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Head of department  

Chief of the department
Norxudjaev Fayzulla Ramazanovich
The doctor of technical sciences, professor

Phone +998 71 229-26-01  +998 93553-16-84
E:mail  norxojae.
Reception time
Tuesday – 1400-1600 
Friday –  1400-1600

History of the department:

The department of “Materials Science” was founded on the basis of the departments of “Metal Technology and Materials Science” in 1907, for this reason it can be called one of the oldest departments of the university. It was established in 1920 on the basis of the technical faculty of the Turkestan National University. From 1922 to 1967, which was led by Professor E.E. Mikhailovich.In 1928, a metal research laboratory and training workshop were established on the basis of the department.In 1933, the Central Asian Industrial Institute was created, and the department remained at this institute. By this time, the department was provided with highly qualified teachers in order to conduct scientific and educational work. The teachers of the department contributed to the preparation of highly qualified specialists in this field and in the field of research: quality control of blanks, metallographic and mechanical laboratory analyzes, identifying the causes of defects in blanks for the development of industry in the Central Asian region, especially during the Great Patriotic War. After the Great Patriotic War, the Department of Metal Technology was the single department where postgraduate studies functioned.

During these years, under the guidance of Professor M.M. Mikhailov defended the following candidates of science: N.R. Nizov, A.D. Mashkov, Ya.Z. Uspensky, N.P. Frolova, G.I. Yakunin, A.A. Yakunin, A.A. Mukhamedov, O.Kh. Alaferdov, O.U. Alimov, and others.The department “Metal Technology” was the base department, on the basis of which the departments “Technology of Welding Production” and “Materials Science” were organized.The chair “Technology of Metals” for the years 1967-1986 was headed by Honored Worker of Science and Technology prof. V.A. Mirbabaev; in 1986-1991 Assoc. S.K. Kosimhodjaev; in 1991-1995, Associate Professor E.O. Umarov; in 1995-1997 and 2002-2007 associate professor Sh.A. Karimov.In 1997, the department “Metal Technology” was joined by the department “Technology of metal forming and equipment.” After the accession of these departments, the department was given the name “Metal technology and pressure treatment.” Professor A.S. was appointed as the head of the department. Abdullaev.With the creation of the “Materials Science” department, many scientists of the republic, such as Professor A.A. Mukhamedov, Associate Professor F.R. Norhudzhaev (2003-2009), Assoc. F. Turaev (2009-2010), Assoc. Sh.A. Karimov (2010-2015). For 10 years at the department chaired by prof. A.A. Mukhamedova acted specialized scientific council for the protection of PhD theses. In this council at the department more than 10 candidates of technical sciences were trained.From 2015 to the present day, the head of the department of “Materials Science” is one of the young doctors of sciences Umida Alijanovna Ziyamukhamedova. Since the beginning of her leadership, the department revived the scientific activity and work of scientific fields, the result of which is the defense of doctoral theses by associate professors S.D. Nurmurodov and F.R.Norkhujaev in 2018, thesis defense for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in 2017-2018 by K.G. Bakhadirov, A. Kh. Rasulov and Sh.M. Shakirov.  Since 2016, 3 doctors of technical sciences, professors, 4 candidates of technical sciences, associate professors, 4 senior lecturers, 4 assistants, 6 senior scientific researchers are engaged in research and teaching activities.

Currently, the department of “Materials Science” is preparing bachelors in the direction 5320100- “Materials Science and Technology of New Metals” and undergraduates in the specialty 5A320101- “Materials Science and Technology of Materials (Mechanical Engineering)”. It is one of the leading departments of the Republic and participates in the development of standards in the specialty, curriculum, model programs, as well as the necessary nominative documents.Over 5000 graduate bachelors of the department and 50 masters contribute to the development of the economy of our republic today, working in the largest enterprises, such as the Uzbek Metallurgical Combine, Navai Mining and Metallurgical, Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combines, Tashkent Tractor Works, Tashkent Aggregate Works, the Asaka automobile plant, the GM-UZBEKISTAN engine plant, the Navainsky machine-building plant, the Mubarek gas processing plant, the Shurtan gas-chemical complex and others.The teaching staff is actively involved in the research activities of the department. The department for 25 years of its activity has completed more than 30 business contracts and more than 20 government grants worth over 500 mil. sum Among them, the work under the guidance of prof. A.A. Mukhamedov and his students, prof. R.Kh. Saydakhmedova and his students, prof. UA Ziyamukhamedova and her students, prof. S.D. Nurmurodova, Assoc. Sh.A.Karimova and others.The bachelor’s, master’s and senior research fellows of the department are actively involved in the implementation of research projects of economic contracts and state grants. The results of their development department participates in the Republican Innovation Fair.For 25 years, teachers of the department published more than 2,000 scientific articles. These articles have been published in the USA, South Korea, Bulgaria, Russia, Azerbaijan, and republican journals. In addition, professors and teachers of the department participated in more than 100 republican and international conferences, and published their articles.Professors-teachers and senior researchers published 15 monographs. Among them is the monograph Assoc. Sh.A. Karimov, “The application of wear-resistant powder coatings by the method of electrocontact sintering”, Assoc. F.R. Norhudzhaeva, Sh.M. Shakirova “Ishlab chiqarishda issiq holda presslash usuli bilan yeyilishga chidamli qoplamalar qoplash texnologiyasi”, Assoc. S.D. Nurmurodova “Theoretical and technological aspects of the creation of structural materials based on fine powders of refractory metals”, “Thermophysical foundations of structure formation in cast bimetallic composites”, Ph.D. W.A. Ziyamukhamedovoy “Anticorrosive and water-abrasion-resistant heterocomposite materials based on polymers and local minerals”, Assoc. K.K. Kadyrbekova “Nanostructured coatings and modern methods of processing materials” and others.The faculty of the department actively participated in the development of new inventions. During the period of activity, more than 50 patents for inventions were received.The department of “Materials Science” during this period had great success in the creation of scientific methodological works and has released to this day more than 200 textbooks and teaching aids. Textbooks were published: prof. Mirbabaeva V.A. “Technology of construction materials” and “Materials Science”, prof. Umarova E.O. “Material shunoslik”, “Uchish detellarini and relax chisharish technologies”, Assoc. Karimova Sh.A., Shakirova Sh.M. “Nometall Materiallar Technologies”, Assoc. Norhudzhaeva F.R. “Material shunoslik”, Assoc. Nurmurodova S.D. “Material shunoslik va constructional material teklarases”, prof. W.A. Ziyamukhamedova “Materialshunoslik”.The department collaborates with research institutes at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Institute of IIAs of the Russian Federation, the Kumo Institute of Technology of South Korea, the Industrial and Pedagogical Institute of Crimea in Russia, the Technical Institute of Istanbul in Turkey. The textbook “Yuzalarga Ishlov Berish Tekhnologalari” by the authors Sh.A. Karimov, V.Kim, and U.Ziyamukhamedova was also prepared and published together with foreign partners.

Today, the department conducts its activities in cooperation with the leading enterprises of the Republic: Bekabad Metallurgical Combine, Navoinsky Mining and Metallurgical Combine, Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine ODU “Muborak Neftgaz”, JSC Tashkent Aggregate Works, ON “Technologist” and others.

Bachelor and Master Degrees:

Currently, as a result of continuing education in our country at the department of “Materials Science” prepares bachelors in the direction 5320100 – “Materials science and technology of new materials” and masters in the specialty 5A320101 – “Materials and technologies of materials”.

Veterans of the department


He was born on November 30, 1930 in the city of Kokand. In 1953 he graduated from the Mechanical Faculty of the Central Asian Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Tractor and Automobile. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. From 1957 to 1968 he worked as an assistant, senior lecturer, assistant professor at the Central Asian Polytechnic Institute. From 1968 to 1995, he headed the department “Metallurgy” (later “Materials Science”).


He was born in 1918 in Tashkent. In 1939 he graduated from the agricultural technical school and served in the army. In 1941, the Ulug participated in the Patriotic War and was awarded several state awards. In 1951 he graduated from SAII as an assistant. In 1952, he worked in TashPI as an assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor, and then head of the department “Metal technology”. In 1973 he was awarded the title “Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Uzbekistan” for outstanding scientific and pedagogical services. In 1976 he was awarded the title of professor.


Total number of students 362





Direction of education of bachelor of the department:

5320100 Materials Science and new materials technology

Specialty of master of the department:

5A320101 Materials Science and materials technology (machine building)

Professor-teaching staff of the department:

  1. Umarov Erkhin Odilovich Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor
  2. Karimov Shoirdjan Akhralovich Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor
  3. Nurmurodov Salokhiddin Dustmurodovich doctor of technical sciences, professor
  4.  Kadirbekova Kutpinisa Karimovna Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
  5. Rasulov Alisher Khakimovich PhD, associate professor
  6. Shakirov Shukhrat Musaevich   PhD, associate professor
  7. Pardaeva Gulchekhra Turdievna Senior Lecturer
  8. Alimbabaeva Zulkhumor Latipovna Senior Lecturer
  9. Begatov Jakhongir Muhamatjonovich
  10. Abdukarimova Sevara Botirovna
  11. Khabibullaeva Iroda Abdualievna
  12. Normurodov Ulugbek Erkhinovich
  13. Miradullaeva Gavkhar Bekpulatovna assistant

Scientific work carried out at the department:

  • Bakhadirov Kudratkhon Gayratovich.ЕАA-3-7 “Development of an optimal and energy-saving technology for producing sheet products from aluminum, copper and their alloys with ultrafine (nano) grains during asymmetric rolling”.
  • Norkhudjaev Fayzulla RamazanovichOT-A3-30- “Development of the technological process of creating metal laminated compositions for tool production”
  • Ziyamukhamedova U.A. OT-F2-41 “Study of structure formation processes and functional properties of heterocomposite polymeric materials for mechanical engineering based on local raw materials and energy resources”

Brief information about educational and laboratory audiences

Faculty of “Mechanics”, 1-floor, 19-20-21-classroom and 3-floor 309-311-laboratory.

Department address:Tashkent, Universitet street, house 2, Faculty of “Mechanics”, 3-floor, 314-room


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