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Head of Department
Nematov Erkinjon Hamroevich
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) on technical sciences, Docent
Phone+998 71 246 49 50,   +998 99 831 17 83
Reception days:
Monday-Saturday From 14-00 to 18-00

History of the department:
The department “Theoretical Mechanics”, being one of the oldest departments of Tashkent State Technical University, was established in 1920 as part of Turkestan State University. Later in SAHIPI the department was formed under the name “Technical Mechanics”, and the department was headed by Professor Zharkov D.V. In 1933, the Department of Theoretical Mechanics was formed at the SAII, and it was headed by Associate Professor N. Salarev in the period 1934-1962. In 1962-1968, the department of “Theoretical Mechanics” was in charge of the department of “Theoretical Mechanics” in the newly formed Central Asian Polytechnic Institute, and later the Tashkent Polytechnical Institute. Associate Professor Khristoforov V.V., 1968-1973. Associate Professor Nasreddinov SS, 1973-1987. Associate Professor Khudoyberdiev RD and in 1987-1988. Professor Abutaliev E.B.Later on the basis of the TashPI three institutions were formed. The department “Theoretical Mechanics” was headed in 1988-2002 at the newly formed Tashkent Machine-Building Institute, and later formed by the Abu Rayhan Beruni Tashkent State Technical University. Associate Professor Khudoyberdiev RD, Associate Professor Valiev MA and Khabibullaeva H.N. During these years, associate professors Yu.N.Kokonkov, V.A. Nagornov, V.V. Khristoforov, A.G. Umarov, A.Kh.Musalov, Kh.Mirkhamidova, teachers K. B. Muminov, Z.V.Stupina, L.K.Strakovich.By the order of the Rector of the Tashkent State Technical University on August 26, 2002, the departments “Theoretical Mechanics” and “Machine Parts and Mechanical Engineering” were combined and named “Theoretical Mechanics and Machine Parts” by him. I. Suleymonova. In accordance with the order of the rector of the Tashkent State Technical University on September 5, 2006, the department received the title “Theoretical mechanics, machine parts, equipment and service technology”. In 2008, on the basis of this department, the department “Theoretical mechanics and machine parts” was organized. In 2002-2006 The department was headed by D.Sc. Professor Shaobidov S. From the end of 2006, the department was headed by D.Sc. Professor K.A. KarimovDuring the leadership of the department Professor K.A. Karimov at the department was working on the modernization of the educational process and teaching activities and the introduction of innovative educational technologies. Innovative teaching methods have been developed, department work plans have been developed and implemented in the educational process, which make it possible to efficiently use modern information, communication, and pedagogical technologies.

Theory of Mechanisms and Machines

The department “Theory of Mechanisms and Machines” was founded in 1920 under the guidance of professors A.I. Ivanov and G. Ketov.

  • Until 1950, the department was headed by Professor A.Ivanov, in 1960-1962, the department was headed by Associate Professor A.S.Andandrov.
  • In 1962-1965 the department “Theory of Mechanisms and Machines and Parts of Machines” was organized, and the department was headed by Associate Professor N. Münster.
  • Since 1965, the department was divided into two parts: “Theory of mechanisms and machines” and “Machine parts”. They were headed by associate professors N.S. Münster and professor I.Sulaimonov. Later the department was headed by associate professor Z. Izzatov, professor Z. Z. Zainutdinov, professor A. Ya. Dzhuraev, professor K. A. Karimov.
  • Since 2005, the department taught the discipline “Theory of Mechanisms and Machines”, “Resistance of Materials” and “Applied Mechanics”.
  • From 2005 to 2009 students from developed countries, including England, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland, did internship at the department.
  • From 1995 to 2012, the head of the department was prof. R.I. Karimov Since 2016, the department is headed by Associate Professor N.N. Begimov. Currently, the department is called “Theoretical Mechanics and Theory of Mechanisms and Machines.”

 Educational and methodical activities of the department

Professors and teachers of the department are actively involved in the educational process. The subjects “Theoretical Mechanics” and “Theory of Mechanisms and Machines” are taught in all faculties of 1,2,3 courses of the university. Students are provided with textbooks, guidelines and handouts to successfully study these sciences. Theoretical mechanics and the theory of machines and mechanisms are used by students of technical universities, the electronic educational center of the university provides electronic versions of the curriculum, modern pedagogical and information technologies, guidelines for the implementation of calculation and graphic works are being introduced and used. The course “Theory of Mechanisms and Machines” is equipped with laboratory equipment for laboratory work, and the laboratories of the department fully meet the requirements for conducting the educational process.

Tutorials and guidelines created by the faculty of the department: 

  • Каримов Р.И., Садуллаев Ш.А. Моделирование кинематики и динамики кулачково-рычажного механизма с двухповодковой группой 2-го вида. ТГТУ, Ташкент, 2012.
  • Каримов Р.И. Теоретические основы и конструкции планетарного и бипланетарного приводов рабочих органов тестомесильных машин. ТГТУ, Ташкент, 2013
  • Каримов Р.И., Бегимов Н.Н.Моделирование кинематики и кинетостатики цикловых механизмов. ТГТУ, Ташкент, 2015
  • Каримов Р.И., Бегимов Н.Н., Шахобутдинов Р.Э. Кинематические и кинетостатические расчеты плоских рычажных механизмов на основе информационно-компьютерных технологий. ТГТУ, Ташкент, 2017.
  • Каримов К.А, Каримов Р.И.Ахмедов А.Х. Развитие теоретических основ механизмов с упрвляемыми параметрами и связями. ТГТУ, Ташкент, 2016.
  • Каримов Р.И, Каримов К.А.,Бегимов Н.Н. Механизм ва машиналар назарияси. ТГТУ, Ташкент, 2019.
  • Karimov K.A., Habibullayeva X.N. Harakat differensial tenglamalarini   Integrallash. Uslubiy ko’rsatma, Toshkent 2010, ToshDTU.
  • Каримов К.А., Хабибуллаева Х.Н. Teбранма ҳаракатлар. Услубий кўрсатма.Тошкент 2011, ТошДТУ.
  • Хабибуллаева Х.Н., Файзуллаева Ф.Д. Нуқтанинг мураккаб ҳаракати. Услубий    кўрсатма. Тошкент 2011, ТошДТУ.
  • Шообидов Ш.А.,Хабибуллаева Х.Н., Файзуллаева Ф.Д.
  •  Nazariy mexanika.  O’quv  qo’llanma. T.: Yangi asr avlodi, 2008 й,
  • Habibullayeva X.N.. Nazariy mexanika. O’quv qo’llanma. Tosh. 2010, ToshDTU
  • Habibullayeva X.N. Tekislikda ixtiyoriy joylashgan kuchlar sistemasi ta’siridagi jismlarning tayanch reaksiya kuchlarini aniqlash. Uslubiy ko’rsatma. ТoshDTU, 2014 й.
  • Habibullayeva X.N.  Fazoda ixtiyoriy joylashgan kuchlar sistemasi ta’siridagi jismlarning tayanch reaksiya kuchlarini aniqlash. Услубий    кўрсатма.  ТoshDTU, 2015 й.
  • Habibullayeva X.N. Mumkin bo’lgan ko’chishlar prinsipi. Uslubiy ko’rsatma. ТoshDTU, 2016 й.
  • Habibullayeva X.N. Moddiy nuqta va mexanik sistema uchun Dalamber prinsipi. Uslubiy ko’rsatma. ТoshDTU, 2018 й.
  • Karimov K.A., Habibullayeva X.N.. Qattiq jismning tekis parallel harakati. Uslubiy ko’rsatma.ТoshDTU, 2019 й. 

Research work of the department

The department conducts research in two directions.

  •   1 D.Sc., professor K.A. Karimov is the head of the research area: “Development of the theoretical foundations and devices of the new generation for the control of mechanical complexes and mechanisms.”
  • D.Sc., Professor R.I. Karimov – Head of the scientific direction: “Kinematics, dynamics and synthesis of cyclic mechanisms”.

Professors and teachers of the department actively participate with their speeches, articles at republican and international conferences and symposia. The department is conducting research works with doctoral students. Fundamental, practical and innovative projects were implemented. The results of scientific work are embedded in the educational process.

At present, the course “Theoretical Mechanics” is conducted by experienced teachers, Professor K. A. Karimov,Associate Professor H. N. Khabibullaeva, Senior Lecturers   Z.M.Kurbanova, V.M.Shakov, A.P.Rasulov and T.D.Khodzhibekov.In the course “Theory of Mechanisms and Machines”, experienced teachers, Professor K.A. Karimov, Professor R.I. Karimov, associate professor N. N. Begimov, senior lecturer R.E. Shohobuddinov. The department “Theoretical Mechanics and Theory of Mechanisms and Machines” is the base for higher technical educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Teaching staff of the department:

  1. Nematov E.H. PhD, docent, head of department
  2. Karimov, K.A. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
  3. Khudjaev M.K. Doctor of Technical Sciences
  4. Begimov N.N. candidate of technical sciences, docent
  5. Axmedov A.X PhD
  6. Khabibullaeva Kh.N. docent
  7. Abdukarimov A. candidate of technical sciences.
  8. Zokirov A.X. candidate of technical sciences, docent
  9. Axmedov X.A. PhD
  10. Ibragimov F.X. PhD
  11. Qayumov A.SH. PhD

Work in the direction of “mentor-student”

Our students win prizes at the annual Republican Olympiads in theoretical mechanics and the theory of mechanisms and machines. Under the guidance of prof. K.A. Karimov is a third-year student of group 95-15 Jalilova Malika, and in 2018, under the guidance of Аssociate professor N.N. Begimov, 4th year student Mahmudov Feruzbek, took the first places in the theory of mechanisms and machines at the Republican Olympiad. In 2018 under the guidance of Аssociate professor N.N. Begimov, student M. Jalilova became a scholar of the honorary scholarship named after Abu Rayhan Biruni. Students participate in the celebrations held by the department. Below is a photo sequence of such events.


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