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Head of the department :

Musaev Marufdzhan  


Phone : (71) 246-82-15

Email address:

History of the Department

Order of the Rector of TashPI dated February 12 for number 18.
In 1962, the department “Safety Engineering and Fire Fighting Techniques” was founded. On September 20, 1965, on the basis of order No. 238, the Department of Internal Affairs was renamed “Labor Protection”. Along with the educational process at the department conducted scientific and scientific practical work. Subsequently, six defended their thesis. Since 1999, it became a profiling department in the direction of 5860100, in 2003, the first was the graduation of bachelors, who were distributed to jobs in various sectors of the economy.
At present, we are graduating bachelor students on the board 5640100 – Life Safety and Master’s Degree in the specialty 5А640101- Labor protection, safety of technological processes and production (by industry).
The department has a laboratory base which is equipped with the necessary devices. Where students master along with theoretical, practical skills, it meets all the requirements in the preparation of highly qualified specialists.

Directions of Education:


5640100- Life safety


5А640101-Labor protection safety of  technology processes (in industry)

Teaching staff of the department: 

  • Musaev Marufjon – head of Department, professor
  • Mirzaraximov Mirsolix – professor
  • Suleymanov Adiljan – professor
  • Rasuleva Mavlyuda – associate professor
  • Petrosova Larisa – associate professor
  • Abdurakhmanova Azoda – docent
  • Yusuphodzhaeva Elnora – docent
  • Shomansurov Sunnat – docent
  • Khasanova Oydin – docent
  • Turabekova Urhia – senior Lecturer
  • Akhrorov Bobirhodja – senior Lecturer
  • Rasulev Aliakbar – senior Lecturer
  • Abdurakhmanova Surayyo – senior Lecturer
  • Gulomova Gulnora – senior Lecturer
  • Narziev Shovqiddin – senior Lecturer
  • Aripxodjaeva Malika – senior Lecturer
  • Botirova Nargiza – senior Lecturer
  • Ahmedova Nargiza – senior Lecturer
  • Rahmatova Dilnoza – senior Lecturer
  • Atabayeva Mamura – senior Lecturer
  • Bоronov Mardon – senior Lecturer
  • Низомова Дилрабо – senior Lecturer
  • Холматова Наргиза – senior Lecturer
  • Kushnazarov Pоlat – senior Lecturer
  • Musayeva Dilnoza – ассистент
  • Urmanov Iskandar – ассистент
  • Qurbonov Shovkat – ассистент
  • Nosirova Saodat – ассистент

Educational and methodical work of the department:

The “Safety life activity” department performs scientific research on the effectiveness of dostovernosti and security of the devices and constructions of industrial enterprises of Uzbekistan.

Research work is carried out in 4 areas:

  • Security issues of using industrial waste;
  • Ways of liquidation and hazard assessment of oil and gas companies;
  • Ensuring the safety of oil waste treatment and disposal processes;
  • Fire safety problems in buildings and structures.

On the basis of research papers, the publication of articles and their use in educational and methodical works.
In recent years, the following textbooks have been prepared for publication. For example , the textbook “Safety of life” “Hayot faoliyati xavfsizligi” special course “labor Protection”, “rescue work”, “Fundamentals of fire safety”, etc. as well As preparing for the publication of methodological manuals for laboratory and practical coursework.


In 2018, the following monographs were prepared and published by the faculty of the department:

  • Musaev M.N. Problems of ensuring the safety of the use of industrial waste. Ed. Hamburg (Germany) Lambert Academic Publishing, 2018 – 120 p.
  • Suleymanov A.A. Theoretical and tactics bases of safety at emergencies. Ed. Hamburg (Germany) Lambert Academic Publishing, 2018 – 85 p.
  • Petrosov Yu.E., Petrosova L.I. Development of deep horizons of ore quarries with high benches. Ed. Hamburg (Germany) Lambert Academic Publishing, 2018 – 69 p.
  • Shomansurov S.S. Ensuring the safety of the process of cleaning and disposal of oil waste. Ed. Hamburg (Germany) Lambert Academic Publishing, 2018 – 110 p. 

Educational and methodical work of the department:

The “Safety life activity” department performs research works on the efficiency, reliability and safety of electromechanical devices and facilities of manufacturing enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

  • research work is carried out in 4 areas:
  • Study of the work of electromechanical devices and the construction of mining enterprises; determine the parameters of their effectiveness of reliability and safety;
  • Scientific substantiation of methods for improving the efficiency of electro-mechanical devices and facilities of mining enterprises; development of methods for controlling the operating modes of electromechanical instruments and structures to improve effective performance;
  • Improving the stability, reliability and environmental performance of electromechanical instruments and structures;
  • On the basis of research works, the release of articles and their use in educational and methodical works.

In recent years, the following textbooks have been prepared for publication. For example, “Health and Safety”, “Fahiyatii Havfsizligi” special course on “Labor Protection”, “Emergency – Rescue Work”, etc. And also they are preparing to publish methodological manuals for the implementation of laboratory and practical, coursework.


Currently, all teachers use the methodology of modern pedagogical technologists based on the new program that meets all the requirements of the State Education Standard.
Also at the department there are joint agreements with industrial enterprises, institutes of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, academic lyceums and colleges.

Laboratory  rooms of the department:

On the part of the department staff, a huge amount of work has been done, as a result of which laboratory rooms for occupational safety, fire prevention and safety have been created.












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