.K. “Piercing, crushing and tearing”. A tutorial for professional colleges. 2012 year.
    • Solijonova G.Q. “Methods of Enrichment of Mineral Resources” Guidelines for Professional Colleges. 2012 year.
    • Solijonova G.Q. “Analytical Control of Enrichment Processes” tutorial. 2015.
    • Djabbarov MN, Aripova L.T. “Open mining of mineral deposits”. Educational manual. For professional colleges. 2012.
    • Sagatov N.H. Manual on “Underground mining of layered beds”. For professional colleges. 2012.
    • Sagatov N. H., Aripova L.T. Curriculum “Mining of Open Mineral Resources”. 2012.
    • Sagatov N. H., Aripova L.T. Methodical instructions for the course project on the subject “Mining of Open Mineral Deposits”. 2012.
    • Umarova IK, Yakubjanova M.E. Guidelines for the implementation of the course project on the subject “Technology of mineral resources enrichment”. 2012.
    • Umarova IK, Yakubjanova M.E. Guidelines for the implementation of the course project “Design of  enrichment plants”. 2012.
    • Umarova I.K., Solijonova G.Q. Guidelines for laboratory work on the subject “Processes for  Enrichment of Mineral Deposits”.
    • Umarova IK, Solijonova G. G., Aminjonova S.I. Guidelines for laboratory work on the subject  “Enrichment and Processing of Mineral Deposits”.
    • Solijonova G.Q. Guidelines for laboratory work on “Analytical Control of Enrichment Processes”.  2012.
    • Ismailov A.S. Manual “Ventilation of mines and castors”. For professional colleges. 2013 year.
    • Umarov B.T. “Excavation and strengthening of Underground Lakes” for Vocational College. 2013  year.

Lecture notes:

The lecture notes prepared by the faculty of the department consist of paper and electronic options: Mining Geophysics, Introduction to Mining, Fundamentals of Mining, Mining of Nauru Fields, Processed Mining Processes, Processes for Mining Exploitation, Methods of Enrichment of Minerals, Preparation for Mineral Deposits, Open-cast Mining Technology , Technology of minerals enrichment, Analytical control of enrichment processes, Processes of enrichment of minerals by electric and magnetic methods, Enrichment of minerals Fundamentals of processing of ores of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, technology of mineral particles separation processes, study of mineral wealth, electronic and paper variants of texts of lectures on geochemical and biochemical methods of coatings. Electronic versions of the project “Zionet”.

Classrooms and laboratory rooms:

The department has 3 staffed laboratory classes and 1 research class. Laboratory accessories in working condition. An application for the purchase of new laboratory facilities has been submitted.

Department address: Tashkent city. Olmazor district, Universitetskaya street 2.


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