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Head of The department:

Umedov Sherali  

Associate professor

Phone : (8371) 


History of the   department

The department “Mining Electromechanics” started out as a part of Turkestan State University and was first introduced as an educational destination and Chair in Higher Technical Education Professor M.M.Protodyankonov. While the training sessions and the direction of the mining electromechanics also existed among the mining areas and the department at the Central Asian Industrial Institute, but was not yet as an independent department.
Given that the demand for engineers of this area, in 1944 established the Department “Mining Electromechanics” and the first head of the department started working a real member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine V.S. Pak. Later it took the position docent K.F. Seryugin.
From 1953 to 1958 the department ruled this known as the son of the great honor and the Uzbek people, talented scientist, the first specialist in mining electromechanics, Dean of the Faculty of Mining Khokim Mahsudovich Maksudov.
After the sudden death of such person received honorary sincere respect for people, the head department one after another became an Docents W.F. Isamuhamedov, O.V. Horoshev, E.K. Kerri.
Since 1964, the department received the title of “Automation of mining operations and mining mechanical” and in 1973 was appointed head of the Department docent L.Sh.Shakhadjaev.
In 1975, the Department was divided into two, one was called “mining and transport machinery and mining mechanical” (Head – L.Sh. Shakhadjaev), in the second “Electrification of mining operations” (Head – V.G.Polvonov, 1992-1996. – Sh.G.Nasritdinov).
At the department of “mining and transport machinery and mining engineer” in 1985 Gayrat Mirahimovich Mirsaidov was appointed head. During his reign (1985-1991) at the Department of Scientific works were directly linked to production needs and conducted at the basis of economic contracts. Were accelerated work on the publication of educational systems in the learning process. From 1991 to 1996. Associate Professor of the Department ruled docent Abdirauf Sodikov. However, in October 1996, both departments were merged and re-established the Department “Mining Electromechanics” and associate professor Shahobiddin Giyosiddinovich Nasritdinov was appointed head in 1988 after his death, the post was occupied by docent A.Sodikov.
In the years 2001-2002 docent G.Mirsaidov, 2002-2004 docent Usmonjon Inamov, 2004-2006 docent Latif Shomansurovich Shohodzhaev, 2006-2008 professor Nurali Berdiyarovich Pirmatov, 2008-2009 docent Gayrat Mirahimovich Mirsaidov and in the period 2009-2014. Tulkin  Jovbekovich Annakulov, and from 2014 to the present time the department manages Candidate of Technical Science, docent Toshov Javohir Burievich.
During the existence of this area more than 3000 people have graduated, among them many famous personalities on in our country and beyond. Over the past historical time in this area ended more than 3 thousand people.
The department “Mining Electrician” is a higher technical educational institutions producing highly qualified professionals in the direction of the mining electrician for the national economy of Uzbekistan, geological studies, metallurgical industry and enterprise. Therefore, training manuals, complex article, scientific research faculty members of the Department, with aim, improving the quality of training are important resources in providing enterprise experts theory and practical knowledge.
Educational and practical classrooms of the department are equipped with modern equipment and technology, all the equipment had to create a group of students of this area and faculty members. All rooms, equipped with the necessary equipment, used in the system of electronic computer training for student projects, and also bring tremendous results.
The main attention is allocated to the publication of educational literature, to date three parts special educational complex mining areas electrician and several educational literature have been published in the Uzbek language.
The basis of the orders of the state and national economy contracted faculty members of the department «Mining Electromechanics» work on the implementation of scientific research. Its main areas of focus are improving efficiency of the electromechanical equipment, energy performance indicators, the use of electro-mechanical equipment and safety in servicing, dozens of contracts management and the results of scientific research are applied in the workplace.

Major international relationships department:

  • Moscow State Mining University (Russia)
  • National Mining University (Ukraine)
  • Ural State Mining University
  • Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University (Russia)
  • Polytechnic Institute of Turin (Italy)
  • Mining Institute named after DA Kunaeva
  • Freiburg Mining Academy (Germany)
  • Geological Prospecting Academy Moscow (Russia)
  • The Kyrgyz State Technical University (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute (Ukraine)
  • Institute of Mining and mining technology (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Mechanics, Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan
  • Tashkent State Road Institute
  • Tashkent State Institute of Railway Engineers
  • Tashkent State Institute of Chemical Technology
  • Navoi State Mining Institute
  • Karshi State Engineering – Economics Institute

Bachelor degree:

5310700 – Electrical engineering, electromechanics and electrotechnology (mining)
5320300 – Technological machines and equipment (mining)
5312200 – Mining electromechanics

Master degree: 

5A312201 – Mining machines and equipments

Professors and Teaching Staff:

  • Umedov Sherali – head of Department
  • Mirsaidov Gayrat – dosent
  • Shakhodjaev Latif – dosent
  • Rakhimov  Abduvali – senior lecturer
  • Annaqulov Tulkin – senior lecturer
  • Hakberdiev Alim – senior lecturer
  • Baratov Bakhtior – senior lectureri
  • Kuvandikov Oybek – senior lecturer
  • Norkulov Maхmud – assistant
  • Komilov  Tolib – assistant
  • Umarov Sarvar – assistant

Scientific work carried out at the department:

At the Department of scientific research carried out in three directions.

1st destinations:

“Development of scientific bases of designing roller cone bits and combined for drilling blast holes in open pit mining.” (Basic scientific research)
Theoretical studies will be installed complete simulation environments rock cutting tool downhole using the theory of continuous medium having a qualitative and quantitative difference from the stress and strain state obtained when working bodies on the half-plane. Derivation of parametric equations of the kinetics of the working bodies of the alleged bits allow to study the patterns of their kinetics in the plane of the bottom of the well, taking into account the parameters of the contact and the introduction of a breed. Experimental studies of the mechanism of destruction of rocks and the kinematics of the bits based on the theory of continuous medium is a scientific basis for optimizing the design and development of new high-performance roller cone bits and combined. The results obtained allow to determine the optimal parameters of roller bits, their geometrical shape and arrangement of the working methods of the elements in it that are the basis for the design of roller cone bits and combined for drilling blast holes. (project manager Candidate of Technical Science, Docent Toshov J.B.).

2nd direction:

“Evaluation of the effectiveness of cyclic-flow technology (road-pipeline transport) to Daugyztau open mine stock.” (Applied research).
The study of geological and mining conditions and field career Daugyztau. Summary of current status of the application of the transport scheme with CFT in deep pits. Analysis of the technical possibility of routing within the CFT career “Daugyztau” and on the surface. Choosing a career horizons and period on them crushing and transfer points. Selecting types of equipment complex mechanization cyclic-flow technology and their calculations. Development of technical solutions, selection and recommendation of effective scheme CFT field development “Daugyztau.” (project manager Candidate of Technical Science, Docent Mirsaidov G.M.).

3rd direction:

“Justification of the effective application of load-haul and transport vehicles in underground mines Zarmitan deep horizons.” (Applied research).
To address this goal it is necessary to solve the following main tasks should be to establish the dependence of complex influence of geological and mining conditions on the performance of transport vehicles, the dependence of a significant impact on the performance of the means of transport Scooptrams, rational distribution of freight flows from the mine without changing the ventilation system of the mine Zarmitan determine the maximum possible number of underground self-propelled machines and optimal placement of a self-propelled (PDM, PSM, SBU) and rail (electric, loader machines, trolley) equipment for the excavation site, for efficient extraction of ore from the subsurface (660 m and 600 m) mine Zarmitan, development of recommendations to improve performance and load-haul transport vehicles under the joint operation. (project Manager Candidate of Technical Science, Docent Shakhodjaev L.Sh.).
2013 Assistant of the Department Baratov BN participated on “Justification effective application haul cargo and transport vehicles in underground mines Zarmitan deep horizons” in the Republican fair of young scientists and took first place. According to the nomination “The best innovative projects of young scientists” and undergraduate 2nd year Ergashev R. took second place and received a certificate SCST for active participation.

Technical development of the results of scientific research

Scientific-methodical work carried out at the department:

Textbooks, manuals, texts of lectures, training manuals on laboratory and practical works, course projects and grants for undergraduate practical work, questionnaires and tests for the NC, PC and IR printed and published by faculty members of the department.
Apply new information and educational technologies into the learning process, using computer. Use modern teaching methods as “Fikrlar hujumi”, “Tarmoqlar” in the learning process.
The main objectives are to improve the technical base of the chair, use in practice and practical training of scientific achievements.
Talented students are involved in scientific work, and his lectures are involved in Students’ scientific conferences, scientific results are published in scientific journals of the Republic.
In recent years, faculty members of the Department have published several monographs, textbooks, manuals for practical and laboratory work and more than 100 scientific articles. We introduce the set of resources, electronic versions of textbooks.



  • Shemetov P.A., Norov Y.D., Toshov J.B. Improve the efficiency of drilling blast holes in quarries / Monograph. -Tashkent. 2009. -160 p.

Classroom and outside  activities of the department









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