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Head of the Department
Аbdazimov Anvar Daniyorovich
Doctor of science, Professor  
Telephone: +998 71  227-12-58


History of the department:

In 1948, as part of Mechanical department of the Central Asian Industrial Institute was organized by the Department “Tractor”, where they began to prepare engineers-mechanics on specialty of “Tractor” and “Agricultural machines”. The first head of department was appointed Associate Professor Alexei Ninov. Dotsent K. I . Afanasev, Assoc. dotsent V. I. Sverdlin, teachers L. M. Tepljakov, I. F. Lyubechanskii, V. N. Shirokov, P. M. Gandzyura and others were working at the Department. Since 1955, the department was renamed as “Agricultural machinery”.    

During the 1964-77 years Department was headed by Prof. Aslam Khamidovich Hamidov. During this time the department moved to a new building in the university campus, organized new training laboratory, successfully conducted research on the mechanization of sowing seeds of cotton and cotton pickers Energy. Under the guidance of A. Hamidov teachers of the department V.G. Murashkin, R. Talipov, P. Zhumaniyazov,  E.N.Mihlin graduated their dissertations.

Since 1977-1983 years the department “Agricultural machines and tractors” was headed by assistant professor (academician of the ASN now Uzbekistan)  assoc. Professor Azmutdin Sadriddinovich Sadriddinov.

The greatest development and the dawn of the department accounts for this period – a part of the Department to attract young talented graduates, professionals with production, R & D department has received a new leap of development, a new scientific school under the guidance of Sadriddinov. On his initiative, and the direct supervision in a short time built and put into operation for the Department of 4 floors laboratory building. The new building is organized new educational and scientific laboratories with modern educational research facilities and equipment, samples of more than 50 agricultural techniques, tractors, machinery and implements.

Organized in Tashkent region Akhangaran training field of the department, where he spent teaching and field practice and experimental research. Due organization “of the Faculty of tractor and agricultural machinery (FTSM)” in 1980 A. Sadriddinov was appointed dean of the new faculty. In the same year in the department “Agricultural machines and tractors” was opened training in a specialty of the new “Internal combustion engines”. The annual output of engineers on all forms of education has reached 350 or more. Staff of the department at that time consisted of 23 teachers and workers. In fact, including the Head the Department prof. Sadriddinov A.S., prof. Xamidov A.X., assoc. prof. Raximov A.R., Sverdlin V.I., Shirokov V.N., Akbarov E.A., Maxkamov Q.X., Murashkin V.G., Sablikov M.N., Tulaev B.R., Grigoryants V.R., Mixlin E.N., Yakubov N.A., Vagizov M.Z., senior teachers Bershtin R.D., Ganzyura P.M., Muxamedjanov B., Sharipov L., assistants Sotnikov E.A., Shamsieva M.N., Tulyaev A.R., Xamidov Sh.A., Head of the laboratory Nurmuxamedov N.I., graduites Shayxov I.E., Ismanov M.A., Abdiazizov T., Abdazimov A.D., Mirzaev Sh.F., Myunster V.N., Yakubov X.Q., teaching and support staff Burxanova G., Raximov O., Mirzamurodov Sh. and others.

In the period 1983-1989 years  Department was headed by PhD Erkin Akbarovich Akbarov. Under the leadership of new head of the Department staff worked successfully on the organization of new training laboratory, equipped with a new modern laboratory building stands, samples of machinery and equipment for the organization of students in the training fields, in the introduction of new disciplines, plans and programs, and others events.

In 1988, from the department “Agricultural machines and tractors” separated department “Traktors and internal combustion engines”, the head of which until 1997 year was prof. Utkur Axmedovich Ikramov.          Department “Agricultural Engineering” in 1989-2005 years headed by assoc. prof. Anvar Daniyorovich Abdazimov.

During this period the department successfully moved to a two-stage system of higher education and began to prepare specialists in two areas of undergraduate and Master’s three specialties.

In 2005 two departmens were unioned and renamed the newly formed department according to the bachelor name “Land transport systems (Agricultural machinery and tractors)” and prof. Maxkamov Kabul Xamdamovich appointed the head of department. Since June 2006, assoc. prof. Abdazimov AD was appointed head of the Department.

In 2005-2006 years with sponsorship enterprises holding company “Ozqishloqmash-holding”, in particular, of “Tashkent Tractor Plant”, were rebuilt the laboratory department. Updated the material base of the department more than 20 models of modern machinery and equipment, test benches produced in enterprises above a holding company. Since 2007, the department works closely with the company “CLAAS” (Germany), combine harvesters, balers and tractors which are successfully used in Uzbekistan. Representatives of the company have repeatedly visited the department, conducted master classes and seminars on the study of machines “CLAAS” for seniors and young teachers using donated by the company department, interactive computer boards, multimedia projectors, electronic textbooks, animation and video.

Educational directions of the department:   


    • 5310500 – Automotive and tractorbuilding
    • 5310600 – Land transport systems and their operating instructions manual (tractors, farm machinery and equipment)


    • 5A310501 – Automotive and tractorbuilding
    • 5A310601 – Land transport systems and their operating instructions manual (tractors, farm machinery and equipment)
    • 5A430102 – Designing of agricultural machinery

Teaching staff of the department:

Abdazimov A.D. doctor of technical sciences, professor
Sadriddinov A.S. doctor of technical sciences, professor
Ravutov Sh.T. Ph.D.
Alimova F.A. Ph.D.
Aliboyev B.A. Senior Lecturer
Omonov N.N. Senior Lecturer
Abdurakhmanov N.B. Senior Lecturer
Atadjonova G.M. Senior Lecturer
Abiyeva G.H. Senior Lecturer
Siddiqov Sh. Senior Lecturer
Muzaffarov A.M. Assistant
Mirhaitov U.T. Assistant
 Primqulov B.Sh. Assistant
Sherkobilov S.M. Assistant
Saidova M.T. Assistant
herqobilov J.G’. Assistant
Kazakbayeva K.B. Assistant
Rizayev A.A. doctor of technical sciences, professor
Azimov B.M. doctor of technical sciences, professor
Babahev Q.A. Ph.D.
Abdukarimov A. Ph.D.
Xudoyorov Z. Ph.D.

The research work of the department:

Subjects of research department:      

-Increase the technical level vertically spindle cotton picker machines (CPM) (leader – prof. Sadriddinov A.S., performers: prof. A.D. Abdazimov, Ph.D. Tulaev A.R., Ph.D. Ravutov Sh.T., Ph.D. Alimova F.A., Omonov N.N., Qodiraliev A., B. Primqulov, Sherqobilov C.)      

– Development of Mechanical and technological foundations of automatic cotton tractor units (leader – Dr. Abdazimov A.D., performers: Ph.D. E. Olzhaev, Ph.D. Ravutov Sh.T., Ubaydullaev U.M., assistant Saidov C.);

     – Researching and improving of wear resistance of parts ground transport systems (leader – Docror of science Saidov Sh.V., performers: Ph.D. Vagizov M.Z., Ph.D. Babashev Q.A., Aliboyev B.A., Pulatov T.R.).

At the department of the same research conducted on following grant projects: 

  1. ITD-5-38 -Develop methods and software and hardware accelerated computer evaluation agronomic background cotton field and agronomic performance cotton pickers. Head of project – prof. Sadriddinov AS
  2. KA5-002 Development of methods, algorithms and automated microprocessor control devices and control the basic regime and operational parameters of the cotton machine-tractor unit (MTU). Project leader – Dr. A.D. Abdazimov

Developed as a result of R & D working bodies and mechanisms CPM listed below in photographs.


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Articles in siecetifical journals:

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Textbooks and teaching aids:  

1. Ҳамидов А. Чигит сеялкалари назарияси, конструкцияси ва ҳисоби. Укув кулланма. Т.,  Укитувчи, 1978й., 220 б.

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  Teaching aids:

1. Методические указания к выполнению лабораторных работ по курсу «Теория, конструкция и расчет хлопкоуборочных машин». Садриддинов А.С., Абдазимов А.Д., Якубов X.,  Шайхов И.Э. Ташкент: Изд. ТашПИ, 1987, 38 с.

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7. Практикум по курсам «Основы автоматики и автоматизации», «Управление техническими системами»: Абдазимов А.Д., Омонов Н.Н. ТашГТУ. Ташкент, 2003, 64 с.

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11.«Mashinalarni sinash asoslari» fanidan laboratoriya ishlarini bajarish uchun uslubiy ko’rsatma. Tuzuvchilar: Abdazimov A.D., Vagizov M.Z., Ravutov Sh.T., Babashev Q.A. –Toshkent: TashDTU, 2012, 53 s.

12.Aliboyev B.A., Vagizov M.Z., Hasanov M.H., «Traktor va avtomobillar konstruksiyasi» fanidan laboratoriya mashg’ulotlari uchun uslubiy ko’rsatma.–Toshkent: TashDTU, 2012, 104 b.

13. A. Hamidov., Abdazimov A.D. Malakaviy amaliyot dasturi. –Toshkent: TashDTU, 2014, 57 b.

Information about the training and laboratory facilities: 

Total space – 14 area – 820.03 m2, including educational laboratory facilities – 8, with an area of 694.71 m2, “Pavilion for vehicles, SH technology and stands “- about 1,000 m2.


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