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Head of Department
Turakhodjaev Nodir Djahongirovich
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Phone number: +998 93553 09 24

History of the department:

The department “Foundry technology” is one of the main departments of the Faculty of Mechanics. 1941 Due to the start of World War II, the Kiev Industrial Institute moved to Tashkent. As part of this institute was the department “Foundry”. During this period, the opening of the department “Foundry technology”. 1941 The department was headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences. Vashchenko KI, and after returning in 1944. supervised docent. Berezin PG and then assoc. Turbovsky M.M. In 1948 The department was headed by D.Sc. Fuklev V.A. who came from MSTU. At the time, the department was headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor S.A. Rasulov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor V.V. Chekurov, Ph.D., Associate Professor A.Yu.Akhunov, D.t. .n., Professor ND Turakhodzhaev. To date, more than 3000 students, bachelors and masters graduated from the department. Among the graduates of the department are candidates and doctors of technical sciences. Including Shoobidov Sh.A., Chekurov V.V., Rasulov S.A., Bakirov R.A., Romanov OB, Miragzamov M.M., Izmailov V.S., Yusupov D.R. , Turakhodzhaev ND, Norkhuzhayev F. R., Shazimov A.O., Asiryans CA, Atajanov G.L.The faculty and senior researchers of the department are actively involved in international and national scientific conferences with reports at the annual innovation fairs with scientific developments.Today, the department has established contacts with more than 10 foreign universities and laboratories, in particular, the Harbin Engineering Institute (China), Moscow Aviation Institute (Russia), Penza State Technical University (Russia), Technical University Toyohashi (Japan).The teaching staff of the department published textbooks, teaching aids and guidelines in accordance with the curriculum.


Total number of students: 75

Bachelor’s Degree:

  • 5312800 – Foundry technology

Master’s direction:

  •  5A312801 – Foundry technology (non-ferrous alloys)
  •  5A310302 – Metallurgical machines and equipment (casting)

The direction of training the undergraduate department:

  • 5312800 – Foundry technology

Master’s specialties of the department:

  •  5A312801 – Foundry technology (non-ferrous alloys)
  •  5A310302 – Metallurgical machines and equipment (casting)

Teaching staff of the department:

    1. Turaxodjayev Nodir Djaxongirovich, doctor of technical sciences, professor
    2. Rasulov Saidabbos Asamedinovich, doctor of technical sciences, professor
    3. Xalimjonov Tohir Salimovich, сandidate of Technical Sciences, doсent
    4. Saidhodjayeva Shohista Nuritdinovna, Senior Lecturer
    5. Djalalova Sevara Tuhtamuratovna , Senior Lecturer
    6. To’rayev Anvar Normamatovich, assistant
    7. Asatov Sunnatullo Ne’matilloyevich, assistant

Scientific work carried out at the department:

The department is working on the following scientific areas:

  • development of technology to improve the properties of aluminum alloys.
  • development of technology for producing high-quality cast iron in an IST-0.06 induction furnace.
  • production of high-quality castings in an electroslag furnace from university secondary metals.
  • development of castings with new light alloy properties.
  • improved design of 3D printers
  • improvement of the designs of melting units ensuring resource and energy saving.

Scientific and methodical work carried out at the department:

Preparation and publication of textbooks of lectures, educational guidelines, tests for the control in all subjects.Updating the material and technical base of the department, the introduction of scientific achievements in lectures and seminars are urgent tasks solved by members of the department. In recent years, the faculty of the department published a number of teaching aids, guidelines for conducting seminars and scientific articles. The site Ziyonet included electronic versions of articles, teaching aids prepared and published by members of the department.

Monographs: 2

Tutorials: 8

Texts of lectures:

There are electronic and paper versions of the lecture texts prepared for all courses of special subjects. Electronic versions made to the portal Ziyonet

Brief information about training and laboratory rooms:

There are scientific and educational laboratories, a computer class. The department has a library and exhibition of scientific and educational developments. In the laboratory for the process of melting and pouring the melt into molds, there are 3 types of melting furnaces: induction furnace IST-0.06, electric resistance furnace, electroslag furnace with graphite electrode. There are 2 types of chill molds and a chill mold machine for castings from non-ferrous metals, 2 kinds of runners, a crushing machine, a screw-cutting lathe, a drilling machine, a muffle furnace. The laboratory for molding mixtures contains instruments and installations for determining the strength and hardness of molding and core mixtures, determining the gas permeability of forms, technical scales and drying ovens. In the laboratory of alloys there are microscopes, thin sections of metals and alloys, and a polishing unit. In the laboratory for additive technologies, there is one 3D printer manufactured in the USA, two 3D printers made by students. In this laboratory room there is an interactive whiteboard with a control panel, computers on which work is carried out on programming parts for 3D printing. At the department there is a department library of 400 books on the specialty and an exhibition of models with samples of scientific developments of the department staff.

Department address:Tashkent city Almazar district, st. University 2.



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