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Head of chair:
Ikhtiyarova Gulnara Akmalovna
Doctor of сhemical Sciences
Telefon: +998974251104
Reception days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 1400-1700


History of the department:

Department of Chemistry in 1929 The Central Asian Polytechnic Institute of Cotton Irrigation was established first under the guidance of Professor AP Rostovskiy. In 1935, the department was headed by VN Novikov. Until 1968, the department was headed by professors: N. A. Karabaev, H.R. Rakhimov, H.R. Rustamov, associate professors: Kh.B. Medinsky, I.Ibragimov and others. In 1968, the department was renamed “General Chemistry” and until 1980, was in charge of associate professor Karimulla Agzamovich Agzamov. In 1972, on the basis of the department “General Chemistry” was justified the department “Chemistry” teaching students evening and correspondence department of the Institute and until 1989 the department was headed by Professor Tulkin Miromilovich Mirkomilov. The department “General Chemistry” 2000-2004 was headed by Academician Tulkin Mirkomilovich Mirkomilov, since the foundation of the Tashkent State Technical University, since 1991 the department “General Chemistry” was led by Ph.D. Charos Nabievna Yusupbekova until 1997. The department “General Chemistry” from 2004 to 2007 was managed by Ismoil Ismoil Ismoilovich, since September 2007 Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Khairul Khodievich Mukhitdinov, in 2009 Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Otabek Nashvandovich Bozorov, from February 2012 to September 2017 Mirzaev Usmonjon Mahmudovich. Since October 2017, the department is headed by Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Ikhtiyorova Gulnora Akmalovna. At the department at different times contributed to the training of qualification specialists for obtaining in-depth knowledge: Academician Mirshin Asgarovich Isakov, Doctors of Sciences, Professors Ismoil Ismoilovich, Saifutdinov Ramzitdin Sayfutdinovich, Normuhammad Edgorov and several PhDs, associate professors Yusupbekova Charos Nabievna, Kobil Muminov, also head of the laboratory Vosik Abdulahadov.On May 3, 2007, on the post-ordination of the Academic Council of the Tashkent State Technical University, on the order of the Rector No. 3/360, since June 7, 2007, the department was named after Academician Tulkin Miromilovich Mirkomilov.

Specialty of bachelor’s degree, master’s degree:

No, unspeciality

Teaching staff of the department:

At the department there are 14 faculty members in the state staff, of them 2 professors, GAIhtiyorova, R.I.Ismoilov, 6 associate professors: Mukhitdinov Kh.H., Mirzaev U.M, Valeeva N.G, Eshmukhamedov MA, Mengliev AS, Kurbanova M.A. and 5 senior teachers: Aripdjanova MA, Ayupova MB, Usmanova GA, Kaynnazarov TN, 2 assistants: O. Khasanov, Begimkulova Ch.K.,

Teaching staff of the department:

  1. Ikhtiyarova Gulnara Akmalovna Doctor of сhemical Sciences professor
  2. Ismoilov Rovshan Isroilovich Doctor of сhemical Sciences professor
  3. Mirzayev Usmanjon Makhmudovich candidate chemical sciences, associate professor
  4. Mukhitdinov Khayrulla Khodiyevich candidate chemical sciences, associate professor
  5. Eshmkhamedov Murod Azimovich candidate chemical sciences, associate professor
  6. Valeeya Nailya Gennadiyevna candidate technical sciences, associate professor
  7. Mengliyev Alisher Safarovich candidate chemical sciences, associate professor
  8. Kurbanova Mokhira Abduvakhobovna Ph.D.  associate professor
  9. Usmanova Gulnoza Abduvakhobovna senior lecturer
  10. Aripdjanova Munira Abdugapparovna senior lecturer
  11. Ayupova Mukhabbat Bakhramovna senior lecturer
  12. Kaypnazarov Turdibay Nizamatdinovich senior lecturer
  13. Khasanov Okhun Khasanovich

Research work of the department:

The department conducts research work on the topic “Obtaining, investigating the properties of N, O, S containing bioactive polymers and their application.The department “General Chemistry” is carrying out scientific research work jointly with the Higher Technical School of Fire Safety under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the basis of the contract with the project on the topic F7-FK-0-10324 F7-001 “Development of theoretical foundations for new polymeric and oligomeric flame retardants for the modification of textile materials” .2017, professor R.Ismailov received a state fundamental grant on the topic OT-F7-40 “Theoretical basis for the synthesis of polymer salts based on aminoalkyl acrylate with galloid containing compounds.”From 2017 to 2019, associate professor Valeeva Nailya Gennadievna and senior teacher M.A. Kurbonova received a state applied grant on the topic OT-A12-53 “Development of an effective technology for the production of dyes based on allylazo compounds used in the chemical and textile industries.”Together with Bukh.SU. under the leadership of G.Ahtiarova, an applied grant called OT-A-12-11 “Development of the lab. technology of polymerization on composites tex-x mats. Based on polyacrylates, chitosan and its derivatives. ”

Scientific and methodical work of the department

At the moment there are 8 textbooks on the department:1. G.A. Ikhiyarova T.N. Kaipnazarov, A.Mengliev “Organik kimyo fanidan laboratoriya mashg’ulotlatlari”. 20182. M.Aripdzhanova, N.G.Valeeva, U.Mirzaev “Methodical manual for practical and laboratory works”. 20173. N.G. Valeeva, G.A.Usmanova, Kh.M. Mukhitdinov, U.Mirzayev “Methodical manual for practical studies Part I” .20171. N.G. Valeeva, G.A. Usmanova, Kh.M. Mukhitdinov, U.Mirzayev “Methodical manual for practical studies Part II”2. M.Ayupova, M.Kurbanova, U.Mirzayev “Organic kimyo fonidan laboratory ishlari bo`yicha  o`quv qo`llanma”. 20163. M. Ayupova, M.Kurbanova, U.Mirzayev “Anorganik  kimyo fanidan amaliy mashulotlari bo`yicha o`quv qo`llanma”. G.A.Usmanova, N.V. Valeeva, U.M.Mirzayev, Sh.H.Zhozhiev “Organik kimyo fanidan amaliy mashg`ulotlar bo`yicha o`quv qo`llanma” I-part.MA Eshmukhamedov, RI Ismoilov, G.A.Usmanova, M.Ayupova “Organik kimyo fonidan laboratoriya Isharini bajar bo`yicha o`quv qo`llanma”. 2018


In the last three years three monographs have been issued by the faculty of the department.G.Ikhtiyarova “Bioparchalanuvchi xitin va xitozan polimeri: olonishi, hossalari va qo`lanilishi” in 2018 from the side of U.M. Mirzaev, II Ismailov “Biologically active (co) polymers of N-vinyl lactams” Tashkent-2014, M.Eshmukhamedov, M. Mirzarakhimov, M.Safaev “Technology of purification of emissions from acid components” Tashkent-2014.

Laboratory cabinets of the department

There are 4 laboratory rooms at the department.


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