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Head of Department
Berdiyev Dorob Muratovich
Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor
Telefon: + 998 94 627 16 69
Days and times of receiption:
Tuesday 14:00 – 16:00
Friday 14:00 – 16:00

History of department:

The department “Metal forming” was established according to  “On measures to further improve the activities of the Tashkent State Technical University” ПҚ-2524 decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 2, 2016.At the present time specialists are trained at the department in 3 areas of the bachelor’s degree and 2 in the magistracy specialties.  At the department at the time, the staff consists of 6 professors: 2 of them doctors of technical sciences, a professor and 1 candidate of technical sciences. In 2016-2018, 2 doctors of technical sciences (Norhudzhaev F.R., Tilabov B.K.) were trained at the department. At the department, the applied project OT-A3-30 under the title “Development of the technological process of creating metal layered compositions for tool production” is being implemented. At the Department of 2016-2018 years published 1 textbook, 2 manuals and 1 monograph. In 2018, at the door of the 27th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the master of the 2-year course of the group 100-17 OMD Tashmatov Ravshan Kobilovich according to decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 29.08. In 2018 he was awarded the medal “Kelajak Bunyodkori”.

Bachelor’s course,specialty magistracy:

Bachelor’s direction, 5313600 – Machines and metal working with pressure, 5322100 – Technology of rolling production and 5320300 – Technological machines and equipment (rolling machines), Specialties in master’s degree – 5A320208 – Metal working with pressure, 5А310305 – Rolling production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Teaching staff of the department (scientific position)

Norkhudjaev F.R. – Head of the Department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor;2. Abdullaev F.S. – professor, doctor of technical sciences, professor;3. Mukhamedov A.A. – Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences;4. Mahmudova N.A. – Senior teacher;5. Ahmadaliev Sh.Sh. – Assistant;6. Saydumarov B.M. – Assistant

Teachers of department

Scientific-research work of the department

The department conducts research work in the afternoon on the following topics:1. Development of theoretical and technological basis for production and heat treatment of metal layered compositions – Head of the Doctor of Technical Sciences, Assoc. F. Norkhudjaev;2. Intensification of sheet and volumetric stamping processes – head of the Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. Abdullaev F. ..At the Department since 2017 to now, the applied project OT-A3-30, entitled “Development of the technological process for the creation of metal laminate compositions for tool production” is being implemented. The amount of financing of this project for 2018 is 57,000,000 sum.In this project, 2 doctors of technical sciences, 2 candidates of technical sciences, 2 senior teachers, 1 assistant, 1 technician and 2 undergraduates participate. According to this applied project, technological foundations will be developed for the efficient production of metallic layered compositions and products with high strength properties by casting method for gasifying models. At the department of teaching staff and staff in 2017-2018, published 6 articles in foreign journals, more than 20 articles on republican journals, and more than 10 theses in international and republican conferences. At the moment, 2 candidates conducts research at the department.

Scientific and methodical work of the department

At the department in 2018, according to the new requirements, qualification requirements, curricula and subject programs in 3 areas of bachelor’s degree and 2 masters’ specialties were developed and applied in the educational process. For 2018 it is planned to issue 1 textbook, 1 textbook and 1 lecture summary.

Department circle


Norhudzhaev F.R. Theoretical and technological foundations of production and heat treatment of metallic layered compositions: Monograph. – Tashkent .: “Navruz” Publishing House, 2017. – 172 p.Tilabov B.K. Methods of increasing wear resistance of high-chromium parts by optimal alloying and heat treatment. Monograph. – Т .: Publishing house “Fan va texnologiya”, 2018, 160 p.


F.R. Norxudjayev Termik va kimyoviy-termik ishlov berish nazariyasi va texnologiyasi. (Darslik). – T.: “Fan va texnologiya”, 2016, 192 bet

The laboratory classroom of department

Communicate department with Tashkent Metallurgy  factory

Students of department in the measure of I. A. Karimov


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