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Head of the chief:

Karimov Kudratilla Fuadovich
DSc, docent
Foster days:
Daily 1400-1700

History of the chief:

Chief “Refrigeration and cryogenic engineering” was established in 1962 on the basic of the production laboratory in the cold of the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute and national economy in Central Asia Council. Initially, the chief was called “Compression refrigeration machines and plants”. The founder of the chief was honored worker of science and technology, PhD, professor A.I. Lavochnic.

From 1990 to 2008 doctor of technical science professor Zakirov S.G. headed the chief. In 2008-2011 the chief was headed by PhD, docent Karimov K.F.

In 2005, under the Common Order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the chief ”Technological machines and equipments” was formed on the basis of two chiefs “Machinery and equipment, oil and gas industries” and “Compression refrigeration machines and plants”.

In 2011, according to the Order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as a result of merge of chiefs “Technological machines and equipments” and “Machines and technologies of welding industry” and up to 13 April of 2015 this department was led by docent N.S. Dunyashin.

In 2015, under the Order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan department “Refrigeration and cryogenic engineering” was established and PhD, docent D.X. Azizov was appointed  as a head. Nowadays, leader of this chief is DSc, docent K.F. Karimov.

The direction of the bachelor degree:

5320300­­­ – Technological machines and equipment (Engineering, refrigeration and cryogenic engineering)

Speciality of the magistracy:

5A320303 – Machines and equipment refrigeration and cryogenic technique and air conditioning systems

Teachers of the chairs:

  1. DSc, docent Karimov K.F.
  2. DSc, proff. Zakirov S.G.
  3. PhD, docent Zakirova N.S.
  4. Nurmatov T.B.
  5. Qoraboyev A.S.
  6. ass. Islamova L.A.
  7. ass. Norxo’jaev A.S.

8.ass. Salmanova N.A

The scientific works carried out by the chairs:

  • Intensification of head exchange in the chemical industry. Scientific adviser: Zakirov S.G.
  • Advancing chilling efficiency of refrigeration machines. Scientific adviser: Karimov K.F.

In 2007 innovative research-study work ИОТ 2016-7-26 “Elaboration of new generation of high-efficiency column apparatus for chemical and oil-and-gas industry”.

Scientific and pedagogical work of the chief:

Methodical guidelines on the final qualifying works about modern refrigeration machines and equipments.

Responsible official: T.B. Nurmatov.


The sole study center in the country specialized on improving the qualification of technical staff in the sphere of cooling systems, functionate under the chief. In these courses the headmost scientific and technical lessons are led. Those students who passed exams successfully, receive certificates of achievements.


A summary of the laboratory room:

Laboratory «Chillers and heat pumps». Faculty of Mechanical engineering. Floor 1, 9b-room.

The honored teachers, veterans:

Lavochnik Abram Iosifovich


PhD, professor, was honored worker of science and technology of Uzbekistan, the founder of the chief.

Zakirov Sanat Gapurovich


DSc, professor. He studied at Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering. He prepared more than 20 PhD and 3 DSc.

Zakirova Zemfira Selimovna


The honor teacher. She graduated The Moscow High Technical School named after N.E. Bauman. She prepared more than thousand engineers of refrigerating technical.


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