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Head of the department:

Sayyidkasimov Sayyidjabbor  

PhD in Technical Science, Associate Professor 

Phone : (8371) 246-54-51; cell phone (93) 380-50-06


 History of Department

Short history of Department of Mining works and surveying Department of Mining work and surveying founded initially as a Department of Surveying at Turkistan State University in 1920. From 1930s department worked under Geological Exploration, Mining Engineering and State Technical University.
Prof. N.I. Lebedinski was head since establishment till 1960. He led on preparation of mine engineers and arrangement of teaching-methodological papers of department. Prof. N.I. Lebedinski was awarded “Uzbek SSR honored man of Science” for preparation highly qualified mining engineers.
Dots. V.A. Kolibaev, great authority, well-known was a head of department from 1963 to 1968. Founding of specialty “Mining works” in 1968 department led to be profiled. Professor V.R. Rakhimov, PhD, had great in development of department and organization of specialty of mining works till 2010.
Department had been tasked for the first time in Central Asia to conduct the training of engineers, surveyors. Therefore made major organizational and educational-methodological work aimed at the preparation of mining engineers, surveyors.
In 1973 the first graduates of mining engineers, surveyors. For the entire duration of department has trained more than 1,200 specialists who are working successfully in the design and research institutions in the mining and exploration industry, the construction of subways and other underground facilities.
Graduates work in as managers and chief surveyors large mills, mines, mine construction organizations. In particular, Chief surveyor NMMC Sh. Sadenov, Chief surveyor Uzbekugol Sh. Odinaev, Chief surveyor “Tunnel unit” Tashmetrostroy T. Malikov, Minister of Energy of the Republic of Tajikistan Rakhimov, vice Prime Minister of Republic of Tajikistan AzimIbrokhim, Chief surveyor CCW “Mongolrostsvetmet” MM Akhmedov, director of the State Enterprise “Sredazspetsstroy” M. Taji SU “Vzryvprom” F. Akilov, Director of Research and Design Institute “Uzavtoyul” K.M. Nasirov, Chief surveyor company “Eurocement” I. Davydenko and others.
In organization of educational and methodical work on special subjects participated actively teachers V.A. Kolibaev, L.D. Ershov, D.C. Sayyidkasimov, L.G. Weisberg, L.L. Kim, F.F. Aflyatunov, E.A. Mansurov, O.A. Proshlyakov, G.S. Kutumova, D.I. Mingbaev, N.I. Kovalev. Associate Professor B.A. Rostokovsky, L.S. Samojlenko, S.P. Chagall, I.I.Inogamov, M.M. Mamajanov, M.Z. Siddikov, P.A. Asanov, N.A. Assad, K.M. Nasirov had been worked in the department for a long time.
The department has a laboratory on Surveying, Geodesy and equipment, photogrammetry, geomechanics, satellite technology equipped with the latest electro-optical device of the Swiss company Leica Geosistes. There is a computer room is for educational and scientific purpose of students, graduates and employees of the department. The department has branches at major geodetic enterprises, design and research institutes, where members of these organizations deliver classes on special subjects are.
Teachers of department are working hard to organize, conduct educational and industrial practices, which are the bases of objects Governmental Organization Navoi Mine-Metallurgy plant, Almalik Mine-Metallurgy plant, Uzbekugol and “Uzbekgeodezkadaster”.
Much work is carried out at the department for the training of young scientists. Because of systematic training of scientific personnel, 39 candidate theses and 4 doctoral theses has been defended. In recent years, defended their dissertations teachers of the department and faculty Sh.Mukhitdinov, M. Jabbarov, I. Murzaykin, M. Makhmudov should be noted that the basis of all of theses based on the results of research and applied research carried out on contractual department. Since 2004, the Department is preparing undergraduate specialty “Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre”.
Under the leadership of V.R. Rakhimov spent more research in following areas: Assessment of bump hazard and reduce risk of rock dynamic pressure on ore deposits, development of complex methods of assessing the sustainability of pit walls and tailings dams, development of methods qualimetric assess the completeness and quality of the extraction of mineral resources based on the application of dynamic condition, improving the quality of mine career through the introduction of innovative technologies and blasting study geomechanical processes in the array during the development of mineral resources underground and combined methods. Currently, some of these studies are continuing disciples of Academician V.R. Rakhimov, Head of Department and Associate Professor, Academic MANEB S.S. Sayyidkasimov.
The main results of scientific research is as follows:

  • Comprehensive assessment of stability of boards of major quarries and dumps to ensure the safety of mining operations.
    The results have been implemented and design organizations PROMNIITEHNOLOGIYA Giprotsvetmet in expansion projects and reconstruction of career Kalmakyr and Muruntau.
  • Research on improve completeness and complexity of using mine resource based on use of dynamic condition. The results obtained provide a more efficient use of mineral resources by georesources reserves growth of deposits of natural and anthropogenic origin, for example, deposits of Almalyk ore field.
  • Introduction of innovative technology of explosive destruction on the basis of applications doubled ledges. The technology developed at the quarry “M” has significantly reduce energy costs at the stage of crushing and grinding to the flotation of training and significantly improve environmental conditions in the quarry.
  • Comprehensive assessment of geomechanical condition of tailings dams AMMC. Results of the study on the basis of application of modern geodesic-surveying technologies implemented in the development of projects for the reconstruction of tailings Institute MEKHANOBR to ensure safe operating conditions.
  • For the coal industry of Republic studied, developed efficient technologies which helped to stabilize the manufacturing state of industry, in particular, introduction of technology of working off-balance coal reserves of the section “Naugarzan” Angren mine deposit.
  • A comprehensive study of geomechanical condition of more than 5 gold deposits in the republic revealed assess the extent and bump hazard category, justify limiting explosion depth of rock pressure manifestations and to develop technologies for the development of explosion safety stocks lower horizons in the mines of Kochbulak, Dogwood Olma and Zarmitan.
  • It has begun research on laws of geomechanical processes at the combined development of fields, including analysis and generalization of foreign experience, field measurements, physical and mathematical modeling of the finite element method using the latest computer technology.

Employees of the department published 14 books, over 600 articles in national scientific and technical publications and more than 20 textbooks and manuals on special subjects. Developed more than 40 kinds of methodical work. The faculty of department constantly speaker at international conferences and symposia held on related problems in the country and abroad. Students and many young teachers of the department actively participate in annual conference of young scientists in university and in other universities.
Within the framework of signed agreements between Department liaises with foreign related departments and major research centers in the field of mining and Surveying, Kazakh National Technical University, Karaganda State Technical University, Ural Mining Academy, Frayberskoy Mining Academy, Moscow State Mining University, International Academy of Ecology and Safety et al.

Directions of study:

Bachelor degree:  

5311500 – Surveying, cartography and cadaster

5311600 – Mining works

Master degree:

5А311602 – Mine environment and underground engineering (Mining surveying)

Professors and teachers staff: 

  • Sayyidkasimov Sayyidjabbor – PhD, Associate professor
  • Inagamov Ibragim – PhD, Associate professor
  • Abduazizov Abduvali – Associate Professor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences
  • Kazakov Aziz – Doctor of Philosophy PhD
  • Azimov Botir – Geologiya – Associate Professor of mineralogical sciences
  • Xudayberdiyev Abdusamat – Senior teacher of department
  • Kutumova Gullola – Senior teacher of department
  • Nizamova Albina – Senior teacher of department
  • Allanazarov Olimjon – Senior teacher of department
  • Rakhimov Sherzod – Assistant teacher of department
  • Rakhimova Mukhlisa – Assistant teacher of department
  • Xakberdiyev Muzaffar – Assistant teacher of department
  • Shamsiyeva Nasiba – Assistant teacher of department
  • G’oziyev Ilyosjon – Assistant teacher of department

The Department contingent:

There are 283 students in 2 specialty and 6 master students in the department of Mining works and surveying.

Research works carried out:

Research work at the Department organized and determined its development strategy future till 2018.
There are two formed research directions in the department:

  • Science of surveying to ensure rational, comprehensive utilization of mineral resources and protection of mineral resources.
  • The scientific substantiation of creation, design and implementation of state cadastre of industrial enterprises.

 Scientific – methodical work of the department:

Department professors and teachers have published on the subject of special textbooks, manuals, lecture notes, guidelines for laboratory and practical works, manuals for performing course projects and papers, manuals to perform the final qualifying works and master’s theses. For providence monitoring, interim control and final control were published collections of questions and tests.
Professors and teachers use new pedagogical teaching methods such as “mental attack” and “cluster” while teaching new information and educational technology.
Topical issue of the department is to improve technical basis for obtaining practical knowledge for use in lectures, practical and laboratory work.
Intelligent students delve into the research work, they participate with their reports in student scientific conferences, scientific results are published in scientific journals.


List of patents received  by professors and teachers of the department from Agency Intellectual property of the Republic of Uzbekistan  between 2011-2013:

  • Mark;
  • A target goal;
  • Geodesic mark;
  • Method explosive rock crushing. 


  •  V.R. Rakhimov, I.J. Muzaykin “Geodesic methods for determining deformation structures and their foundations in terms of tectonic activity region.” Monograph. Tashkent: “TashSTU”, 2007.
  • V.R. Rakhimov, S.S. Sayyidkasimov “Pressure mountain parody in some mines of Central Asia.” Monograph. Tashkent: “Fan”, 1988.
  • Kovalev N.V., N.M. Nishanbaev “What is the inventory” Monograph. Tashkent: “NSGK”, 2001.
  • Chemetov P.A., Sitenkov V.N., Naimova R.Sh. “More efficient use of technological resources of deep pits”. Monograph. Tashkent: “Fan”, 2011.
  • Rakhmonov S.K. Crop land allocation model, a case study in La Rioja, Spain. Monograph. Germany: «LLAPS», 2011.

Teaching aids:

  •  Sayyidkasimov SS, “Mining ecology” Uchebnoe Learners. 2012.
  • Sayyidkasimov SS, Mingbaev D.I. “Topography” of Uchebnoe Learners, Tashkent: ‘publisher’, 2013.
  • Sayyidkasimov SS, «Geoinformation systems» Tutorial, Tashkent: “TashGTU” 2011.
  • Kovalev N.V., Zhuraev DO “Photogrametry” TashGTU. Textbook, Tashkent: 2002
  • Kovalev N.V. “The study of foreign experience to create cadastral systems.” Toolkit. 2012
  • Inogamov I.I., Kazakov A.N. “Mine works” teaching aid for practical work. Tashkent 2014
  • Rakhimov V.R., Tadzhibaev A.A., Kazakov A.N. “Geomechanics” handbook for the implementation of term papers Tashkent 2014.
  • Rakhimov V.R., Kim L.L. “The electro-optical devices” manual, Tashkent: 2001.
  • Rakhimov V.R. Babacan A.R. “Principles of the State Cadastre” Teaching aid, Tashkent: 2013.
  • Rakhimov VR, Ubaydullaev guidance “The underground mining of mineral deposits” Uchebnoe Learners, Tashkent: 2014.

Lecture notes:

Subjects in all areas and specialties have electronic versions of lecture notes and their printed versions. Electronic versions are available on the website «Ziyonet».

Educational equipments and laboratory classrooms:

The department has following educational and laboratory rooms. Surveying, Geomechanics, photogrammetric and GIS tools. Laboratory room is fully equipped with respective equipments. New training equipment has been ordered furnish lab rooms.

Surveying Equipments:

Nowadays department of “Mining works, and surveying” has surveying from LEICA Geosystems. For instance, 2 TS-307 tacheometer and 2 NA-2002 Nivelir.
There is a fully equipped room with 12 modern computers aided draw software has been installed and working on these computers such as ArcGIS, AutoCAD, Panorama, Photoshop CS5, CorelDraw, Graphics Suite X3 and so on.


International Cooperation:

  • “Uzbekkumir”;
  • “Almalyk mine-metallurgy plant”
  • National Center of Surveying and cartography
  • “Sanoatgeokontexnazorat” State Agency;
  • Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration, Department “Surveying and land cadastre”
  • Tashkent Architecture and building institute, Department of “Surveying and Cadastre”;
  • NUU Department of “Surveying, cartography and cadastre”;
  • Moscow State Mine Institute, Department of “Surveying and Mine Surveying”
  • Moscow University of Land Management;
  • Ural State Mine University, Department of “Surveying and Mine Surveying”;
  • State Committee of Land Resource, Surveying, Cartography and Cadastre;
  • State Plant of Navoiy mine-metallurgy;
  • Geology and Mineralogy State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan.







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