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Head of  the department
Jamshid Oktyamovich Khakimov
Assistant professor 
Phone: +998 97 771-99-93

History of the department:

Initially, the educational direction was organized in 1990 as part of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Tashkent State Technical University. In 1989, the first group of engineering specialists in the specialty “Internal Combustion Engines” was prepared. Then this department in Central Asia was unified, at present in the Republic is unified. The head of the department was appointed Ph.D., associate professor Bekmurat Ruzmatovich Tulaev, the professor-teaching staff of the department were K.I.Afanasyev, L.Sharipov, B.Muhammadjonov and S.Ismoilov.

The staff of the department under the department of associate professor B.R.Tulaev together with the pedagogical activities conducted research work on the improvement of working processes and the design of internal combustion engines.

From April 1994 to October 1995, Professor Sh.V.Saidov headed the department. At this time, the scientific potential of the department was aimed at creating a non-connecting rod internal combustion engine, which attracted scientists to the insignificance of internal losses. Until 2001, this scientific topic was the main scientific direction of the department.

Since October 1995, he was again appointed the head of the team associate professor Tulaev B.R. Attention to the educational process has increased, the introduction of new information and pedagogical technologies in the educational process has significantly improved the quality of students learning, and their interest in research works has also increased. Gifted young teachers and researchers were involved in the department, work in new priority areas of research was intensified in the department. As a result of these works, the preparation of bachelors in “Heat engines” of masters for the new educational direction “Energy machine building” began.

Associate Professor B.R.Tulaev headed the department “Internal Combustion Engines” until 2007. During these years, the educational direction was renamed to “Energy machine building” (2005 … 2007).

In 2007, the Department of “Energy machine building” and the Department “Engineering Pedagogy of the Engineering Industry were united, and the department was called “Vocational Education and Energy machine building”.

From 2007 to 2009, Associate Professor B.R.Tulaev headed the department “Vocational Education and Energy machine building”. In 2008, the name of the department was edited and sow the day is called “Energy machine building and Professional Education”.

From 2009 to 2011, O.O.Daminov headed the department.

From 2012 to 2013 Candidates of Technical Sciences. Associate Professor F.M.Matmuradov  headed the Department

From 2013 to 2018 the Candidate of Technical Sciences. B.T.Turaev headed the department

Since October 15, 2018 Assoc. J.O.Khakimov began to head the department and to this day works in this position.


Total number of students: 155

Bachelor’s direction:

  • 5111000 – “Professional Education (Ground Transportation Systems and Their Operation)”
  • 5312500 – “Energy machine building (internal combustion engines)”

Specialties of the Master’s Degree:

  • 5А111001 – “Theory and methods of vocational education (land transport systems and their operation)”
  • 5А310601 – “Testing of ICE and their operation”
  • 5А312501 – “Energy Efficiency and Ecology of ICE”

Teaching staff of the department:

  1. Khakimov Jamshid Oktyamovich, Associate Professor
  2. Tulaev Bemurat, candidate of Engineering sciences, professor
  3. Daminov Oybek Olimovich, Associate professor
  4. Mirzaabdullaev Jahongir Bakhtiyorovich, Senior Lecturer
  5. Tillakhodjaev Rustam Rakhimovich, Senior teacher
  6. Rakhmatova Firuza Makhsudzhonovna, Senior Lecturer
  7. Khushnaev Obid Akhmatovich, Assistant
  8. Mirzaev Abdullah, Assistant
  9. Turdiev Jamoliddin, Assistant

Scientific works conducted at the department:

In chairs on improvement of a design and working processes of internal combustion engines, their power efficiency and ecological compatibility, introduction works are spent to educational process of new workings out in a science, the technician, technologies, including foreign workings out, and also by introduction in educational process of new information and pedagogical technologies to optimize educational process and as a consequence of it to prepare experts competitive on a modern labor market. In results are developed physics-mathematical of model of working processes of internal combustion engines, are made their algorithm, by calculation of these processes has opened automation possibility researches. Results of research. Now it is developed mathematical model of calculation of details of an internal combustion engine and their designing, and it is spent effective research works on automation of design processes. At processes of performance of these research works new research methods and program workings out are developed. Results of research are transferred joint-stock company “General Motors Powertrain-Uzbekistan”.

In research works of chair the contribution of students too is a lot of. For example, students of chair under the direction of the associate Professor B.Tulaeva G.J.Zajtseva is the prize-winner of competition spent in Republic “International intellectual property”, and still is the prize-winner of several Republican competitions and is the author of 5 inventions, and E.A.Elin is the author of 10 inventions and the prize-winner of Republican competition on information technology.

Teachers of the department in 2008-2014 took part in the Regional Network for Teacher Education of the German International GIZ Society on the project “Professional Pedagogy in Central Asia”; Professor B. Tulaev was a national project partner. Within the framework of the project, computers and office equipment worth 40,000 euros, which are effectively used in the educational process, are delivered to the delivery department.

An international grand prize for 2019-2021 has been won. The sum of $ 140,000 was announced by the Foundation of Academic Innovations in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the World Development Bank. The project starts in March of the year 2019, the tool will be spent on updating the material and technical base of the department, on the advanced training of professors-professors of the department abroad and on organizing a foresight at the department.

Scientific and methodical works conducted at the department:

On chair, from the moment of its formation, are written more than 10 textbooks, more than 20 manuals, 4 monographies, more than 100 methodical instructions, scientific articles in magazines in more than 10 foreign countries, more than 20 scientific article in local scientific magazines are published, received more than 20 certificate on program a product Patent the Republic Uzbekistan, published more than 100 theses of reports on international and more than 400 theses of reports at republican conferences. Besides, are developed more than 100 educational methodical complexes on different subject matters.

Department address:

Tashkent city, Almazar District, University Street, house 2


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  3. Xakimov J.O. “Kompyuterli loyihalash”, 2018.
  4. Daminov O.O. “Kasbiy pedagogika”, 2018.

Texts of lectures:

There are electronic and paper versions of the texts of lectures prepared for all courses of special subjects. Electronic versions are included in the portal “Ziyonet”.

A brief summary of the training and laboratory rooms:

There are scientific and educational laboratories, a computer class. At the department there is a library and an exhibition of scientific and educational developments.


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