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Head of the Department
Phone : +998 71 246-05-54
E-mail address: 
Reception days:Monday-Saturday, 1400-1600


The history of the Department

Training of specialists for the mining industry of Uzbekistan was started in 1920 at the mining Department of the technical faculty of Turkestan state University. The Department of Mining, which is part of the faculty was headed by a famous scientist Professor M. M. Protodyakonov.
The activity of the University staff was connected with the solution of practical problems of the national economy and the development of the main directions of scientific research. During these years, Professor M. M. Protodyakonov wrote and published the work ” Mining art».
Intensive development of the national economy required the establishment of institutions in various technical sectors.
In Uzbekistan, these works began with the organization of the Central Asian geological prospecting Institute (later the Central Asian mining Institute) on the basis of the physics and mathematics faculty of Turkestan state University. Training of specialists in the field of mining was discontinued in 1930 due to the death of Professor M. M. Protodyakonov. In 1933 the building power and mining institutes were United and the Central Asian industrial Institute with construction, power and mining faculties was organized.
To provide the mining industry with professionals working in the industry in 1934 was organized the Department of “Development of mineral deposits”. The first head of the Department was Professor, doctor of technical Sciences Popov. In 1936 the Department was divided into two departments: “coal mining and “Development of mineral deposits” Department, “coal mining” was headed by Professor A. S. Popov, and the second the chair “Development of mineral deposits” was headed by assistant Professor N.V.Mishchenko.
Professor Popov as a prominent scientist and specialist made a worthy contribution to the development of the mining industry in Uzbekistan and the training of highly qualified specialists. Professor Popov was awarded the title “Honored worker of science and technology of Uzbekistan”. After leaving Uzbekistan Professor Popov in 1948-1974 worked in the Kazakh Academy of Sciences, the future academician.
In 1948, the Department was again merged into one Department “development of mineral deposits” and was headed by associate Professor, later Professor N.V.Mishchenko of the late with his life (1969.) He was a great scientist and mentor. In 1964 he was awarded the title “Honored worker of science and technology of Uzbekistan”.
In order to provide highly qualified specialists intensively developing mining industry of Uzbekistan” Department “Development of mineral deposits” in 1970 was divided into departments: “Technology and complex mechanization of underground mining” and “Technology and complex mechanization of open mining”.
The Department of Technology and complex mechanization of underground mining of mineral deposits in 1970-1974 was headed by the” Honored geologist of Uzbekistan associate professor of the “Department of technology and complex mechanization”. He was the Vice-rector of the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute in 1966-1979. In 1995, the Department again united under the name” Development of mineral deposits”.
In different years (1974-1997) the Department was headed by associate professor A. A. Abidov, associate professor U.A.Isamukhamedov, associate professor T. G. Akbarov, professor B. R. Raimjanov.
In addition to the above heads, Professor M. L. Smirnov, associate Professor R. Berzak worked at the Department in different years., L. Gertman. N. F. Fayzullaev. N. N. Dyakonov., A. I. Sprygin., O. B. Levinsky. V. S. Fefelov., A. Lebedkov. F. M. Aripova., I. I. Inogamov. D. With Djalmagambetova., Shamirzaev H. H., R. A Tajibaev., E. Sh. Khodjaev. A. N. Kuznetsov. Yu. E Petrosov., Kayumov Z. H. candidates of technical Sciences Etc Turagalov., A. Salimov. Sh. R. Jumaev., senior lecturer I. M. Asimov., W. In Razamat. A.Pulatov., A. R. Boguslavsky., S. L Abyan., engineers T. A. Mukhammedov. T. W Sharipov, I. Minibaev and others. They have made a worthy contribution to the training of highly qualified miners. In 2000, the Department again divided into two: “Discovery of mining” and “Underground mining”. The Department “Underground development of mineral deposits” in 2000-2005 was headed by D. Melikulov. In 2005, the Department”, “Discovery of mining”, “Underground mining”, “mineral Processing” and “surveying”merged into one Department “Mining”. Head was prof. V. R. Rakhimov in 2015 from this chair on the basis of specialty on underground development of mineral deposits the chair “geotechnologies of coal and layer deposits” this chair is now headed by doctor D. R. Makhmudov.
The department has scientific relations with the Moscow mining Institute, Kuzbass state technical University, Freiberg mining Academy and many coal and mining enterprises of the country.

Educational directions of the department:


  • 5311600-Mining (development of coal deposits)
  • 5311600-Mining (underground mining)


  • 5А311601-Development of mineral deposits (underground methods)

Teaching staff of the department:

  1. Head of department – PhD. Махмудов Дилмурод Рахматжонович
  2. associate professor.PhD-Akbarov Tahirjan Gulyamovich
  3. associate professor.PhD- Ismailov Anvarbek Sunnatullayevich
  4. senior lecturer – Umarov Bahodir Turgunovich
  5. senior lecturer – Israilov  Mansurjon Abdisamatovich
  6. senior lecturer –Hudoyberdiyae Farrukh Tillayevich
  7. assistant- Mardonov Isomiddin Nurillaevich
  8. assistant –Muratov Zuhriddin, Tulaganovich
  9. assistant-Kudratov Islam Abdugani ugli

Research activities of the department:

Applied project OT-A 13-11 ” Development of effective technological schemes of rational direction of development of mining operations in the quarries”

Scientific and methodical activities of the department:

The Department has educational and methodical complexes in all subjects. Methodical instructions on the performed laboratory works at the Department are published.


The monograph “Improvement of drilling and blasting operations in deep quarries ” is being prepared for publication


Published a textbook on the subject of “Design of mining enterprises” and is preparing to publish a textbook on the subject of” Drilling and Blasting”

Laboratory rooms of the department:

Laboratory work on the subject of ” Drilling and Blasting”


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