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Head of the department
Sultanova Shakhnoza Abduvahitovna
The candidate of technical sciences
Phone: +99871 227-15-18

History of the department

The chair “Technics provision of services” was established on July 17, 2017 on the basis of Protocol No. 12 of the Council of TashSTU, the head of the department was appointed Ph.D. Mirzaev Kakhramon Karshiboevich.

Since August 24, 2018-2019 academic year by the order №03/09-402 the rector of the Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov was appointed the head of the department “Technics provision of services” associate professor Sultanova Shakhnoza Abduvakhitovna.

The department trains bachelors in the following areas: 5610600 – Engineering and technology of rendering services (rendering services to agricultural machinery), 5610100 – Services (road transport), 5320300 – Technological machines and equipment (food industry) and masters in specialty 5A310604 – Automobiles and Automobile Economy , 5A610101 – Services industry (road transport).

The main customers of the graduates of the department are JSC “O'zavtosanoat”, JSC “O'zagroservis”, JSC “O'zagrolizing”, JSC “GM UZBEKISTAN”, HC “O'zbekoziqovqatxolding”, association “O'zbekoziqovqatzaxira”.

The chair “Technics provision of services” has corporate relations with several manufacturing enterprises, including LLC “Agroservis MTP” of the Tashkent region; LLC “Agroservis MTP” Kibray branch of the Tashkent region; LLC MTP “Madaniyat agromashtexsozservis”; CC “Toshavtota'mirxizmat”; OOO “ROHAT-AVTOSERVIS”; OOO “MAX TAXI SERVISE”; JSC “O'ZBEKISTON SHAMPANI”; OOO “KIBRAY AGRO GROUP”.

Also at the department there are contracts and partnerships with research institutes of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, institutes, academic lyceums and colleges.

More than 10 monographs, 5 textbooks, 10 teaching aids, more than 26 methodical instructions, more than 200 articles and abstracts and reports in national and international journals were issued by the faculty.

5 patents, 2 trademarks (on production) and 2 patents on useful models were received from the scientists of the department for inventions.

Work is constantly conducted with gifted students, as a result they participate in the republican youth conferences and innovative projects.

Bachelor's and Master's Degree:

  • 5610600 – Technique and technology of rendering services (rendering services to agricultural machinery);
  • 5610100 – Services sector (road transport);
  • 5320300 – Technological machinery and equipment (food industry).
  • 5A310604 – Automobiles and Automobile Economy;
  • 5A610101 – Services sector (road transport).

Teaching staff of the department:

  1. Makhkamov Kabul Hamdamovich – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor;
  2. Irgashev Amirkul – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor;
  3. Yunushodjaev Saidakbarkhuzha Tursunkhodzhaevich – candidate of technical sciences, docent;
  4. Juraeva Gulchehra Shodievna – docent;
  5. Ishmuratov Hikmat Kakharovich – senior teacher;
  6. Mamasalieva Mukaddas Ibadullaevna – senior teacher;
  7. Ergasheva Zulfiya Kahramanovna – assistant;
  8. Igamberdiev Abdulaziz Abduraimovich – assistant;

9. Samandarov Doston Ishmuhammadvich – assistant.
The department has a relationship and joint contracts with production enterprise, research centre, institute, college and lycee.

The contingent: –

Total number

In each academic years closer 600 students (the students of the faculty Machine-building technology and Engineering geology and mountain deal) study the subjects of department “Design principles of machines”.  

Directions bachelor: 

  • 110 000 – Pedagogika;
  • 310 000 – Engineering deal;
  • 320 000 – Technology production;
  • 610 000 – Service

Directions of the magistracy: – Educational directions bachelor departments:

Department is considered leading and specialist does not released.

Professions of the magistracy of the department: – The scientific works of the department:

The department leads the research work on the following 4 directions.

1 direction.

“Development of the equipment for technical processing seeds of plants for different integer and motivation of the leading indexes”.

The industrial copy of the equipment on given technologies is made and passed the test. Defend one tesis and received one patent (the scientific leader – d.t.s., professor Shaabidov Sh.A.).

2 directions.

“Study tribotechnical quality of multifunctional oils on base of goodrone vegetable oils”. In given direction was defended one doctoral, one candidate's thesis. Scientific work is broadly used in production and is reached cost-performance more than 20 mln. sums. Will formed 3 monographs, more than 50 scientific articles and received 2 author's certificates. In relationship with countries: Germany, Ukraine, Chech, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Canada, data works were incarnate in life under the direction of d.t.s., prof. Shaabidov Sh.A.

3 directions.

“Creation and using the technological methods at estimation of capacity to work of the details of the machines on criterion wear stability and corrosion  stability” (scientific leader d.t.s., prof. Shaabidov Sh.A.)

The device for technical and preseeding  processing of seeds el. magnetic field of high 

power (the authors: prof. Shaabidov Sh.A. doc. S.D. Isamuhamedov, k.t.s. U.S. Isamuhamedov)

Scholastic-methodical work department.

They are prepared and typed professorial-teaching members of the department ” Design principles of machines” textbooks, scholastic allowances, synopsises lecture, scholastic-methodical allowances on experienced and practical work, allowances for performing computing-graphic work, manual of the execution course and degree work, tests and questionnaires for performing current, intermediate and final tests.

In process of the education new information and ped. technologies, ECM are used. Broadly teacher are introduced in scholastic process the most latest pedagogical developments such as, “Brain attack”, “Network” (klaster).

The improvement technical suply departments, use the scientific achievements in practical occupation and lecture is a vital by problem.  The gifted students take part in scientific work, emerge with report on scientific conference, and results have something published in scientific journal of the Republic.

At the following years prof-teaching composition of the department was created several monographs, ensemble textbook and allowance, methodical allowance for performing the practical laboratory work, is typed more than 50 scientific articles. The big amount of this material was placed  “Ziyonet” in electronic version.

According to requirements the most latest advanced state standard, department has prepared the scholastic program and variants for test checking work on subject “Detail of the machines”.

The professor of the department Shaabidov Sh.A. is an academician to international academy of the sciences of Ecologiy and safety of the person, as well as prof. Shaabidov Sh.A. and doc. K.A.Martirosov, are “Honourable professor” of Technical university of Toliyatti of Russian Federation.

Address of the department: Tashkent, Almazar region, str. University 2.


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